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What are EDC Flashlights?

May 11, 2021 5 min read

What are EDC Flashlights? STKR Concepts

No matter where I travel, I always carry my EDC flashlight either on me or in my truck, you never know when you’re going to need it and they can be an absolute lifesaver if you’re in a sticky situation. However, when I mention the letters EDC, some people don’t seem to know the meaning behind this abbreviation.

An EDC flashlight is also known as an Everyday Carry flashlight and is simply just a small, versatile hand torch that you carry around with you just in case you end up in a situation needing light. They come in all shapes and sizes but must be larger and more powerful than a keyring torch to be considered an Everyday Carry Flashlight (EDC).

You should now be able to grasp the concept behind an EDC flashlight. In short, it’s a survival torch that prevents the problem of not having light when you need it most. It’ll have its own battery source, so if your other devices that have light sources run out (such as a phone), you’ll have a backup. In this article, we’ll be diving deeper into the world of EDC flashlights, why you should use them, and also the best ones currently circulating on the market.

Why You Should EDC a Flashlight

As you're now aware, an EDC flashlight can be a very handy tool to have easily-equipped and can get you out of a load of predicaments. It's always a good idea to carry one of these around with you as you’ll never know when you may need one until it's too late. 

Some of thebenefitsto consider when owning an EDC flashlight are:

It can be used for self-defense - Any flashlight including EDC's can protect you from a potential attacker. It's been scientifically proven that a flashlight with around 600-1000 lumens can cause temporary blindness to an individual if shined in their eyes. Meaning it may buy you enough time to remove yourself from the dangerous situation. 

You can also buy EDC flashlights that have a variety of different light modes. One including strobe lighting, this mode can be used effectively against any attacker and can disorientate the attacker in many ways. If you're not the violent type, it is also a non-lethal defense weapon, as you'll only be causing a short amount of temporary-blindness.   

Makes you feel less concerned - As the main purpose of an EDC is to provide light remotely. It can be used to light up dark areas in which you have to venture to. Such as walking to your car at night, here you'll be able to light up the way and identify any risks that may be lurking in the night. 

Most modernized EDC flashlights are extremely powerful and can cover enough area for you to spot any potential threats, and let's not forget, if you drop anything in the darkness you'll certainly find it with an EDC torch. 

Perfect for emergency situations - If your car, truck, or house has lost power, you'll have a source of light that you're able to quickly turn on. It's also great for camping trips If you're an explorer and get lost in a secluded area. Most EDC torches will come with an SOS red light or strobe lighting, with this setting you'll be able to shine these modes into the sky in hopes the rescue team can find you.

Better than a mobile phone light - You may feel confident in your phone light, but trust me, nothing compares itself to the flashlights that are found in today's market. Instead of using your phone and potentially draining the battery, use a flashlight that is specially designed for that purpose and uses a different power source. 

The list of problematic situations an EDC flashlight can get you out of is endless. These are just some basic examples and benefits which you can encounter when owning an EDC torch. 

What is the best EDC flashlight?

With all the great EDC flashlights that are on the market nowadays, we decided to compete in this industry and have made two of the best, innovative, and robust EDC flashlights that have entered the trade. 

B.A.M.F.F Tactical Flashlight 

Each EDC torch that is found in this collection has been put through rigorous testing by experts within the industry. This range of EDC flashlights comes in six different variations, each offering a slightly different price range depending on the power you're wanting to achieve from the torch. 

From ranging around $29.99 to $99.99 and 200 lumens to a whopping 1000. This collection really has it all, when it comes down to deciding which EDC flashlight to opt-in for. 

Personally, I would consider price, lumen output, and convenience before purchasing a flashlight. For example, if I wanted a basic battery-operated model, I'd want to choose something like the B.A.M.F.F 4.0. Now on the other hand, if I wanted something powerful and bright, I'd want to purchase the B.A.M.F.F 10.0, this model also comes with an excellent gun mount kit for those who are tactical. 

Flexit Pocket Light 

Our Flexit Pocket Light is the most diverse and spectacular EDC light on the market. It has revolutionary features that are tightly compacted to make this torch fit in your pocket. Its durable and powerful light output has been made with precision and only offers customers the best.

We wanted to make this EDC flashlight as compatible as possible, by adding the following features: 

  • Flexible LED head so you're able to angle it depending on whatever suits you best. 
  • Dual Output LED, meaning you're able to use this as a spotlight and floodlight at the same time to allow for maximum light coverage. 
  • USB Charge for longer-lasting battery and environmental usage
  • Magnetic and hook base, allow you to hang, hook or stick this EDC flashlight to a variety of materials and locations.  
  • Night vision and dim capabilities to ensure maximum versatility out of this flashlight. 

How Many Lumens for a Good EDC Flashlight?

Now you understand the importance of having an EDC flashlight and the best ones that are currently available on the market. You may want to know, what lumen count is considered "good" for an EDC flashlight. Although “good” can be considered a broad question, I’ve mentioned what lumens are best for your price range and usage. 

Basic - As a basic EDC flashlight, you'll be looking at something around 200-400 lumens. They are compact and can easily help you in an emergency situation. 

Average- For an average one, you'll want to purchase something around 500-800 lumens. These will be able to light up a large passageway and are normally found in both battery-operated or rechargeable. 

Expert - An expert EDC flashlight is for those who are in serious need of some lighting, this is powerful enough to light up any area and can be found in 1000+ lumens. 

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