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The STKR® FLEXIT Pocket Light 4.0 & 6.5 A Modern-Day Solution to The Flashlight

June 08, 2021 2 min read

STKR Concepts FLEXIT Pocket Light 4.0 and 6.5 LED flashlight and multi-use handsfree task light

A flashlight that gives the flexibility to fulfill all your flashlight needs.

Troutman, NC, 06/08/2021 – STKR Concepts continues to redefine everyday products that have fallen into a design rut.  The traditional flashlight has not changed since its inception, however, the needs of the user have substantially.  The designers at STKR recognize these needs and make modern day flashlights with modern day solutions.  They have done it again with the new FLEXIT Pocket Light 4.0 & 6.5!   
The FLEXIT Pocket Light acts and performs as a traditional flashlight.  Simply grab the handle and flex the LED head into a 90-degree position, and voila, you have a traditional flashlight.  But don’t stop there!  Think beyond the barriers of the typical flashlight and let a modern flashlight get the job done.
This pocket flashlight is jam packed with useful features starting with the flexible neck and aluminum LED head.  The flexible head bends up to 180° allowing the user to point the light exactly where it is needed.  The aluminum LED housing contains a center CREE spotlight and a ring of flood lights for wide-angle lighting.  Use these flood and spot LEDs independently, or at the same time to light the surrounding area and a focal point in the distance.  The LED array even offers red LEDs.  Red light doesn’t dilate your pupils as much as white light, so use this mode to preserve your eyes natural night vision.
Beyond the flexibility and LED options, the FLEXIT Pocket Light emphasizes the needs for hands-free use.  Afterall, what good is a traditional flashlight when you need your hands free to do other things?  On the bottom of the Pocket Light, you will find a powerful neodymium magnet and a nested hang hook, allowing users to stick or hang the light.  The back of the handle touts a unique dual pivot belt clip.  The primary pivot works just like any other belt clip, but activate the 2nd pivot, and users can now hook the Pocket Light to much thicker objects.  Designed for one handed operation, the user can open the belt clip to full extension with one finger, making it easy to clip to anything.          
The Pocket Light 4.0 produces 400 lumens and is powered by a 2000mAh rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery while the 6.5 boasts 650 lumens and 3350mAh of battery capacity.  Press the side mounted power button to cycle through the four modes or press & hold the power button to dim the light to the perfect lumen output in any mode.  Keep an eye on your battery power by monitoring the LED fuel gauge on the side of the body, and quick charge when necessary with the waterproof USB-C quick charging port.     
Use the FLEXIT Pocket Light when camping, hiking, working around the house, or in the garage.  The evolutionary design of the FLEXIT Pocket Light increases overall usability and function making this light possibly the best hand-held and handsfree flashlight on the market! 
The FLEXIT Pocket Light 4.0 & 6.5 are available now.  For more information, please visit www.STKRconcepts.com, or call STKR Concepts at 704-508-1031.
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