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  • What Is the Best Hard Hat Light?

    April 04, 2022 10 min read

    What Is the Best Hard Hat Light?

    When it comes to hand-free lighting, your best option is a headlamp.

    If you’re working the night shift in an obscure dark area, wearing a hard hat light is the way to go so you can perform your duties. In some cases, it’s a company protocol.

    Likewise, you can also do outdoor activities at night like hiking, fishing, or camping conveniently and with extra comfort on the side.

    Regardless of what activity or work you’re doing, there is no doubt that a headlamp either worn on a hard hat or directly on your head is vital.

    That’s why choosing the best headlamp should be a task that you should never take for granted. A comfortable and functional hard hat light or head torch can be versatile and durable enough to last a lifetime.

    If you’re actively looking for a headlamp or simply curious about the best ones in the market, here’s a guide that will end your internet search.

    Read on and find out everything you need to know about the best hard hat light.

    close up of male worker wearing hard hat equipped with a flexit headlamp 2.5 from STKR concepts

    Who Makes the Best Hard Hat Light?

    STKR Concepts is one of the best creators of hard hat lights in the country.

    Our company, formerly known as STRIKER, has been designing and producing award-winning lighting products such as headlamps, flashlights, and other visionary lighting products since 2005.

    Our innovative solutions are engineered in such a way that highlights the critical parts of a product’s functionality, longevity, and efficiency.

    When it comes to headlamps, STKR is the proud producer of the Flexit Headlamp Series. Designed for a hard hat and hand-free lighting purposes, the Flexit Headlamp corresponds to the requirements of ideal portable lightning for work, sports, and nocturnal leisure.

    construction lifestyle product image of a young woman wearing a hard hat with a FLEXIT headlamp 2.5 attached to it. Also wearing oversized safety glasses, bib overalls, and a tool belt. Blurred out factory setting in background.

    What To Consider When Buying the Best Hard Hat Light?

    If you’re planning to buy your first hard hat light or replace an old one, it is far easier to make a successful purchase if you’re sure with what you’re looking for.

    Like any other gear, a headlamp is an investment and should adhere to standards that benefit you best.

    And in light of making things easier, here are factors you should consider when buying a hard hat light or headlamp.

    1. Type

    CREE Headlamp

    The top-of-the-line headlamps employ CREE LEDs. This type is known to be not only high-performing but energy efficient as well. 

    The brightness is more intense than a standard LED. Plus, the light it produces is sharp but not too harsh that it glares excessively. 

    Moreover, a headlamp with CREE LED lights has a longer lifespan and is highly durable.

    Single LED Headlamp

    Some headlamps use a single LED with a magnifying lens to increase light output. That way, it utilizes less energy and has a longer runtime.

    Hybrid Head Torch

    Hybrid headlamps provide the brightest light, but they drain the battery fast. Likewise, instead of LED, most hybrid bead torches use Krypton or halogen bulb.

    Multi-LED Array Head Torch

    An ideal headlamp for short distances, multi-LED array head torches give off light in different directions.

    2. Lumens

    Light intensity is measured by lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. And when it comes to headlamps, the average lumens are around 150 to 200.

    The brightness level for headlamps is relative, depending on the type of activity and environment you’re in.

    When you’re doing a particular job with limited light, a low brightness level is often employed to add another coat of safety hazard. On the other hand, high-intensity light is used to ensure high visibility in a completely dark area.

    Always check the lumens in the specification of your target headlamp. Anything less than 150 or 100 may not be enough for your work.

    Learn everything about lumens and find out the exact amount you need for specific work and activities by checking out our lumens article here.  

    3. Brightness Modes

    Unlike decades ago, modern headlamps can have multiple brightness modes and a combination of lighting.

    While some hard hat light products only illuminate a focal point, producing tunnel vision, newer products like that of the Flexit Headlamp Series have additional lighting for the peripheral view.

    In short, spotlights and floodlights are combined to employ a sort of halo effect.

    4. Beam Distance

    While brightness is your number one standard, don’t forget about beam distance.

    If you need your hard hat light to traverse a particular terrain, check the headlamp that produces light for a longer distance.

    On the other hand, if you use the headlamp for stationary work, then a shorter beam distance can satisfy your need.

    5. Hard Hat Compatibility

    Not all headlamps can be easily attached to hard hats. Therefore, check the specification for hard hat compatibility. That way, you can rest assured that attaching the headlamp to the hard hat is going to be a walk in the park. For our Flexit Headlamps we offer specific hard hat clips.

    6. Runtime

    Runtime is all about how long the light can last before it starts to fade. In most cases, hard hat lights are used for longer hours. Calculate how long you’re bound to use the headlamp and check the specification of your target product if it matches your time requirement.

