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How Long Do Camping Lanterns Last?

November 24, 2021 6 min read

How long do camping lanterns last - by STKR Concepts

There are many kinds of lighting solutions that are made for camping. They come with various lifespans as well as various lumens of output. You might be used to thinking of camping lanterns as slightly dim and not very effective, but that is not always the case.

Due to LED technology, camping lanterns often last for 50 hours on a single charge or a fresh set of batteries. For many people, that is four or five nights on a single charge. The Illumidome Mini Lantern from STKR Concepts lasts up to 100 hours on just 3 ‘AA’ batteries.

Illumidome mini waterproof camping lantern by STKR Concepts

If you are looking for a quality camping lantern that will last for the maximum amount of time, read on for more information!

What are Lumens?

Lumens are the measurement unit for the brightness of light bulbs. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. This is not always a factor for every camping light need, but many people find that brighter lights are more useful when you are out in a remote location in total darkness.

Even camping flashlights should be bright enough to take care of your needs when you are away from a campground that might provide additional light to your camp spot. Camping flashlights that offer superior illumination will be around 400 lumens that are provided by quality LED bulbs.

Larger camping lights can offer anywhere from 200 lumens to 1000! You will probably find that the best lights for your campsite will be around 200 lumens. A standard screw-in incandescent bulbs offer around 800 lumens, so this will give you some idea of the brightness that you will get from 200.

Which Camping Lanterns Will Last the Longest?

There are many camping lantern manufacturers, and they all promise long life for their particular products. It can seem a little bewildering when you head out to shop for the right lantern for your camping needs and find that there are so many options on the market that you have no idea what to pick.

Camping Lantern vintage gas

You are armed with some knowledge about what the relative brightness of different lumens will be, but you still might not be sure that you are going to get a light that will last you for long enough to make it through a camping trip. Sometimes you need an arsenal of different lights for your camping needs and you will want to be sure that all of them are durable and will hold up to use as well as a little bit of abuse.

Mini waterproof camping lantern Illumidome by STKR Concepts

One of the longest lasting lantern is theIllumidome waterprof mini lantern by STKR Concepts. This tiny little lantern is small enough to pack multiple into a utility pack with ease and they produce up to 220 lumens. Although you may not even use those 220 lumens as there are 3 different brightness settings and the lowest gives you up to 100 hours of lighting. Pairing that with upper and lower hang mounting options, this mini lantern is perfect for an overhead tent light that will just keep going and going.

The STKR Concepts Flexit 4.0 is a great custom lighting option as the bendable light body lets you create different lighting arrays. You can bend it into concave ‘bowl’ shape and focus all the light into a focused spotlight or you can roll the body up like a toilet paper roll to create a broad 360 degree area light just like a lantern. There are just a few examples of how this versatile flexible flashlight can be used for your camping needs. Its bendable and shapeable light-body let campers create just the right lighting for any occasion. You can set this light up to cover a specific area of your campsite or you can use it as a way to navigate down dark trails or to head back to your vehicle from your tent. This is the kind of light that comes in handy in many different circumstances and it offers 400 lumens that will guide your way or light your campsite with ease.

camping lantern flexible flashlight flexit by STKR Concepts

If you want a solar light that will offer the same benefits as the Flexit 4.0, you should grab the rechargeableFlexit Solar. Powered by the sun (or a USB port in bad weather), this light will offer you 5 light modes for different campsite needs as well as 500 lumens! This light also operates easily for 70 hours and is weather-resistant, two features that place it way above other competitors in this space. On top of the shape-lok body that creates custom lighting arrays and custom mounting options by wrapping around tree limbs and such, the entire Flexit Flashlight series also features a magnetic base with hanging hook. These really come in handy at the national park bathroom as most feature metal doors but no overhead lighting. Just stick one of these on the door and you’ve got a lit bathroom.

camping lantern flexit solar flexible flashlight lantern by STKR Concepts

For flashlights that you can tuck in a pocket or a bag, you need a B.A.M.F.F. Dual LED Tactical Flashlight. This flashlight comes in various lumen sizes and offers spotlight and floodlight modes as well as other essential modes that will make sure that you can see anything that you need to see with ease. These tool runs on a mix of AAA battery cartridges and/or18650 Li-Ion rechargables and you will get 200-1,000 lumens from these lights based on the model that you choose to buy.

How Long Do Battery Lanterns Last?

We discussed how long solar lights last on average and we talked about the power of truly ideal lights, but there might still be questions about whether or not battery-powered lights are head and shoulders above solar lights. The answer to whether or not the battery life of your light is sufficient for your needs has a lot to do with your average usage of your camping lights.

If you are only going to be using small lights and you only want to have enough light to navigate a path after dark or to light the small space near your tent, a smaller battery-powered light should more than take care of your needs during your trip. These lights often last for about 24-48 consecutive hours of use, so if you are using your lights only periodically in the dark, you should be fine with a small, lower-powered light.

However, if you want to be sure that your battery-powered light will last the optimal four to five nights of use that was mentioned at the start of the article, you need to invest in a more powerful and larger light. These lights will offer up days of use when compared with smaller lights that are not made for long camping trips.

LED bulbs are much more energy-efficient as well, making them the ideal choice for lanterns that need to last for longer than a couple of days while you are camping. You will also get a superior battery-life experience when you purchase a lantern that is powered with LEDs.

What is the Best Camping Light to Buy?

While you can light up many spaces readily with camping lanterns and flashlights, you might have more unique needs for hands free lighting. On top of the three amazing camping flashlight options mention above, another great option that answers the needs of those who want to have the most unique campsite and the easiest lighting arrangement as well as long-lasting battery life is the Light mine Professional.

Magnetic hands free camping light by STKR Concepts

This magnetic light can be attached to metal surfaces like metal pop-ups and other similar items or it can be set on a table or other flat surface. It can be placed in any location at any angle due to its 12 neodymium magnets. This attachment option gives you 360-degrees in which you can aim the light and it offers 4 light settings. This light offers 250 lumens with a white LED and is weather resistant.

These four flashlights are great camping light options that you can buy for any kind of camping requirement that you might need. You will not miss any of your other light solutions with a couple of these handy STKR lights in your camping supplies! They are a superior product that will answer every need that you might have for your campsite lighting. If you want to see even more innovative camping lights check out http://www.stkrconcepts.com.

Quality Camp Lights Should be Durable and Efficient

While you can choose to buy a bunch of different lights to take care of your campsite’s lighting needs, there is no exchange for a durable light that offers up the right amount of lumens and long battery life. You can dispose of all of your other lighting tools and replace them with just a few of the items mentioned in this article. Swapping out your tired, non-LED camping lights out for superior LED technology will make your camping experience much improved.

If you are tired of carrying batteries with you on your camping trips and you are sick of solar garden lights that need to be charged all the time by the sun and hardly last a few hours, you need to invest in better quality camping lights that will stand the test of time and take care of all of your lighting needs for years to come with ease.

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