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  • What Is a Pocket Light? And Which One Is Best?

    August 08, 2022 10 min read

    collage of a bunch of pocket flashlights featuring the FLEXIT Pocket Flashlight by STKR in the very center

    If there’s one thing you would want to keep with you when it’s incredibly dark, that’s got to be a reliable light. 

    Whether it’s a flashlight or lamp, having a good light source provides security in many ways. But carrying these devices can be taxing and tiring, especially if you navigate a particular space for a long time. 

    And with that, the pocket light enters the scene.

    A pocket light is a handy device smaller than an average flashlight. You can clip them on the edge of your clothing or keep them in your pocket - thus the name pocket light. 

    They may come with rechargeable or replaceable batteries. Either way, you can expect to carry this tiny lighting device anywhere without the burden of additional weight. 

    You can find tons of pocket lights in the market with a wide range of prices, make, and sizes. So naturally, you would gravitate towards the best pocket light. But which one is truly the best? 

    To figure that out, let's dive into what makes a great pocket flashlight, and then we’ll reveal our best pocket light.


    Close up of an STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Flashlight clipped to a hikers backpack strap

    What Is a Pocket Flashlight?

    A pocket light or pocket flashlight is a portable lighting device that fits your pocket. Its compact design is intended to only take small spaces in your bag, kits, and most notably your pocket, of course. 

    The idea is that you can practically bring a pocket light all the time, whether you are going hiking at night, working in your station during a blackout, or just roaming around a dark area. 

    It’s versatile, which means you can use it during emergencies and when performing a mundane task. 

    For example, you can rely on a pocket light if you ever find yourself with your car breaking down in the middle of a dark or poorly lit road. In the same way, you can use a pocket light to illuminate small details of a project you’re working on. 

    How Does a Pocket Light Work? 

    Pocket lights essentially work the same way as a traditional flashlight. The device gets its power from the battery and you can simply push a switch button to turn it on and off. The electrical current interacts with the LED to produce light. 

    But you might find that modern pocket lights have additional features improving their use as an emergency light source.

    For example, a pocket light could have both a spot light and some floodlights instead of a single bulb. With that, the intensity of the light can be controlled. 

    Likewise, pocket lights can be positioned in many ways. For example, you can hang it or stick it to metal if it has a magnetic base. 


    STKR FLEXIT Pocket Flashlight sitting on a tree stump overlooking a campfire

    What Makes a Good Pocket Flashlight?

    There are tons of pocket flashlights in the market. Some may look like the other, but not all of them are equal in performance and longevity. 

    That being said, you should check out the following standards if you want to have the best pocket light for your lighting needs.


    Light intensity is measured by lumens. As mentioned before, the more lumens there are, the brighter the light is. 

    But it’s safe to say that not all activities require a blinding light from any device. 

    And when it comes to traditional flashlights and pocket lights, the standard lumens should be between 300 to 900. So within this range, you can already expect sufficient illumination that secures visibility and your protection. 

    If you wish to know more about lumens and how many you’ll need for a working light, just click here


    There’s no doubt that a pocket light needs to be light as a feather. That may have been an exaggeration, but weight is a crucial identifier for portable lights, let alone pocket lights. 

    The ideal pocket light must be compact and lightweight so that it won’t drag you down while the device is with you. 

    Therefore, if you find a pocket light that packs substantial weight, you may want to rethink your purchase. 


    Pocket lights should remain functional for hours, especially in the light of an emergency. Therefore, find a pocket light that could last at least from 20 to 50 hours. 

    However, if you intend to use the pocket light as part of your go-to bag, find one that could last for about 72 hours. That way, you can get the assurance that light will be available for days when you are in survival mode. 


    Choose a pocket light with rechargeable batteries.

    Although replaceable batteries are still quite alright, it would serve you even better if the pocket light had a rechargeable battery since you can just plug it into an outlet or power bank. It’s environmentally friendly that way, and it makes the pocket light more available for use.

    Water Resistance

    It makes no sense to buy a pocket light that can easily damage when exposed to water. 

    For one, you will most likely be using the pocket light outdoors, where the device will have many opportunities to come in contact with some form of moisture. 

    Therefore, always check if your pocket light of choice is waterproof or weather-proof. 


    A flexible pocket light is always a treat. It increases the versatility of the pocket light. 