    7. Weight

    The last thing you want when working is a bulky device with compromising weight on your head. The good thing is many headlamps are lightweight. Nonetheless, it is still vital to check the materials to ensure that you’re buying the most comfortable hard hat light.

    8. Power Source

    Batteries in headlamps are either built-in or replaceable. At the same time, they can be rechargeable. It can use AAA, lithium-ion, or other types.

    But the most important thing to consider when it comes to power sources is the runtime of your work or activity.

    Read further to find out what to consider when it comes to battery type.


    Here Are Our Top 2 Hard Hat Lights

    At SKTR Concepts, all portable lighting products are designed based on innovative solutions that elevate function and durability.

    Therefore, when it comes to headlamps, you can expect high-performance, stylish yet comfortable devices.

    The Flexit Headlamp Series has halo lighting that eliminates the traditional tunnel vision. As a result, it prevents you from turning around too much to project the light and instead widens your peripheral visibility.

    Take a look at our top 2 headlamps.

    close up of a white hard hat with a FLEXIT 2.5 headlamp installed. construction tool box and job site in background.

    Flexit Headlamp 2.5

    If you’re primarily looking for a headlamp that fits any hard hat perfectly, then the Flexit Headlamp 2.5 will not disappoint. 

    This hands-free lighting device was designed with hard hat compatibility in mind, along with other features that make work easier.

    Aside from the 180o halo-style lighting, the Flexit Headlamp 2.5 also has a unique hazard safety lightning. This makes it a perfect pair with a hard hat as the user’s visibility is enhanced. 

    You can also adjust the spotlight up and down in an angle or focal point required for your task.

    Furthermore, it contains a fit foam that provides much-needed comfort once the user wears the band without the hard hat.

    Likewise, it is also weather resistant with a fully flexible body making it an ideal headlamp for rigorous work and outdoor activities.

    Check out the specifications of Flexit Headlamp 2.5.

    Type: Center CREE LED

    Lumens: 250 True Lumens

    Light Modes: With five modes

    1.       High spot/ high flood
    2.       High spot
    3.       Medium spot/high flood
    4.       Low spot/high flood
    5.       High spot/flashing flood and rear red

    Runtime: 12 hours on low setting

    Battery Type: AAA batteries (replaceable)

    white hard hat with a FLEXIT Headlamp 6.5 pro installed. white studio background

    Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5

    Here’s a headlamp that magnifies ergonomic comfort and performance. 

    The Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5 is perfect for backpacking at night, especially on challenging terrain where you need to use your hands for support.

    It also has a 360o red flashing hazard light making the user highly visible in a pitch-dark area. This feature is beneficial for the road safety of workers against the unprecedented traffic flow.

    Wearing the Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5 is like having a band of pillows around your head. It provides comfort that lasts for hours. Likewise, it contains materials that help regulate sweating.

    Furthermore, it is weather-resistant and lightweight, making it the ideal headlamp for strenuous activities.

    Here are some of the critical features of Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5

    Type: Center CREE LED

    Lumens: 650 Total True Lumens

               Spotlight: 350 Lumens

               Floodlights: 300 Lumens

    Light Modes:

               Independently controlled lighting

               Rear red hazard lighting

               Red night-vision area lighting

               360o emergency red light with a spotlight 


               Spotlight: high 5.25 hours; low 50 hours

               Floodlight: high 5.75 hours; low 55 hours

               Spotlight and floodlight: high 3 hours; low 25 hours

    Battery Type: 3350 mAh 18650 lithium-ion battery (USB rechargeable and swappable)

    FLEXIT Headlamp 6.5 pro studio shot highlighting the battery tray with built-in charging. 3350mAh li-ion battery installed. products by STKR Concepts

    Should I Choose a AAA Battery Powered or a Rechargeable Head Light?

    Headlamps may come with disposable AAA batteries or a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Your choice will depend on factors such as longevity, frequency of use, electrical availability, and cost.

    1. Longevity

    It goes without saying but headlamps with rechargeable lithium batteries can last for up to 5 years while a non-rechargeable battery is pretty much disposable after one use.

    However, you can opt to purchase rechargeable AAA batteries and a charger for them.

    The clear advantage of a built-in rechargeable battery is that you can simply plug it in without the trouble of replacing the batteries every now and then.

    So, if it’s the battery life you’re considering, better go for a rechargeable headlight.   

    2. Frequency of Use

    Using a rechargeable headlamp for consecutive hours means that you will have to charge in between.

    In this sense, if you’re working straight, it’s easier to replace batteries instead of recharging them from time to time.

    On the other hand, if you’re only using the headlamp for a shorter time, then the rechargeable alternative works well.

