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How Do You Light Up A Tent?

June 21, 2021 5 min read

How Do You Light Up A Tent?

When you’re on a camping trip, knowing how to light up your tent is essential. Lighting up a tent seems rather logical to do. However, I see many avid campers fail to illuminate their tent successfully. By failing to achieve this, it can cause havoc at night if any emergencies were to occur. To avoid this, this is how you effectively light up your tent.

When you want to provide illumination in a tent, it’ll need to be located in a convenient area that you can find in the dark. This is typically the center and the highest point of the tent, and you’ll then want to hook, Velcro, magnetize or string a light onto the support poles or straps.

As you can see, successfully lighting up your tent doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it’s relatively straightforward if you consider two factors: location and sturdiness. The location will need to be an area where the light is easily accessible in case you need it during the night. Sturdiness comes into play depending on how heavy your light is. Usually, a support pole that is generally found in tents will be strong enough to hold most lights.

How Do You Hang Lights in A Camping Tent?

As mentioned above, there are four main ways to hanging a camping light in a tent. Each option can sometimes be a feature on many camp-related lights (apart from the string, of course). Below we discuss these four methods of hanging up your light in a tent.


The first and most sturdy is a hook. Most camping lights will have some type of hooking mechanism on the base of the light. From this, you’re able to hang the light on a support pole found inside the tent. However, be sure that this isn’t affecting the pole’s stability that is keeping the tent up. During the night, the last thing you want is your tent collapsing, so avoid this at all costs.

If you have a pop-up tent, sometimes these will be supplied without accessible poles as the fabric will hide them. If this is the case, most of the time, they’ll have a looped piece of fabric to make up for it.


Another option we highly recommend is Velcro. The material itself is relatively robust and durable, which is ideal for hanging a light. To use Velcro, you’ll need both the hook and loop version, and you should also make sure these both have adhesive strips located on the back.

Once you have both of these, you’ll want to stick a strip in a convenient spot within the tent and also on the light. When you’ve installed these, you’ll be able to Velcro your light to the patch you’ve just fitted.

If you’re intrigued by the Velcro option, I recommend you take a look at ourIllumidome. This miniature lighting device packs a punch and has a runtime of up to 100 hours. It also comes equipped with a Velcro hook which you can either attach to your strip or hang around a support pole.


Some lighting solutions like lanterns or flashlights feature some type of magnetic device. If yours does, you may only need to buy a single magnet to hang it up in a tent. This is relatively easy to do, but it may require two people, depending on how big your tent is. However, if you have a small tent (single or double), you should be able to perform this relatively easily. Here you’ll need to find a designated spot for your magnetic torch and place the other magnet on the outside of the tent. When doing this, try not to make both of the magnets crash into each other, as this may damage the tent’s fabric.


If you have an inefficient number of resources to hang up your light, you can always use string-like materials to attach it to the ceiling. Most lights or lanterns will come with a handle. Providing your light comes with this, you can hang it on a support pole or one of the fabric hooks around your tent using string.

What Are The Best Lights for Camping

At STKR, we’re experts within the lighting industry and have provided many hobbyists, professionals, and businesses with tremendous lighting solutions. Here are three of our innovative lights that could make your camping a whole lot easier.

Flexit Headlamp Series

For short stays, huge lamps aren’t necessary, and a headlamp that has a long runtime can do the job. This is where ourFlexit Headlamp series comes in. Both headlamps come with an excessive amount of runtime, brightness, and comfort to offer you a superior light that you can use anywhere.

For camping, the 2.5 and 6.5 headlamps in this series will be ideal for the situation. The 2.5 has the advantage of being AAA battery-powered, as you’ll be able to take a handful of spare ones with you. However, the 6.5 offers a brighter light and a longer runtime, but it runs on a rechargeable battery. If you have a solar power bank for recharges, by far, the 6.5 will be the best solution. It even has red night vision if you want to avoid waking up everyone else in the tent.

Illumidome Mini Waterproof Lantern

If you’re on an extended camping trip and don’t want to worry about runtime, I recommend you take a look at ourIllumidome lantern. This light is robust, waterproof, and offers up to 100 hours of runtime, making it very unlikely it’ll run out during your camping trip.

This lantern also comes with some excellent design features. It has a large flat base to balance upright and a Velcro hook to be hung. Either way, the usability of this device is out of this world and most definitely something you should consider looking at.

Flexit Flexible Flashlight Series

Our originalFlexit Flexible flashlight series is innovation at its finest. This light can be either be stood, hung, wrapped around, or magnetized onto a surface. This is due to its magnetic base and flexible body that you can mold into something more suited for your application.

There is a vast range of lumen power within this collection, which ranges from 200 to 500. To increase the convenience of this already spectacular light, we made sure you’re able to re-power them anywhere you are. Our Auto, 2.0, and 4.0 series are all battery-powered. However, theFlexit Solar can be recharged while using sunlight, making it a perfect solution for camping.


As you can see from the above, there are plenty of ways to light up a tent successfully. However, although the hanging methods are simple to replicate, we do recommend investing in a lighting solution that will provide you with these benefits right off the bat.

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