    Find a pocket light wherein you can easily adjust the light angle along with its intensity. Having various options in terms of placement and lighting increases the functionality of the pocket light. 


    As a rule of thumb, stay away from pocket lights made of cheap and flimsy materials.

    You would know how durable a pocket light is if it has impact resistance. Likewise, the materials will also tell you a lot about its durability. 

    For example, pocket lights with aluminum casings will most likely last longer than those with substandard counterparts. 

    Hands-Free Lighting Options

    One purpose of a pocket light is to give you an option to just attach the small flashlight to some part of your clothing (like a shirt pocket or backpack strap) instead of holding it all the time. 

    But if your target pocket light has other hands-free lighting options, then you can definitely reap more benefits. Whether it gives you a choice to hand, stick, or just let the pocket light stand, you can take these options as advantages for the purchase.

    Other Features

    If it seems as if all pocket lights are the same in terms of specifications, you can always screen for their additional features. These attributes are sometimes considered as an embellishment on the essential functions of the pocket light. 

    But if you’re lucky, you may find a pocket light that contains features you can use in your particular line of work or activity. 

    For instance, if you’re sensitive to white light during the night, a pocket light with red night vision will give you an added bonus. So, if you find a pocket light with this feature, then that might seal your decision. 


    STKR's Pocket light shown in 4 different poses/angles all on a white studio background

    Which Pocket Light Is the Best? 

    If you’re looking for a reliable and undoubtedly innovative pocket light, then you have to check out STKR’s FLEXIT Pocket Light Series. These pocket lights are definitely the best in the market in terms of luminosity, versatility, durability, etc.

    The FLEXIT Pocket Lights are the evolved version of any traditional EDC flashlight. They uphold the same function but with loads of improvement in terms of size, portability, number of lumens, and flexibility. 

    Key Features of the FLEXIT Pocket Light

  • Total Lumens
  • The number of lumens determines the light intensity. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light is. 

    So with up to 650 lumens, you can get the assurance that the FLEXIT pocket light produces sufficient illumination that will increase area visibility. 

    Moreover, this pocket light uses LEDs to generate a cool and consistently bright light. 



    FLEXIT Pocket Light features spotlight and flood light


  • Light Modes
  • A standard flashlight typically gives off a spot light or directional light. This means you have to move the flashlight in a particular direction for best results. 

    With the FLEXIT Pocket Light, you don’t simply have just a strong one-directional light as the light head also features a second light array in the form of a flood light that illuminates a much wider area.

    Both of these lighting arrays can be adjusted independently from 0% all the way up to 100% brightness intensity on a sliding scale. This means your not just locked into three basic modes like low, medium, and high. What’s more exciting is that you can also combine both modes, which intensifies the light and gives you both distance and peripheral lighting.

    By adjusting the light mode to your exact custom brightness setting you get to control the amount of light it produces, letting you choose a good battery life to brightness balance.

    Likewise, the pocket light has a red night vision. This particular mode is beneficial when your eyes are strained by the typical white light of a traditional flashlight. 


    animated gif showing off the 4 light battery indicator on the side of the FLEXIT Pocket Light by STKR Concepts
  • Rechargeable Battery with a Level Indicator
  • The FLEXIT Pocket Light comes with a rechargeable battery with a runtime of 72 hours. This means your pocket light will produce a uniform level of light for a long time. 

    Moreover, the fact that it’s rechargeable means you can forget about bringing tons of replacement batteries. 

    Just plug it into a USB charger or keep a power bank ready to replenish the drained energy from the battery. 

    Also, you don’t have to keep guessing whether the pocket light has run out of power or it simply broke down for some reason. This is because you can check the battery level through its gauge. This battery indicator is especially helpful when using the pocket light frequently.


    Dual hinge clip - FLEXIT Pocket Light | STKR Concepts - striker
  • Hands-free Lighting 
  • Another remarkable feature of the FLEXIT Pocket Light is its hands-free lighting options. 

    You can use its dual-hinge clip to hook it onto clothing or backpack clips. You can also hang the pocket light as it comes with a hook. If you’re in the woods, find a small branch above you and convert your pocket light into a temporary overhead light. 

    Plus, you can stick the magnetic base on a metal surface. 

