The STKR® M.P.I. Multi-Point Illumination Lighting System

August 01, 2019 2 min read

The STKR® M.P.I. Multi-Point Illumination Lighting System STKR Concepts
Quickly and easily install 5 points of light using your existing light fixture and wiring
Troutman, NC – 08/01/2019 – STKR Concepts is proud to announce the latest innovation in “full-room” lighting with the M.P.I. Motion Activated Lighting System.  M.P.I. stands for Multi-Point Illumination.  Unlike a traditional light fixture which has a single point of illumination, the MPI creates five points of light all from your existing light fixture!  These 5 points spread light to all corners of the room, filling the entire space and reducing shadows caused by traditional light output. 
The system installs in minutes and is powered by a standard ceiling fixture, eliminating the need to hire an electrician to properly light large spaces like a garage, attic, basement, or any room in your home.  The main hub is as easy to install as a light bulb and simply screws into your existing light fixture.  Then, position and mount the 4 satellite light pods anywhere in the room, up to 9.5 feet away from the hub.  The power wires for the satellite light pods plug directly into the main hub and any excess cable is retracted by the cable maintenance system designed into each pod.  The end result is five points of illumination filling the entire room with 7500 lumens of light.  Nearly 10x the light output of a traditional light bulb.
The MPI is equipped with the newest tech in motion sensing and can detect even the slightest movements.  Immediately upon entering the room, or as the garage door budges, the entire area is flooded with light.  This motion sensing technology is fully adjustable.  Turn the sensitivity to high for large rooms and the M.P.I. will detect movement from up to 20’ away.  Turn the sensitivity down for smaller rooms, or turn this feature off to control the MPI with the light switch as you would any traditional light.  In addition, the MPI has a feature to temporarily override the motion sensor with your existing light switch.  
Finally, the M.P.I. offers a USB power port in the main hub allowing users to easily plug any security camera directly into the main hub and power it from that single power source.  Cameras can be placed anywhere on the ceiling without the need to run long extension cords up the wall and across the ceiling.            
The MPI Ceiling Light is available now, MSRP $249.99.  For more information on the MPI, and other innovative products, visit or email/call STKR Concepts at 704-508-1031,
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