    For this round, both the AAA battery-powered and rechargeable headlights get the point.

    3. Availability of Electricity

    Having a rechargeable headlamp means that you need to secure a power bank or find a nearby outlet for charging.

    If you’re working in a remote place where electricity is not accessible, this could go against your efficiency. If this is the case, get a headlamp with non-rechargeable AAA batteries or purchase an extra Li-Ion battery.

    4. Cost

    Sometimes it’s about the choice that saves more money.

    If we’re weighing the cost-effectiveness of a headlamp powered by replaceable batteries or rechargeable ones, the apparent winner would have to be the latter.

    You can save more money and help the environment by eliminating the need to replace batteries.

    male construction worker wearing a safety vest, clear eye protection, and a white hard hat with a FLEXIT headlamp pro 6.5 installed.

    What Is the Best Headlamp for Working?

    The Flexit 6.5 Pro is the best headlamp for working in any industry.

    Whether you’re a mechanic or a technical staff working on intricate tasks in a poorly lit area, having this headlamp as part of your gear will help you do the job well.

    Flexit 6.5 Pro is compatible with hard hats, making it ideal for hand-free lighting on any job site. In addition, it increases visibility based on the beam intensity and distance required by the nature of your work.

    Low-light tasks can be completed through its multiple brightness modes. Furthermore, it is suitable in all conditions, whether it has harsh weather or elevated temperature.

    White hard hat with a FLEXIT headlamp pro 6.5 attached to it. 4 headlamp clips in the foreground. all on a white studio background.

    How Do You Get Headlights To Stay on Hard Hats?

    For the headlight to stay on hard hats, you need to secure it with clips.

    These clips are necessary to fix the headlamp on the hard hat and prevent it from falling off when you move. Naturally, if the headlight doesn’t stay on the hard hat, your visibility may be further compromised.

    Insert the band of headlight into the fitting groove of the clip. After that, attach the hooks to the base of the hard hat.

    Clips are commonly bought separately from the headlights. Nonetheless, it is critical to choose a headlight compatible with hard hats. Otherwise, you may encounter problems fitting the band with the clips.


    Alternative Lighting Devices To Headlamps

    While headlamps are the best hands-free lighting option, there are other similar gadgets you can use.

    Some people can be uncomfortable with the restricted control of headlamps, so they tend to choose other alternatives, especially when going hiking or camping. However, in cases of work-related activities, most companies impose headlamp use to maximize their work efficiency.

    Nevertheless, if you’re curious about other lighting devices aside from headlamps, here are some of the portable lighting you can consider.

    all 6 BAMFF tactical flashlights from STKR Concepts all laying in a row against a white studio background


    In a traditional sense, flashlights are considered the go-to lighting device. But flashlights have evolved in various forms and purposes.

    Tactical flashlights, for example, are attached to weapons like a rifle to aid policemen and military officers. But they can also be used as a regular flashlight in times of a blackout or during any activity in the dark.

    Flexible flashlights are also a trendy choice for hands-free lighting. You can simply attach or bend them to surfaces and rearrange their position based on the angle of light that works best for your task.

    STKR Concepts' FLEXIT pocket light banner featuring 3 different poses against a white studio background. one showing off its flexible light head.

    Pocket Lights

    If you’re all about portability, nothing is handier than a pocket light. It’s small and light enough to be hand-held or attached to your gear, bag, or pocket.

    The Flexit Pocket Light can even be attached to magnetic surfaces. It has a flexible material that allows you to bend or reposition the device without moving it somewhere else.

    STKR Concepts' Illumidome mini lantern poster featuring 2 lanterns on a white studio background


    Mimicking a regular light source can be achieved if you use a portable lantern.

    For example, STKR’s ILLUMiDOME is a versatile lighting device with dual light array options that emit light in multiple directions. You can even use it in water or moist environments without sacrificing its durability.

    two mobile task lights from STKR Concepts posing in a white studio environment

    Flood Lights

    Floodlights have become another favorite alternative for headlamps when it comes to manual work. It produces sufficient light to illuminate even the most obscure areas.

    The Mobile Task Light from STKR is a perfect example of a floodlight that supplies 1200 lumens of light that comes with light mode options adjusting light intensity based on your needs.


    Finding the best hard hat light means looking closely into its performance, versatility, comfort, and lifespan.

    A headlamp is vital work gear that will make your tasks easier to perform. At the same time, it’s a perfect light source for outdoor activities like night hiking, camping, and nocturnal sports.

    So, if you’re set on choosing the best headlamp in the market, never settle for less.

    Go for headlamps that employ innovative solutions, unparalleled comfort, and long-lasting efficiency. With that, you will find STKR’s Flexit Headlamps on top of the line.  

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