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  • What Flashlight Do The Police And Military Use?

    May 11, 2021 6 min read

    What Flashlight Do The Police And Military Use? STKR Concepts

    When you talk about flashlights, particularly tactical flashlights, it is sometimes difficult to decide on what makes for a great tactical flashlight and what is just marketing hype. The police and various wings of the military use tactical flashlights for a wide range of applications. Surely if we take a look at what flashlights these units use, we will get a good idea of what makes a good flashlight. So what are the criteria for a tactical flashlight for the police or the military?

    The police and military need a flashlight that offers robust reliability, water resistance, shock resistance, lightweight, and a bright light. A tactical push-button switch with various light modes for different situations and simple, flexible power options that are easily replaceable with backups.

    The flashlights that make the grade for use by police and the armed forces need to meet certain criteria of not only brightness but also a number of other features that make the light perfect for their requirements. If these criteria are good enough to measure military lights by, then they are surely good for civilian applications as well!

    Requirements For A Tactical Flashlight

    When the police or the military look for a flashlight for their units, they don’t simply look at the lumens of the flashlight and select the model with the highest lumen feature. The rugged nature of the work that our armed forces work under requires a flashlight that will match these conditions and continue to function when needed.

    Features Criteria For A Tactical Flashlight

    For a tactical flashlight to make the cut for military or police use, it would need to qualify in a range of criteria that are generally overkill for civilian applications.

    The features of a good tactical flashlight would include the following.

    • Reliability. Reliability is key for a military-style tactical flashlight. The light needs to be robust and durable and work when it is needed, even under less-than-ideal conditions.
    • Water-resistance. Adverse weather conditions are not going to stop our armed forces from doing their job, and neither should it stop their flashlights. Sometimes this means executing missions in the rain. A tactical flashlight should, at the very least, be water-resistant to protect it from failing in damp conditions.
    • Shock-resistance. A tactical flashlight should be able to handle being knocked about a bit without the odd knock or two causing the light to give out and stop working.
    • Lightweight construction. With all the gear out troops and police get to carry, cutting the weight down wherever possible helps to get the job done more effectively.
    • Push-button tactical switch. When you need light in a hurry, you cannot be fumbling around in the dark trying to find the switch on your flashlight. The tactical push-button on the rear of the flashlight makes it easy to find, even in complete darkness.
    • Bright light. Here is where we talk about lumens, which is a much-used term in the flashlight industry that not many people understand. If you would like a more scientific, in-depth explanation of lumens, you can take a look at our article that explains what lumens are and how many you need. Essentially lumens are a measure of how bright the light is that the flashlight gives off. For military and police use, bright light is useful to fully illuminate the target area as well as to temporarily blind the enemy or potential suspects.
    • Light-mode selection. The flashlight needs to be versatile in offering different lighting modes for different applications in different tactical situations.
    • Flexible power options. There is nothing worse than running out of battery power on your flashlight when you need it t be operational. The power solution for the tactical flashlight needs to be such that a replacement source can easily be carried for the mission or operation as a backup. 

    Unless a tactical flashlight can meet these rigorous standards, it is unlikely that it will be considered as a suitable piece of equipment for the military or our police units.

    Fortunately, at STKR Concepts, solving lighting problems is what we do, and we pride ourselves on innovating and bringing useful features as solutions to lighting problems. While you may not be going out on a Seal Team mission, we don’t see why our flashlights should offer anything less than the best, whether you are military, police, or civilian!

    The STKR Concepts Tactical Solution To Flashlights

    At STKR Concepts, we like to consider ourselves as innovators. We don’t want to simply bring “another version” of a product to the market without offering a better, more robust, feature-packed product that will more than meet our clients’ needs.

    Although we have products that are not only in the lighting sector, lighting is our specialty, and we have approached the development of our tactical flashlights with the same problem-solving innovations that we like to incorporate into all our products.

    Our range of tactical flashlights is called B.A.M.F.F., which is an acronym for “Broad Array Multi Flood Flashlight,” which is our answer to a tactical flashlight with features that more than meet the tough requirements of a tactical flashlight for police or military use.

    All the tactical flashlights in our range have the following features.

    • Reliable and durable. The rugged construction from aircraft-grade aluminum makes these flashlights strong and hard-wearing.
    • All our flashlights are waterproof. Water-resistant is not good enough for our flashlights; we made ours waterproof to at that extra degree of ruggedness!
    • Lightweight and shock-resistant. The lightweight nature of the aluminum and the LED technology, as well as the switch mechanics, make our flashlight shock resistant.
    • An easy-to-find switch. The push-button switch at the rear is easy to locate, even in the dark.
    • Dual-LED bright light. All our flashlights have a dual-LED light source which provides superior lighting. Our flashlights light up a wider area, preventing tunnel vision, or being surprised by someone from the shadows in the peripheral reaches of the light beam. Our flashlights all outperform other brands of the same lumen level.
    • Many light modes. The B.A.M.F.F. range of tactical flashlights offers 5 to 6 different light modes for various lighting options for different applications.
    • Easy power sources. Our entry-level flashlights use easy to carry and source AA and AAA batteries. Our higher-end models are rechargeable with backup battery modules. 

    Our flagship model, the B.A.M.F.F. 10.0, has a range of high-end features that well exceed the standard features of your average tactical flashlight.

    This flagship model features a remote pressure switch which is interchangeable with the rear tail switch, a gun mount, a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a backup battery cartridge that accepts AA batteries. 

    The 10.0 flashlight features a 1000 true lumen light which can be set in up to 5 different lighting modes for a variety of lighting applications.

    In addition to the BAMFF 10.0, the other models in the range are as follows.

    • B.A.M.F.F. 2.0 – a 200-lumen tactical flashlight, which uses an AAA battery cartridge.
    • B.A.M.F.F. 4.0 - a 400-lumen tactical flashlight, which uses an AAA battery cartridge.
    • B.A.M.F.F. 4.0XL - an oversized 400-lumen tactical flashlight, which uses an AA battery cartridge.
    • B.A.M.F.F. 6.0 – a 600-lumen tactical flashlight with a USB rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery and an AAA battery cartridge.
    • B.A.M.F.F. 8.0 – an 800-lumen tactical flashlight with a USB rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery and an AAA battery cartridge.

    We believe that any product we offer should give our clients a superior user experience over any comparative product on the market, and we are confident that our range of tactical flashlights does just that.


    Our mission at STKR Concepts when developing a product is to improve on existing models and bring a higher level of quality to equipment for everyday tasks. We like it when customers who get their hands on our products are blown away by the innovative features that are packed into our products.

    We put effort into solving problems with our products and give our customers a product that is a cut above the average mass-produced product.

    Our tactical BAMFF flashlight range is an example of such products that we are proud to put our name on. We know that the exacting military-grade standards that these flashlights are built to will more than match your needs for a tactical flashlight!

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