Can I Take a Flashlight on a Plane? TSA Rules and Regulations

Can I Take a Flashlight on a Plane? TSA Rules and Regulations

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Having your items confiscated at the airport can be a frustrating situation. Especially if security takes something of value to you, like a decent flashlight. It’s important to check security regulations on what you can and can’t bring in your checked bag and/or carry on before you travel.

A flashlight that is less than 7 inches in length and is not classified as a tactical weapon can be brought on a plane through carry-on. You can bring any flashlight through checked luggage but you must carry lithium batteries with you in your carry-on bag. 

Flashlights are one of the most useful accessories to have on hand for 

Pack any size flashlight in suitcase BAMFF Tactical Flashlight STKR Concepts

numerous occasions. Don’t leave yourself unprepared by having your flashlight confiscated before you even get on your flight.

You can pack any sized flashlight in your checked luggage, but unfortunately, this is not the case with carry-on. Continue reading below to find out how and which flashlights are deemed okay to take with you on a plane. 

Why Carry a Flashlight on a Plane?

Some might ask why you would want to take a flashlight on a plane with you and why this is a common question. 

There’s no huge mystery to it, flashlights are handy in multiple scenarios including:

  • Self-defense reasons. 
  • Going camping, hiking, hunting, and other outdoor activities. 
  • You collect flashlights. 
  • You like to be prepared. 
  • Your job requires the use of flashlights.
  • You’re afraid of the dark (and that’s okay!).

If you’re heading off on a camping trip for the weekend and only want to take carry-on luggage, you’ll want to do your homework first to guarantee you’re carrying a flashlight that isn’t going to be seized from you by TSA.  

Don’t risk being left in the dark or having to afford a new flashlight at your own expense because security doesn’t want to hear about your camping trip. It’s the TSA’s job to keep you and other passengers safe. The Flashlight you bring on the flight mustn’t be seen as a risk to other people.

What are the Rules on Taking a Flashlight on a Plane?

According to the TSA website, you can bring a flashlight with you in a carry-on and in checked luggage. What the website fails to mention is which type of flashlight will be confiscated if screened and checked with security. The TSA has the right to confiscate anything they deem as unsafe to passengers. 

Here are the rules for taking a flashlight on a plane:

  1. The flashlight must be less than 7 inches in length when fully assembled. 
  2. Your flashlight cannot be a part of a multitool with a blade. 
  3. It cannot be a self-defense flashlight accessory. 
  4. Pack it away properly and safely. Read to the end to see tips on how to safely pack your flashlight and lithium batteries.  
  5. Any flashlight that can be portrayed as a weapon, cannot be taken as a carry-on. (Tactical flashlights with sharp edges)
  6. Any flashlight can go through checked luggage if safely packed. 
  7. Lithium batteries cannot go through checked luggage, they must travel with you in a carry-on.
TSA approved flashlight by STKR Concepts

    Lithium batteries have been known to cause fires if the battery is damaged or if the battery terminal is short-circuited. If lithium batteries are taken as carry-on and there are any fire issues, they can be dealt with immediately by flight staff. 

    Some lithium batteries are completely prohibited from carry-on as well as checked luggage for the safety of all passengers and flight crew. 

    Here’s a list of batteries, from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) that are considered okay to bring on a plane. 

    Consider STKR Concepts’ range of rechargeable flashlight batteries for your flashlight carry-on spare battery options. 

    The Transportation Security Administration shares tips on how to pack

    how to pack batteries for airline flight

    batteries in your carry-on:

    • Pack separately.
    • Take out of the device they are used for. 
    • Pack in a plastic zip-lock bag.
    • Place tape across the battery’s contacts. 

    What Are the Best Flashlights to Take on a Plane?

    Going by the rules and sticking to something that you won’t have taken away from you, if carry-on is your preferred option, you’ll want something pocket-sized. 

    Don’t carry your pocket-sized flashlight in your pocket though, it needs to be safely tucked away in your carry-on bag. If you still have the original box for it, it might be a good idea to pack it away in that for good measure. 

    Don’t get caught in the time-consuming process of security having to check through your items because you’ve given them a reason to. 

    Here’s a list of smaller flashlights that are safe and able to be carried onto a plane:

    Flexit Pocket Light

    A good example of what type of flashlight you shouldn’t have any issues with taking as carry-on luggage on your flight is the Flexit Pocket Light. Its lightweight and rechargeable design is cabin safe and will barely reach securities radar when checking in. 

    FLEXIT Pocket Light is safe for airline flights TSA by STRK Concepts

    • Two options to choose from: 4.0 and 6.5
    • 3 modes: Spotlight, floodlight (white light), and red light. 
    • Rechargeable batteries.
    • Mode memory (remembers the last mode used when switched off and will return to that same mode when switched back on)
    • Lightweight. 
    • Waterproof. 
    • Impact resistance.
    • Weather-resistant. 
    • 6.3 inches in length – appropriate for flight carry-on sizing guidelines. 

    Dual LED Flashlights

    We have 6 Dual LED Tactical Flashlights at STKR Concepts. From 200 lumens to 1000 lumens, our cost-effective flashlights are the ideal smaller flashlight design for tactical purposes. 

    BAMFF Tactical Flashlights by STKR Concepts may or may not be ok for TSA flight

    • Spotlight, floodlight, SOS, and Strobe modes. 
    • Rechargeable batteries. 
    • Easy to use button. 
    • Lightweight. 
    • Weather-resistant. 
    • Waterproof. 
    • Pocket-sized design at 5.1 inches in length. 

    This is in the smaller range of our flashlights and may or may not be okay for carry-on on your flight. Although small enough to meet the requirements of the TSA, It has a sharp tactical LED head for self defense which may be refused by TSA.  the security team gets to decide on their terms whether or not your flashlight is considered safe for travel. 

    If packed away properly you may be able to take this flashlight with you on-board, but to be sure we’d suggest packing it in your checked luggage. 


    Some flashlights are considered weapons and/or dangerous and will be treated as such by the authorities. If your flashlight looks anything like a weapon you will have no chance at keeping it. Plan ahead and ensure you have packed your flashlight and batteries properly, either in carry-on or checked baggage, to avoid time-consuming security checks and confiscations.

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