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  • Why You Should Carry A Flashlight

    June 15, 2021 6 min read

    Why You Should Carry A Flashlight

    A flashlight is one of the most useful items to have on hand if you don't want to be caught unprepared out in the dark. A flashlight is useful for a homeowner, homesteader, camper, prepper, survivalist, outdoor activity enthusiast, or even simply if you are a motorist! The reasons you should carry a flashlight and the type of flashlight that you choose will vary depending on your needs.

    A flashlight such as a compact tactical flashlight can be carried as a self-defense tool, a safety tool, or simply to provide illumination when you need it. A flashlight is invaluable for power outages, vehicle breakdowns, flat tires, or any outdoor activity requiring a portable, personal light.

    You'll find that there are many different types of flashlights out there, and each has its own pros and cons. Some flashlights may be more powerful than others, while some will last longer than others, depending on how often they're used. Some are physically larger, while others will fit on a keychain! The best thing about flashlights, though, is that they come in handy in all sorts of ways, so having one around never hurts!

    Why Should You Carry A Flashlight?

    A flashlight can be more than just a source of light in the dark; it can be a safety tool, a survival tool, and an emergency tool. These useful characteristics of a flashlight make them extremely useful in many situations and, in many cases, an indispensable piece of equipment.

    Flashlights are useful in the following situations.

    • Power outages. Having a number of flashlights available in your home in the event of power outages can help you to find your way around in the dark in your home to get tasks done.
    • Camping. Camping in the wilderness where there is no electricity can be made much easier with the help of a flashlight.
    • Safety. Checking your home for safety when you hear noises in dark corners is made a much safer prospect with the help of a bright flashlight.
    • Roadside breakdowns. Every driver should have a flashlight in their car to provide them with some light in the event of a breakdown, flat tire, or other situation which could leave you stranded on the side of the road. A flashlight can even be used to flag down another motorist to provide you with assistance.
    • Outdoor sports and activities. Running and cycling at night are two activities that are made much safer with the use of a flashlight, but they are not the only ones. Fishing, hiking at night, and other outdoor activities that will take you beyond daylight hours will all be made easier with a flashlight.
    • Self-defense. A bright light and a tactical flashlight can be employed very effectively as a self-defense tool that has the potential to stop trouble before it starts.

    The advances in modern flashlight technology have enabled flashlights to become smaller and brighter and last longer on their power supply, making them much more convenient to carry around and have with you when you need it at any time and for any situation!

    BAMFF useage

    Why Do You Need An Everyday Carry Flashlight?

    You will often see the term EDC or everyday carry mentioned in many circles, from preppers to campers to everyday people in the street. EDC is normally a concept that covers items that people will carry in order to be prepared for anything that they may encounter that could potentially require the use of that tool throughout their daily activities.

    So why would a flashlight fall into this category? The progress that has been made in lighting technology, such as with LED light sources and better batteries, has allowed flashlights to become compact and portable with improved lighting capability, battery life, and durability.

    All these advances have made flashlights very compact, lightweight, durable, reliable, and useful. The compact nature of the modern flashlight makes them perfect as an EDC item that will ensure that you have light when you need it for any situation.

    So, why not carry a flashlight in your purse, in your glove box, briefcase, school bag, or on your keychain? The uses for these handy tools far outweigh the inconvenience of not having light when you need it!

    Why Use A Flashlight Instead Of Your Mobile Phone?

    Some people may argue that they do not need a flashlight because they have a light facility on their mobile phones. The light on your mobile phone is great for a quick and easy light need such as searching for your house keys in your purse or to read the fine print on a container in low light, but there are some disadvantages to using the light on your mobile phone.

    • Battery consumption. The light on your mobile phone depletes the battery on your phone at a rapid rate. For this reason, you cannot use it for long durations, or it will leave your phone with a dead battery.
    • Not very focused. The beam on a mobile phone is intended to be used as a flash for the camera, which means it is a wide-angle beam rather than a focused beam.
    • Not very bright. The mobile phone light is not intended to shed light on an object 10-feet away, so the effectiveness of the light is limited.
    • Difficult to hold. A mobile phone is often difficult to hold and shine the light to where you need it because of the physical shape and dimensions of the phone.

    A mobile phone light can be useful in a pinch, but a flashlight would be much more effective in most situations than using your phone light. The convenience of the modern small flashlights makes them a no-brainer to carry with you to provide a more practical and effective lighting solution than your mobile phone.

    What Are The Uses Of Tactical Flashlights?

    The handheld flashlight has evolved to be a multipurpose tool, and one such flashlight is the tactical flashlight. The tactical flashlight has many uses built into the design of the device that make it the ideal flashlight to choose as your EDC flashlight of choice.

    Tactical flashlights have the following uses.

    • Self-defense. Tactical flashlights usually are made from metal, with ridges that protrude past the lens of the flashlight. These metal ridges can be used effectively as a self-defense tool when slammed into the head or face of an assailant. Such a blow delivered with a good amount of force can stop an attacker or buy your precious time to get away.
    • Impact tool. The same ridges on the front of the flashlight can be used as an impact tool to smash a car window to get yourself out of a wrecked car or to assist someone else in exiting the vehicle.
    • Bright light. Tactical flashlights usually have a bright white light that will not only help you to see in the darkness but will also temporarily blind an attacker, giving you the opportunity to escape.
    • Ability to be mounted to firearms. Many tactical flashlights are designed to be fitted to a firearm to help you see where you are aiming your firearm.
    • Signal for help. Most tactical flashlights will have a number of lighting modes, some to change the brightness or focus of the beam, but others that are intended for signaling for help are also often included in the design, such as a flashing strobe function.

    Tactical flashlights are generally made for robust materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and are resistant to wet weather, which is why these flashlights have become popular in a wide variety of civilian applications.

    Tactical flashlight BAMFF

    The STKR Concepts Tactical Flashlights

    Tactical flashlights are the multipurpose tool in the flashlight world, which is right in line with the way we approach lighting solutions at STKR Concepts. We believe our lighting solutions should solve problems better than competing products in the marketplace.

    Having this problem-solving mindset, we set out to improve on your run-of-the-mill tactical flashlight, and we believe we have done just that with our range of BAMFF Dual LED Tactical Flashlights.

    Our tactical flashlights are robust, versatile and provide enhanced visibility with our dual LED technology that provides and focused spotlight beam as well as a floodlight beam for a greater field of vision. These LEDs can be used simultaneously or individually, depending on your lighting needs.

    Our flashlights are waterproof and offer 6 lighting modes, including an SOS mode and strobe mode for emergencies.

    BAMFF line


    Carrying a flashlight is no longer challenging or problematic due to the advanced technology that these lights incorporate into their designs today. Flashlights come in all sizes and shapes, and they are lightweight and compact, making it easy and convenient for anyone to carry one with them in some way.

    It is always better to have a flashlight with you and not need one than to need one and not have one with you. The small size but powerful light that these flashlights produce makes them an easily carried necessity that everyone should carry or have available close at hand throughout their daily activities. Within a day or so of including a flashlight in your EDC, you will no longer even notice that it is there, but it will serve you well when you need it!

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