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  • Why Is A Flashlight Important in An Emergency Kit?

    January 10, 2021 6 min read

    Why Is A Flashlight Important in An Emergency Kit? STKR Concepts

    Emergency kits are the most critical thing to prepare that you hope you will never need to use. It’s easy to forget how dark things can get when disaster strikes in our well-lit modern life. 

    A flashlight is an essential item to include in an emergency kit because of how reliant we are on our eyes. If trapped in an emergency, it is vital to have the ability to see what is happening and how you can get yourself and others out of danger.

    Many of us have been fortunate enough never to find ourselves in an emergency, which is why it is that much more important to learn how to prepare for that possibility.

    What is the use of a flashlight in an emergency kit?

    Anyone who has spent time in the wilderness or even in a city during a blackout knows how dark the night really is. Thankfully, we have the means to light up the world through our innovative portable lights and LED-based designs here at STKR Concepts. Many items should go in an emergency kit, including a first-aid kit, water, non-perishable food, and more, depending on your situation. Still, a flashlight is necessary to make full use of many of these other aspects. 

    The most apparent use of a flashlight in an emergency kit is lighting your environment, indoor or outdoor.  Emergencies don't occur exclusively at night, but many factors like terrain and easily navigable obstacles during the day become extremely dangerous at night if you can't see them.  Making sure to have a high-quality flashlight will mitigate this danger significantly.  

    In addition to lighting the way at night, flashlights can be used to find people who require rescue, and a great tool for people who need rescuing to signal for help. If you are stranded at night without a flashlight, it is nearly impossible for rescuers to see you. However, merely having a bright source of light can grab attention over vast distances. During emergencies, locating people who are in danger is half of the struggle. Since a flashlight can make rescue faster and more reliable, it is worth including in every emergency kit.

    Where should I keep an emergency kit?

    Emergencies happen anywhere and at any time.  It can happen in your home, on the road, or in the wilderness.  An emergency can force you from your home and onto the streets, or leave you stranded miles from civilization.  Toss in bad weather conditions and this can become a very trying time.  Having a well prepared emergency kit with a good quality flashlight will be priceless when the time comes.  

    Since the time and place of an emergency situation can’t be predicted, it is best to be prepared in several different locations.  Have a good emergency kit in your home, but also in all of your cars, trucks, RVs, etc.  If you hike or enjoy the outdoors, be sure to always have a small emergency kit in your bag.  It might be a good idea to even have one at work.  Think of the disasters that have happened in work places and what it took for employees to get out without power, or even being trapped.  An emergency kit with a flashlight at your desk could be a life saver. 

    What is a Survival/Tactical Flashlight?

    We have established that having a flashlight in an emergency kit is essential to prepare for the worst-case scenarios; however, not just any flashlight will do. You can differentiate between a regular flashlight and a tactical or survival flashlight by the latter's increased durability, reliability, and variety of features.

    A perfect example of the difference is in our B.A.M.F.F. Tactical Series of flashlights that lead the way in innovative lighting solutions. Our B.A.M.F.F.s (Broad Array Multi Flood Flashlights) are a series of Dual LED Tactical Flashlights that combine a powerful spotlight for long-distance visibility similar to a standard flashlight, but also includes a wide-angle floodlight for peripheral vision.

    We recognized that standard spotlight flashlights are ineffective at really giving clear vision in dark situations because users have to choose between looking ahead, watching where they are walking, and keeping an eye on their peripherals. Since that choice shouldn't have to be made, especially during emergencies, we based our design around having everything all at once!

    What are the best LED Flashlights for my Survival Kit?

    The best choice for an LED Flashlight will depend on your unique situation, but at STKR Concepts, we have an option available to fit every need. The most straightforward of these solutions is the B.A.M.F.F. series mentioned in the previous section of this article, which looks like a standard flashlight while offering the additional functionality required in emergencies.

    Sometimes the most traditional solution is not the best one. We have covered every possible lighting need that we can think of through our other products. Sometimes users need a more hands-free option, and we have engineered our FLEXIT Headlamps with that need in mind.


    As these headlamps feature similar wide-angle light as well as the spotlight functionality of our B.A.M.F.F. series, you won't lose any of the features that our other products offer just by strapping this one on your head.

    Finding innovative ways to solve lighting problems also led us to create the ILLUMiDOME Mini Waterproof Lantern. This device showcases our belief that lighting should be versatile and accessibly priced.


    The ILLUMiDOME packs a full-size lantern's power into a compact, waterproof case that offers low, medium, high, and hazard lights. The removable reflector allows for a traditional "lantern style" light array when attached, but you can also remove it to create a dome light when hung upside down. Also, the Velcro strap topping the ILLUMiDOME completes the package by allowing users to hang it from or strap it to practically anything.

    What to Include in your Emergency Survival Kit

    Emergency survival kits can and should include a wide variety of items depending on your family's needs. At the absolute minimum, it should consist of the following according to The American Red Cross.

    • enough water to provide one gallon per person per day 
    • non-perishable, easy to prepare food
    • a high-quality flashlight 
    • a battery-powered or hand-crank radio
    • extra batteries
    • a family first aid kit
    • required medications
    • a multi-purpose tool
    • sanitation and personal hygiene items
    • personal document copies
    • cell phone(s) with chargers
    • emergency contact information
    • a supply of cash
    • an emergency blanket
    • maps of the local area

    This list is not exhaustive, as you will undoubtedly require other items depending on your living situation and geographical location. Make sure that your survival kit is both easy-to-carry and in an accessible place in your home or vehicle. Emergencies happen with little to no warning. Having the ability to react quickly can often mean the difference between danger and safety.

    What can you do with a Flashlight in an Emergency Situation?

    The versatility of flashlights in emergencies is part of why we have built our company around this device. Keeping an eye on the terrain in dark or low-light conditions is essential to prevent you from tripping or injuring yourself. Keeping calm in an emergency is half of the challenge since being unable to see can create panic among even the hardiest people.

    During emergencies, flashlights can also be utilized to make your presence known. This usage can vary from signaling rescue crews, warding off animals who naturally shy away from light, and letting others dealing with the same emergency understand where you are in relation to them.

    Ultimately, flashlights are a utility tool, a communication method, a comfort in terrible situations, and much more. There is a reason that every list of items for a survival kit includes a flashlight directly under food and water. As humans, we overcame the dangers of darkness with fire initially, then later through incandescent bulbs, and finally with modern LED light sources.

    Every single person should have an emergency survival kit put together and regularly checked and updated as needed. When times are good, these measures may seem unnecessary, and hopefully, they will be, but it is critical to plan for the bad times. If you don't have a kit prepared for emergencies, now is the time to build one. If you have one already, check to see its condition and what it might be missing or in need of replacing.

    The flashlight you put in this kit may be the only light you have if an emergency strikes. Ensure that the one you have will not let you down, and if it already has or if you don't have one, take a look at our website to find the flashlight you need to prepare for the worst. That way, no matter what happens, you will be ready.

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