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5 best flashlights for camping and the outdoors

June 15, 2020 4 min read

5 best flashlights for camping and the outdoors STKR Concepts

5 best flashlights for camping and the outdoors

5 best flashlights for camping

What can be better than going camping on a beautiful starry night? Imagine yourself sitting by the warm fire with a couple of marshmallows on a stick, a cup of wine/ juice in your hand. Away from your everyday life! If you are the one who would choose camping any day, then you know how important it is to have a great and reliable lighting on your trip. STKR Concepts makes sure you have a great variety of the most innovative lights that will change your camping experience. 

  1. Best light to set up camp! - Mobile Task Light - Rechargeable
Mobile Task Light campsite lighting LED Camp Light by STKR Concepts

        Roll into camp at night and still need to setup?  Don’t be daunted by the darkness.  Use the STKR Mobile Task Light for full area flood light.  This durable, easily packed, light boasts 1200 lumens and offers a 180° adjustable head, enabling you to aim light where you need it most. Point the light the direction of your site and let set up commence!  When your outdoor castle is complete, switch over to strobe mode for that late-night outdoor dance party! 

        • 1200 lumens – Wide flood or focused flood
        • 180° Adjustable Head
        • 4 light settings
        • USB Rechargeable


        1. Best light for the camp cook! - The FLEXIT Headlamp
         man with headlamp for camping, hiking and backpacking LED flexible most comfortable

          Cooking in the darkness is near impossible, and a traditional flashlight is like cooking with one hand tied behind your back.  Impressive if you are that good, but why?  Free up both hands with the FLEXiT Headlamp.  This headlamp will become your favorite light source while camping. It has 180-degree “halo style” illumination, that helps you see your full cooking area.  If you think the “Halo Lighting” is nice when you are cooking, you will love it when you need to hike into the darkness to use natures “outhouse”.  The spotlight will illuminate your focal point, but the side flood LEDs lets you see the sides of the trails too.   Nobody wants to run into any surprises at night!

          The FLEXIT Headlamp is super light (only 5.8 oz with batteries), low profile, and features super plush foam/felt backing making it possibly the most comfortable headlamp on the market. 

          • 250 lumens – 180° “Halo Style” LED lighting
          • Aimable spotlight and side mounted flood LEDs
          • Extremely comfortable fit
          • Red rear LED and flashing hazard


          1. Best tent light - FLEXIT Flexible Flashlights
          Flexible flashlight magnetic hands free LED camping light

            Your tent is your happy place, especially after a full day of hiking and playing in the wilderness.  However, when the sun goes down your tent turns into a dark cavern.  While it may not be necessary to light up the inside of a tent with an LED light as powerful as the 1200 lumen Mobile Task Light, we have found the FLEXiT line of flexible flashlights to be the best solution!

            Available in 4 options, the line of FLEXiT Flexible Flashlights is the most universal flashlights made by STKR Concepts, and possibly the most useful flashlights on the market!  hang these flexible LED camping flashlights from the top of your tent and bend the LED face into a shape that lights up the specific areas you need light, or make them light the entire space!  Used the different light modes to perfect the lighting from, “wow, that’s bright!”, to “Now that’s perfect for reading my favorite camping nighttime stories”.

            As an added bonus, they are all magnetic as well.  Stick them to your camp stove, RV, or vehicle to light up your environment. 

            Finally, if using the sun to light your night, then the FLEXiT solar is the green lighting solution for you.  Its embedded solar panel will charge by day and light by night!    

            • 200-500 lumen options featuring CREELED Technology
            • Fully flexible LED bodies to perfect your desired light direction and output
            • Magnetic base and hang hook for hands-free use
            • Multiple light modes including safety hazard modes


            1. Best trail light – B.A.M.F.F. Tactical flashlight Series
            Tactical LED flashlight BAMFF dual LED CREE flashlight for camping

              When tackling the outdoors, you want to make sure you have a robust flashlight that is tough enough to endure everything that mother nature can offer.  In that case, choose our BAMFF tactical flashlight.  If it good enough for military and police, then it should handle a camping trip with Boy Scout troupe 187! 

              The B.A.M.F.F series of tactical style LED flashlights all offer a dual LED setup.  Both LED’s are made by CREE, who manufactures nothing but the very best LED’s on the market, so that is what we use!  The center LED is a spotlight, and the small LED off to the side is a flood light.  They can be used simultaneously or independently.  When used simultaneously, the BAMFF flashlight illuminates your focal point down the trail as well as the sides of the trail, and area around your feet.  No more tripping on roots in the darkness or wondering what is in the shadows on the side of the trail! 

              • 200 - 1000 lumen options featuring premium CREE LEDs
              • Dual LED - Spotlight and flood light LEDs
              • Rechargeable options including full recharging kits
              • Aircraft aluminum body is durable and waterproof


              1. Best lake light! - ILLUMiDOME
              mini waterproof lantern for camping kayaking paddle board canoe and fishing
                The ILLUMiDOME is a mini waterproof lantern that is different from any other camping light on the market. You might ask what is so unique about this lantern. The answer is simple: it has a removable reflector! Store the reflector at the base of the lantern to get more light! The ILLUMiDOME produces 220 Lumens and has 4 modes. Perfect for your picnic table or inside of your tent!

                Hang it by the removable Velcro strap or by the dual hooks (on the base). You will definitely love this light on your adventures! Visit our website to get your own ILLUMiDOME!

                As an added bonus, the Illumidome Mini Lantern is also waterproof, and it floats!  Perfect for lake trips, fishing, kayaking adventures or enjoy it poolside! 

                • 220 lumens featuring Toshiba SMD LED Technology
                • Lantern or full dome light
                • Hooks and Velcro attachment options to hang upright or upside-down.
                • Waterproof and floats

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