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About STKR Concepts

STKR Concepts (Formally STRIKER) has been designing award winning products and distributing them to the most reputable retailers in the USA since 2005.

When it comes to design and development, STKR takes the road less traveled. Rather than taking the “easy path” of sourcing generic products from Chinese markets, an industry norm these days, STKR starts from the ground up with their own product ideas.

They generate their product concepts from firsthand use in the industries they sell to, and are experts in their fields. As users themselves, STKR designers are able to create products that solve problems and improve user efficiency. This is proven by thousands of happy customers and numerous design awards.

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Lakeside camping scene featuring a FLi-PRO telescoping area light illuminating a campsite. male figure kneeling by a fire near a tent and some trees

The Best Telescopic LED Camping Light, the FLi-PRO

Prominent features of the best Telescopic LED Camping light, the FLi-PRO:

  • 8ft tall telescopic rod
  • 40ft canopy light diameter
  • Detachable light
  • Magnetic end and hanging hooks for hands-free lighting
  • 6 Dimming Modes
  • 1200 lumens
  • USB-C rechargeable
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    What Emergency Supplies Should I Have in My Car?

    What Emergency Supplies Should I Have in My Car?

    Whether you get a flat tire, are affected by inclement weather, or simply lose your way due to problems with a GPS signal, it is imperative to keep emergency supplies in your car. These include items that would revive or get your car moving, survival kits, flashlights, etc.
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    How Do I Install LED Lights in my Garage?

    How Do I Install LED Lights in my Garage?

    The easiest way to install LED lights in the garage is to find a product that simply screws into your existing lighting fixture instead of having to install new fixtures or ballasts. The TriLight from STKR is such a product.
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    Industrial construction pic of a male hammer-drilling into a brick wall. Worksite illuminated by a Tri-MOBILE by STKR Concepts

    The Absolute Best Tripod LED Work Light

    If you are working on large-scale or small jobs, you’ll find it more convenient to do the task with a tripod LED work light around. There’s no doubt that visibility is a critical factor in completing a project...
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