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Carpenter Pencil

Enhance your craftsmanship with our Carpenter Pencil Collection, featuring the innovative Mechanical Carpenter Pencil. Crafted from high-impact ABS, this pencil remains the same length throughout its lifespan, boasting a pocket clip for easy portability and compatibility with tool pouches. No more sharpening—simply press the cap to release more lead. Each pencil comes with replacement Dura Lead for uninterrupted work. For continued precision, the Dura Lead Black Refills offer 18% thicker lead than traditional carpenter pencils, ensuring durability and stability during construction. With patented grooves for secure locking and easy shaping, these refills elevate your pencil experience, bringing you closer to perfection with every stroke. Say goodbye to sharpening and hello to efficiency with our Carpenter Pencil Collection.

Mechanical Carpenter Pencil Combo Pack

Dura Lead Black Refills

Mechanical Carpenter Pencil Combo - 5 Pack

Dura Lead Black Refills - 5 Pack

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4 products