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  • What Type of Lighting Is Best for A Garage?

    June 04, 2021 9 min read

    What Type of Lighting Is Best for A Garage? STKR Concepts

    It's clear that garages across the nation are neglected with poor, outdated lighting. After all, a garage is a place you go to repair, construct or store items, in which you need good lighting to achieve all of these successfully. There's nothing worse than trying to accomplish one of the above objectives with poor lighting, and here at STKR Concepts, we understood that this needed to change. In order for us to succeed in this, we needed to know what type of lighting is best for a garage. 

    Back in the day, old-school fluorescent light was the ideal lighting. However, new and innovative lighting solutions evolved into the LED bulb. This lighting type offers a long life of energy efficiency and can deliver immensely bright illumination that isn't matched with any other lighting solution. 

    After being industry-leading professionals in lighting for some time now, we understood that there weren't any highly sophisticated, powerful, yet compact lighting solutions available on the market.  Also, all of the solutions were large, ugly fluorescent light fixtures that require hard wiring, or extension cords running across the ceiling. 

    MPI versus electrician doing shop lights pic left side brochure style with features like screws into standard light socket

    With our multipurpose lights, you're able to use them in multiple environments on top of providing outstanding light to your garage.  Plus, super easy and quick install that requires no knowledge of electrical wiring. 

    In this article, we're going to talk about our ground-breaking lighting inventions and how your garage can benefit from them. 

    What Are The Best LED Lights for A Garage?

    By being a revolutionary company, my team and I have been able to create three of the most incredible garage lighting solutions. Each of these has been rigorously tested to achieve the best possible outcome, and the quality and design certainly show for it. 

    The MPI

    First on the list is our MPI (multi-point illumination). If you're not techy in any way, shape, or form, then this simple to install MPI lighting is the perfect option. Unlike most traditional lights that only have one point of light per light fitting, you're able to generate five points of light per light socket with our MPI system. 

    MPI poster featuring studio pic and use case in a 2 car garage w boat

    We saw there was a design fault with regular light fixtures. By having a design like this, you're able to use one light socket and connect up to five 360 degree extremely versatile lights that combine to produce 7500 lumens. Being able to extend the 4 pod lights up to 9.5 feet away from the light socket ensures that you don't have dark shadowy areas in your garage.

    MPI (multi point illumination) DeLorean garage poster featuring entire room features and graphics including 7500 true lumens by STKR


    It's also remarkably versatile and comes equipped with the following: 

  • Motion senor – With this design, we wanted everything to be updated with modernized technology. That's why we opted-in for an ultra-responsive motion sensor that can detect the smallest of movements. This can benefit you in two ways. One, you'll be able to walk into your garage freely without turning the lights on. Two, it acts as an excellent deterrence from burglars. 
  • USB security camera supply – We understand that garages can hold value within them, ensure they're safe with an MPI lighting system. Easily attach your security cameras to your lighting supply, so they interact with each other when the MPI detects any motion. 
  • Simple to install – Installing a light that can produce this type of output has never been easier. Simply screw it onto your original light fitting and attach the other lights accordingly.  

    The Trilight

    If you are looking for a ‘super-bulb’ or some kind of ‘easy-button’ type of answer to the age-old dark garage issue, then the Trilight is your 30-second solution. You literally unscrew your standard bulb and then screw this 3 bladed light fixture in. You instantly get way more light coming in at 4000 lumens and you are probably using way less energy at only 24 watts.

    trilight motion acitvated ceiling light poster includes graphical features and 3 use case pics incl basements garages and attics

    STKR Concepts is actually the original creator of this type of light with an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign that caught the attention of many larger companies that soon flooded the market with cheap copies. Be careful out there, as these copies aren’t all completely safety certified and watch the specs as many of these copy lights are less than truthful about their specs, warranty and you may not even be saving any money per month as some of the copies use as much as 60 watts, two and half times as much as our Trilight.  If you want to support the original inventors, get a solid warranty and deal with a company based here in the USA, then choose STKR.

    2 60 watt bulbs versus 2 trilights double panel garage side by side pictures by STKR


    Why do we love the Trilight so much? 