    Lastly, you can let the pocket light stand on a flat surface without any trouble. 


    animated gif of the FLEXIT Pocket Light bending the head forwards and backwards a full 180 degrees
  • Adjustable Head
  • The FLEXIT in this pocket light’s name indicates its flexibility. This is because the head is made of a flexible material and can be bent and twisted as far as 180 degrees. 

    This way, you can redirect the light by just adjusting the pocket light’s head and not the entire device. It also helps position the pocket light to the most optimum angle for your work. 



    Where Do You Use a Pocket Flashlight?

    Like any other portable light, a pocket light can be used on multiple occasions. But, of course, the central purpose of the pocket light is to provide illumination when needed, but be small enough to always be in your pocket. 

    But given its portability, you can practically use the pocket light in all conditions. 


    A flashlight is a must-have in any emergency bag - whether it’s part of your car kit or disaster go-bag. But since one of the requirements for an easy-to-carry emergency bag is lightweight and compactness, the pocket light is the perfect light source of choice. 

    With that, you can include a pocket light with you during emergencies like the following.

    • Car breakdown

    Imagine your car breaking down out of nowhere during dusk. Your instincts will tell you to confirm the source of the problem. But, of course, you won’t be able to inspect your car without proper lighting. 

    Now, keeping a gigantic flashlight in the car is always great but having a pocket light with you or in your compartment is even better. Naturally, this would depend on the quality of pocket light you have. 

    But if you do have a pocket light that provides adequate intensity, then you don’t really need any other portable light, for that matter. If you’re wondering where to find this kind of pocket light, just check out STKR’s Flexit Pocket Light Series.

    STKR's FLEXIT Pocket Light magnetically attached to a home power panel lighting up the breaker switches
    • Blackout

    Sometimes the electricity is cut off for various reasons. For example, it could be due to a nearby accident, malfunctions in the electrical system, or inclement weather. But during these events, you don’t have to worry if you have a flashlight in your house. 

    However, if you’re not in your home, you can still save yourself from stress and anxiety if you can whip out a pocket flashlight. With that, it’s always beneficial to keep one in your office, car, or everyday bag. 

    • Disasters

    Natural and manmade disasters are the last thing you want to be in. But since they are out of your control, all you can do is be prepared all the time. 

    Every disaster go-to bag needs to have a flashlight. But if you look into the long list of items you should have in your kit, you might begin to wonder how they would all fit in a single bag. Not to mention, the bag should be lightweight for optimum mobility. 

    One key solution is to have compact portable items instead of regular-sized ones. That being said, a pocket light is your best option in place of a standard flashlight. 

    Moreover, a pocket light should also be part of any first aid kit. You would never know when injuries and accidents might happen. It could be already dark at that time, mostly the case. 

    So, if you have a first aid kit around, you would be more efficient if you also had a reliable light source. But since first aid kits are usually smaller, a pocket light can generally do the deed.  


    Pocket lights are not just for illumination. You can also use them to disarm and startle anyone who tries to attack you. The blinding light can buy you time to find help and get away as quickly as you can, or you can switch into a strobing mode to disorient them. 

    Whatever situation requires quick thinking and reflex, you can rely on your pocket light, especially if you have no other items to protect yourself. 


    STKR's FLEXIT Pocket Light hanging from a tree limb by it's built-in hanging hook

    Outdoor Activities

    If you love camping, trekking, or kayaking at night, then a pocket light will become your best friend. 

    Let’s whip out the obvious. You can’t do any outdoor stuff without a lightweight, portable but intense light source. 

    Huge flashlights can add to your baggage, plus you will have to take them out of the bag or hold on to these significant light sources. Whereas if you have a pocket light, you can just clip it to your pants or shirt pockets. It allows you to carry other stuff and equipment. 

    Intricate Work

    A pocket light is also helpful if your job involves working in a poorly lit room or with minute components that require more focused lighting. 

    The small size of the light makes it more suitable for tasks that involve closer light, such as fixing electronics when electricity is down. 


    Pocket lights are more than just their size. They are highly functional on many occasions and incredibly portable so that you can just attach them to your clothing. 

    Once you look into the features of a pocket light, you’ll be surprised by how much you can use this tiny lighting device.

    So if you want the best pocket light, just check out the Flexit Pocket Light Series, and you will find that these everyday carry lights check all the boxes.

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