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  • What Can You Do With a Tactical Flashlight?

    May 11, 2021 5 min read

    What Can You Do With a Tactical Flashlight? STKR Concepts

    A traditional flashlight is great for lighting up in dark spaces. You might assume that a tactical flashlight is just a smaller sleeker version of a normal flashlight. That is not the case. As a carry tool for everyday use, you can use it for more things than you expect. What can you do with a tactical flashlight?

    You can use them for blinding or striking an attacker, for exploring or signaling during emergencies, lighting up dark areas, or even mounted on the barrel of a gun. They are a helpful utility tool and are often carried every day known as an EDC.

    In our early years, we experience light by playing with it. We use them as toys to create funny shadows. Once we grow up, we realize there are various ways of using a flashlight. You can always carry it in a purse, in case you end up in a situation that feels unsafe to you.

    How to use a flashlight in a tactical situation

    At some point in your life, you might end up in a dangerous situation. Possibly, you need some equipment, for example, to scare off an enemy. In this kind of situation, a tactical flashlight is a useful item to own.

    As such a moment appears, you want to be familiar with the most efficient and effective way of using this flashlight. We prepared a list of the best tactical flashlights with the most desirable characteristics of a tactical flashlight. There, you will also find how to use it effectively for survival or defensive purposes. But first, we will discuss what you need to look for in a tactical flashlight.

    What do you need to look for when buying a tactical flashlight?

    • Size – You must be able to use your tactical flashlight quickly and effectively. You must be able to store it comfortably in your pocket or a purse and hold it easily in the palm of your hand. 
    • Lumens – Standard flashlights fail because of their weak, unfocused beams. Here we wrote an article on the exact amount of lumens you need for an efficient flashlight.
    • Durable – If it breaks under pressure, it is not worth your money. Any real tactical flashlight will be of aircraft-grade aluminum like our flashlights, so if you accidentally drop it, it will not crack or break, and when you hit with it, you can be sure that it will hurt.
    • Comfort – Regardless of how many bells and whistles it has, a tactical flashlight is practical when you can hold it comfortably, regardless of whether you are just trying to find candles in a blackout or defending yourself. 

    The STKR Concepts with the B.A.M.F.F. Tactical Series creates change in flashlights. Dual LED Tactical Flashlights aka "Broad Array Multi Flood Flashlight" combines a powerful spotlight for long-distance visibility with a wide-angle flood light for close range area lighting. You can use it simultaneously or independently to provide you with more useful light and increase your overall visibility.

    A few traditional flashlights offer flood and spotlight options, but they achieve this by making the user pick between flood or spot. With the B.A.M.F.F. series, both options can be used at the same time. Flood the immediate area and cast a blinding spotlight into the distance. You can now see far down the hiking trail while also lighting up the area around your feet.

    You can use these innovative flashlights for many activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, repair, and daily carry. Seeing properly at night was never so easy. The excellent range of light increases your view and decreases the number of shadows.

    These amazing tactical flashlights are available in 6 models, which you can find here. All six models have an aircraft-grade aluminum body, waterproof construction, Dual LED head, S.O.S. mode, strobe modes, and removable belt clip. 

    The B.A.M.F.F. 2.0 with 200 lumens is the entry-level tactical flashlight powered by 3 AAA batteries. If you desire more power and runtime, then you came to the right place. The 10.0 mentioned below can produce up to 1000 lumens. That is the stuff that will make anyone smile. 

    The three models mentioned below are the top end of the lineup and come equipped with a rechargeable battery and USB charging kit. To ensure that you will never be gone in the dark, as a unique emergency feature, we provide you with a AAA battery cartridge for those times when you can not charge your rechargeable battery.

    Top 3 Tactical Flashlights From the B.A.M.F.F. Series

    The series of B.A.M.F.F. flashlights provide the perfect light for any situation. With a B.A.M.F.F. tactical flashlight from STKR, you won’t get left out in the dark ever again! Below you will find out which one will suit you best.

    B.A.M.F.F. 6.0

    This marvelous flashlight comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery and penetrates the night sky with 600 lumens. 

    B.A.M.F.F. 8.0

    The impressive 8.0 from the B.A.M.F.F. series features a large capacity 2600 mAh rechargeable battery and blasts a blinding 800 lumens. 

    B.A.M.F.F. 10.0

    The 10.0. is our ultimate package, which comes with a gun mount kit and penetrates with 1000 True Lumens. With a 2600 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery that has an onboard USB port directly on the battery!

    What Are Tactical Flashlights Used For?

    Tactical flashlights are not used only for looking in dark places, can to potentially save your life. 

    For personal defense, the best weapon would be a handgun. But in dark places where you can not see enough, a flashlight might be necessary. In low-light shooting, it not only helps you to identify your target, but it also allows you to see where otherwise you would see nothing. 

    Even if you do not carry any weapons but you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong moment, a flashlight could potentially save your life.

    You can take them into places where other items are not allowed, like movie theaters or airplanes. They are great for people living in countries where guns are not legal but still want to have something to defend themselves. 

    There are a few ways that you can use a flashlight to defend yourself.

    Attackers often hide in the darkness. The darkness is to their advantage, but a bright flashlight can help you see them quickly and prepare for the attack. This way, you can eliminate the advantage of your attacker and gain some more time to escape. Shining light at your attacker can be enough to make them run away.

    Have you ever had someone shine a bright light in your eyes? Maybe, unintentionally you did this to yourself by being curious. Or maybe, by a car driving towards you at night. You probably felt blinded for a bit or even disoriented. 

    When someone shines very bright light straight into your eyes, first you get blinded and then disorientated. That natural reaction can be to your advantage. You can use a bright light to defend yourself against threats.

    Your attacker will likely experience three to four seconds of disorientation and semi-blindness. That gives you enough time to either run, attack, or call for help. 

    You can use tactical flashlights also as an improvised weapon. Most tactical flashlights are designed with a toothed or serrated bezel. During an attack, you can use it as an improvised weapon for striking. After you disorientated your attacker by shining the light in their eyes, you can hit any one of their sensitive areas with the blunt end of your tactical flashlight. 

    To learn even more facts and features and about each of the six different tactical flashlights in the B.A.M.F.F. series, just click here.

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