  • Ease of installation – If you haven't noticed already, here at STKR Concepts, it's our priority to create lighting solutions that any novice can connect. This light simply needs to be screwed into the existing light fitting. 
  • 360-degree rotation – Its design enables you to turn the light 360 degrees to ensure you're getting light to the correct areas. 
  • Energy efficiency – This light uses newly designed and efficient LEDs to guarantee your electric bill doesn't shoot through the roof. 
  • Motion sensitivity – The Trilight has a 360-degree motion sensor which works great for not having to turn the light on and also a deterrent. 

    The Trilight Shoplight 

    Want to reap the benefits of a Trilight but without having to screw it into an existing light socket? The Trilight Shoplight is able to provide just that. This drop-light design can quickly produce light from a 120V standard house socket.

    trilight shoplight poster showing two different head adjustments and feature icons 3000 lumens by STKR

    But, why is this so great? With this light, you're able to take it anywhere you wish as long as you have an outlet nearby. Instead of having to rely on a centralized light socket, here you simply take the light where you need it (with an extension cord if necessary) and hang or set down the light to illuminate your workspace.  Use it hand held, aim hook or hang it on the task at hand, or even hang it above a workbench or work area for additional overhead lighting where traditional ceiling lighting is insufficient or not prewired.    

    More benefits to the Trilight Shoplight: 

  • Durability – This Trilight can be used similarly to a work/utility light and can be placed or hung in various work environments to provide light. We understand this and have built it with durable ABS and aluminum to ensure you get more use out of your light. 
  • Multi-use – With its unique design, you're able to place, hang or hold this light into position. This promises you're able to get the right source of light for the task at hand. 
  • Power output – Considering you're only using 24 watts, the light output is incredible. By combining all the LED panels together, you're able to generate 3000 true lumens, offering you plenty of illumination.
  • two men working on a NASCAR race car lit with a Trilight Shoplight in a huge shop

    Each of these lights works flawlessly for garages and can provide you with that much-needed light coverage to guarantee you don't have dark patches or shadows. All of the above lights are proven to work for around 50,000 + hours but are also protected by a 3-year defect warranty in case the unexpected was to occur.   

    What Color Temperature Is Best for Garage Lighting?

    Color temperature in lighting is measured in kelvin, and there are three main kelvin ranges within the industry. These are 2700K-3000K (soft white), 3500K-4100K (bright white), and lastly, 5000k-7000k (daylight). Each are used in different environments depending on the overall reasoning behind the lighting.  However, as a rule of thumb, the best color temperature for a garage is something around 4000k - 7000k. This is powerful enough to produce enough illumination to lower the strain on your eyes.  

    2700K-3000K (soft white) - Typically, something around this kelvin will produce a yellowish, orange light and can generally be found in living quarters, such as a living room. 

    3500K-4100K (bright white) -  Something this range of kelvin will produce almost white light, but it'll still have a slight tint of yellow within it, and something on the higher spectrum of this range is suitable for a garage. 

    5000k-7000k (daylight) - All lighting solutions that offer this type of color temperature will be more than enough to provide you with that much-needed light within your garage. 


    What Is the Best Lighting for A Workshop?

    Looking to upgrade your workshop with powerful and efficient lighting? Here at STKR Concepts, we have made it our mission to revitalize the market with ground-breaking lighting solutions that are incredibly affordable. Below we discuss some of our finest inventions and why they might be the perfect choice for your workshop. 

    Permanent Lighting Solutions

    We've discussed these above as they'll work great for garages, but this will most definitely convert to workshops as well. All three, either the MPI, Trilight (light fitting), or the Trilight Shoplight (120v), will provide ample lighting in your workshop.  

    Each of these can be installed within minutes. Both the MPI and the first Trilight can be screwed directly into an existing light socket. If you don't have a handy light socket installed within your workshop but have an open 120v wall outlet? Then opting in for the Trilight Shoplight will readily offer you that workshop lighting you so badly need.

    Portable Lighting Solutions 

    If you want something that is slightly more compact and portable, I recommend looking into our extensive range of personal lighting solutions. Each provides convenience, excellent light output, and also durability.

