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Our Mini Waterproof Lantern Has Been Discontinued

Not For Sale
MSRP $19.99
The Illumidome was an STKR favorite and we will definitely miss it. It was great for hanging inside your tent or to light up a picnic table. It came in handy during power outages or nighttime walks. A lot of people stored them in their camping gear and their preparedness kits. You could even toss it in your pool for a late night swim as the ILLLUMiDOME even floated! I'm sure all of our campers, DIY'ers, and hobbyists will miss this little guy.

So, What Now You Ask

A lot has changed since we introduced the ILLUMiDOME back in 2014! Lighting technology has definitely been one those things to change so we decided it was time for something new. Our new lantern is still in the works but we encourage you to come back soon to see what we come up with. The best way to do that is to sign up for our newsletter below.

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