Why everyone needs a good "Hands-Free" Flashlight

September 10, 2019

Why everyone needs a good

The flashlight shape is iconic.  When anyone mentions the word flashlight, everyone's mind instantly pictures the traditional cylindrical flashlight which has effectively remained unchanged for years. 

Traditional Flashlight Design

It is a design that follows the basics of the components used to make a flashlight, batteries and a bulb, as well as the basics of materials and manufacturing process.  There is nothing wrong with this.  It is an efficient design process as well as an efficient manufacturing process.  In fact, it follows some basic rules of human factors as well.  It is essentially a "light wand".  It is easy for a human to hold and use.  Anyone with the most basic hand-to-eye skills can use a flashlight!  All problems solved, the flashlight design is done! 

A sea of "me too" flashlights

In fact, that is the mentality that has existed in the flashlight industry for decades.  Most have simply focused on simply generating differentiation in power delivery and brightness.  All very important, but it has created a sea of "Me Too" flashlight companies creating copycats versions of the same exact "traditional" flashlight.  The only problem we see with this is the fact that the traditional flashlight shape is only good when you have your hands free to hold, point, and aim it.  For example, it is wonderful when you are taking a leisurely walk and you don't need to hold anything.  However, if you think about the last time you needed a flashlight, you were probably trying to accomplish a task, and needed the freedom to work with your hands while also the ability to accurately aim the light.  The traditional flashlight design fails miserably at this task, or any task like it. 

STKR Concepts FLEXiT Flexible Hands Free Flashlight Magnetic

It is for that reason that STKR Concepts exists.  The folks at STKR have an odd curiosity for lighting and strive to solve problems.  As a lighting company, you would think they would also have a sea of traditional flashlights with all different battery and brightness / lumen options.  However, that is not the case with STKR.  They figure the other flashlight companies have more than solved the traditional flashlight design, but they are out to solve human challenges with lighting. 

STKR Concepts (Striker) Magnetic Light Mine Professional - Magnetic Hands Free flashlight work light mechanics light

As a result, they have launched some of the most innovative, hands-free flashlights on the market.  They use modern tech in both LED design, manufacturing processes, and materials.  They mash that together with their unique ideas and produce some of the funkiest, yet usable and problem solving flashlights on the market. 


The line of FLEXiT Flashlights leads the charge in flashlight innovation.  The FLEXiT is a fully flexible panel of wide angle LEDs which can be used to light a focused spot, or flood an entire room.  The flexible body can be manipulated into any shape and aimed in any direction.  Wrap it around any object, or magnetically stick it to steel objects, and point the light exactly where you need it.  Your hands are not free to accomplish whatever task your heart desires. 

STKR Concepts has many other unique flashlights, lanterns, mini lights, gun lights, magnetic lights, garage lights, basement lights, attic lights, outdoor lights, fishing lights, camping lights, work lights, flood lights, spot lights...you name it, they have a light that is good at it! 

STKR MPI Garage Light - Multi-Point Illumination - Full area, motion activated garage light

Way too many lights and features to explain in this one blag post, but if you want to learn more, visit www.stkrconcepts.com and have fun checking out the unique, award winning designs, and find something that solves your lighting challenges. 

STKR Concepts Trilight Motion Activated Garage Light - As easy as screwing in a light bulb - 3000 lumens        

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