STKR Concepts' Tri-light Shoplight v2 sitting on the floor lighting up a DIY construction project. male figure is laying down new flooring.
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Task Lighting

Illuminate your tasks with our Task Lighting Collection, offering versatile solutions for enhanced productivity. Experience powerful illumination with adjustable LED panels and customizable light arrays. Enjoy hands-free convenience with features like hang-hooks, magnetic bases, and USB-C rechargeability. Whether you're working on home projects or outdoor activities, our collection provides durable and portable lighting options to suit your needs. Make every task easier with our Task Lighting Collection.

TRiLIGHT ShopLight V2 - A Modern Day LED Drop Light

FLEXIT Pocket Light

Mobile Task Light - 1200 Lumen Flood Light

Magnetic Light Mine - Hands Free Flashlight

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7 products