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  • Will My Car Fit in My Garage?

    April 20, 2021 5 min read

    Will My Car Fit in My Garage? STKR Concepts

    Buying a new car is always exciting. Before buying a car, you obviously want to make sure that it will fit in your garage. The last thing you want to discover after arriving from the dealership is that your car does not fit or that you don't have enough space to open its doors. Therefore, it is crucial to check these things beforehand. 

    When parking your car in your garage for the first time, make sure you have all the right measurements. In case you also use your garage as a storage space, you want to prevent bumping into anything. Wall sensors can be very helpful in preventing any damage, especially when you can't see much. 

    While figuring out whether or not your car will fit in your garage, you can use a measuring tape or make use of other options, such as augmented reality or sensors. Augmented reality lets you see an outline of the car in your garage on your phone. The sensors from STKR assist you in parking your car in tight garage spaces. They come with signal lighting, are safe to use, and the mounting part could be done by a six-year-old.

    How to Park a Big Car in Small Garage?

    Do you have a small garage that makes it difficult to store a big car? Or maybe you are inexperienced or often in a hurry? Whatever the reason, you may have bumped the wall once or twice in the past, or maybe you scratched a bumper? Don’t worry, we are here to help you out!

    Fortunately, our parking assistant will take away all the stress of parking your big car in your small garage. This inexpensive solution will save you troubles in the future. You won't even have to worry about installing it, as it is very easy to do.

    Garage Parking Sensor

    This garage parking sensor by STKR Concepts takes away the stress of parking your car in your tight garage. It remembers your desired parking spot, using its ultrasonic range finding technology. It is completely adjustable, and it accurately locates your car within 6 inches to 6 feet from it.

    To install it, simply mount it in the garage using the provided Velcro and double-sided tape. If you prefer, you can also hook it on a nail. When the sensor is up, park the car in your desired stop zone within 6 inches to 6 feet and press the button to set the distance. After that, the stop zone will be memorized, and the driver will see the red light illuminating, which will be the signal to stop the car.

    The STKR parking sensor is easy to mount on any desired surface in front of your vehicle such as the wall, a fridge, a shelf, or a workbench. You no longer have to worry about dangling tennis balls around your head, hazardous parking blocks, or potentially harmful laser devices.

    The sensor comes with a green, yellow, and red light signal. As the driver approaches the parking sensor, it will turn green. The green light indicates that there still is enough space, and it's safe to proceed. As the car comes closer to the desired spot, a yellow light will illuminate as a warning to slow down. When the car is in the desired parking spot, a red light will illuminate. This will tell the driver to stop the vehicle immediately. 

    In case your garage is quite dark, or you tend to arrive home late at night, the STKR garage parking sensor will give you enough light, creating a safe and well-lit walkway. Additionally, the light comes with a timer which will turn off the light after 2 minutes.

    Can an SUV Fit in a One Car Garage?

    A standard single-car garage can be around 12 ft wide and 20 ft long and 240 sq ft big. It usually has a 9-foot-wide garage door. All this leaves only a few feet of room on each side for opening car doors. 

    Most vehicles can comfortably fit in a garage of this size, but not all of them. Some SUVs for example, do not fit or have limited space in front and behind the vehicle.

    A standard, single-car garage

    A standard, single car garage is just enough for SUVs of 6-7′ wide, and 16-19′ long. The aforementioned is the norm, but garage sizes can differ based on matters, such as the area they’re built-in, the size of the vehicle the garage is meant for, and their purpose. 

    A large single-car garage

    Most large vehicles will not have any difficulty fitting in a large one-car garage. You should have no problem fitting an SUV of 6-7′ wide, and 16-19′ long in this kind of garage. A large single-car garage can be up to 16 ft wide by 24 ft long. Therefore, also larger SUVs should be able to fit. 

    To make things easier, you should equip your garage with enough light. This will help you tremendously with parking your SUV. The best lighting on the market is the Multiple-Point Illumination (MPI), which creates five points of light. It's crucial to install proper lighting in your garage. Assuming that garage parking leaves you with little room for mistakes, upgraded lighting is definitely worth the investment.

    Garages usually have outdated lighting that doesn’t provide enough illumination. MPI has five points of light that spread to all corners of your garage, illuminating the entire space and decreasing the number of shadows. For this light to install, you don't even need an electrician. You can install this light in minutes, as it's powered by a standard ceiling fixture! 

    How Much Space Do You Need to Park a Car in a Garage?

    The advised size for a one-car garage is around 12′ wide by 20′ deep, which are the minimum dimensions. For larger vehicles and room for storage, you can expand it to dimensions of around 14′ x 22′ or 16′ x 24′.

    For a garage to be able to fit two cars, the minimum recommended size is around 22′ x 24’. The ideal size would be 24′ x 24′, as this will provide you with enough space to properly open all doors and also put your garage to use for other purposes.

    If your garage floor is a mess, it might not leave you enough space to properly park your vehicle. Many owners don’t fully put the walls and vertical space of their garage to use. There are a few effective storage solutions that can take advantage of these unused areas. Things like overhead storage racks or garage cabinet systems can work wonders.

    Probably the biggest challenge when parking your car in your garage is knowing how far you can drive into it. For this purpose, you can use the already mentioned STKR sensors or STKR motion sensor light, which will automatically turn on when you pull in and will help you to see how much more space you have left till the desired parking spot. 

    Learn more about the STKR parking sensor and how it can help you to properly park your car in your garage. 

    Check out this video to see more about installation and use of the SKTR Garage Parking Sensor:


    As mentioned, lighting plays an essential role in all this. Visit our page to see which lighting source fits your garage best!

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