    Let's speak about one of our most universal ranges yet, the Flexit. This innovative design is like no other on the market and provides individuals with superb benefits. Some of the benefits that are offered by the Flexit range can be seen below. 

    flexit flexible flashilght white poster featuring 4 light models and a title all by STKR Concepts

    • Runtime - Each of the lights that are found in this range comes with great battery life. This runtime is around 70 hrs once the flashlight is fully charged. 
    • Weather Resistance - Provided with its fully flexible body, it is entirely weather-resistant, making it one of the most durable lighting solutions on the market. 
    • Power output - Considering the above, the power output for each of these torches is astonishing. The range consists of four lights, each offering different power, starting at 200 lumens all the way up to 500.
    flexit solar flexible rechargeable flashlight moonlit poster w truck and mountains in BG

      If you're an adventurer and rarely have a power source insight to recharge your light's battery. You have the option to purchase our Flexit Solar, which has both a USB and solar panel equipped so you're able to charge it on the go. 


      The Light Mine series 

      If you're a woodworker, car enthusiast, dirt bike lover, then our mine series is more than worth looking at. Have you ever been in the position when you're struggling for light in awkwardly tight places or just generally somewhere that you aren't able to supply sufficient light to? Then this series will undoubtedly help you get out of that rut.

      magnetic light mine attached to bottom of vehicle with blurred out male figure wrenching on car in the background

      These small and compacted mine-like flashlights are fully magnetic and can be attached to most all metal surfaces securely. For example, if you're a woodworker doing some lathe work, you may want additional light, so you're able to see what you're turning. Either of these lights from the mine series can magnetize itself onto the machine and provide you with that angle of light you need right up close. 

      magnetic light mines and light mine pro sitting on work surface by STKR Concepts

      There are two items in this series. They are the "light" and "Pro". The light is available in 15 lumens and is roughly the size of a golf ball, whereas the pro is about the size of a baseball and is able to achieve 250 lumens. Nevertheless, both offer great benefits, and these can be seen below. 

    • 360 degree magnetic – The underwater seam mine-like structure enabled us to create a light with a solid and stable magnetic base all around the light. 
    • Multi-use design – This design is by far the best we've ever come out with. With its mine-like structure, it can magnetize itself onto metal objects, easily stand freely on flat surfaces, and, if you must, this torch can be used as a pickup tool for unreachable magnetic items. 
    • Durability – Both flashlights within this range are incredibly durable and weather resistant. Meaning you're able to get much more out of your torch than others that are available on the market. 
    • If you're someone that needs a small compact light that can easily stand or magnetize itself in awkward places, then this is for you. The convenience this torch provides is immense, and it's very cost-effective.

      Pocket Lights  

      If you're in a similar situation to the one mentioned above, another alternative option you can choose is our pocket lights. Instead of the sphere or mine-like shape, this light can easily fit into a shirt pocket and be carried around at all times.  Plus it has a flexible LED head so it can transition from a 90° right angle pocket light to a hand-held flashlight with the twist of the wrist.  

      flexit pocket light poster featuring 3 poses by STKR Concepts

      I think this is a great workshop tool due to its magnetic and hooked base. Here you're able to hang, place or magnetize the torch to an object in tricky areas. No matter if you have the best garage lighting in the entire world, nothing will be able to provide you light in certain situations apart from something like this.

      STKR Concepts' Flexit Pocket Light illuminating a Datsun z car engine bay

      Why we love the pocket light:

    • Flexible head – The highly bright LED head is adjustable, so you're able to point light in the direction in which it's needed. 
    • Convenience – Uniquely, you're able to hook, hang, or stick this light on to a magnetic object, ensuring you can provide light wherever you need it. 
    • Size – Following convenience, this light can easily fit in your pocket (as mentioned in the name), so you're able to carry this anywhere you like. 
    • Settings – This light includes custom dimmable light settings and night vision mode to offer you the utmost versatility.
    • All the lights above provide significant benefits and some to more individuals than others. It really depends on your circumstance and what you're hoping to achieve out of your flashlight. If you need further guidance on any of the torches that are mentioned above, visit the home page to see the full lineup.

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