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  • What Pencils Do Carpenters Use? 

    April 20, 2021 5 min read

    What Pencils Do Carpenters Use?  STKR Concepts

    If you ever saw a carpenter in his natural habitat, you may have been fascinated by all his different tools. One of those tools, the carpenter’s pencil, definitely stands out! Many people are surprised when they see it for the first time, as it is nothing like a regular pencil. 

    A carpenter uses a rectangular, flat pencil known as the ‘carpenter’s pencil.’ Its shape prevents the writing tool from rolling off a pitched or uneven surface. The lead is usually wide and flat. They come in traditional wooden models or more advanced models like STKR Concepts’ mechanical pencil.

    In this article, I will tell you all about the recent development in the field of carpenter pencils. I will make sure you know everything there is to know before you purchase the perfect model for your toolbox!

    What is a Carpenter’s Pencil Used for?

    Carpenter pencils are used by all different kinds of builders and craftsmen. As I just informed you on the typical shape of the carpenter pencils, you might wonder what they can be used for. Let’s find out!

    Carpenter pencils are mainly used for marking rough surfaces, such as wood, metal, and concrete. They create lines that are easy to follow with, for example, a saw blade. 

    Although this specific tool is often used by builders on the construction site, it can also be useful for you and me. You might enjoy spending a nice free afternoon in your garage, working on whatever it is that you are passionate about. Then also for you, this product can come in handy! 

    As these pencils are stronger and have a longer lifespan than regular ones, they are indispensable in any garage. They can be used for a variety of chores in and around the workshop.

    Why do Carpenters use Square Pencils?

    As mentioned, carpenters use square and flat pencils. They are heavier than the traditional round models. The size and weight of the pencils make it easy to find them in a toolbox or a pocket full of other tools. 

    Furthermore, the square shape results in a stronger core. It must be strong enough to endure in the construction environment. Besides, it is required to withstand the pressure used when marking a surface.

    The lead is also rectangular, which allows you to draw lines of various thicknesses. This shape allows the carpenter to easily create parallel lines, at different offsets.

    Another reason why carpenters use a square pencil is that it provides an easier grip than a traditional round model. As the product will be used on woods and other rough materials, this shape comes in quite handy!

    Why are Carpenter Pencils Flat?

    The flat carpenter pencil is one of the oldest types of pencils.  In fact, the picture below shows an image of the oldest known pencil next to a modern carpenter pencil  Not much different! 

    There are multiple reasons for this particular shape. The first reason is totally practical. If the pencil would be round, it would easily roll off of any surface. You can imagine that this is not ideal for a carpenter that needs his attention focused on creating a perfect product. A missing tool is not something that you want to be worrying about. 

    As mentioned above, the flattened model provides the pencil with additional strength. The strong core prevents the tool from breaking and allows the carpenter to use more force for marking surfaces without being concerned whether his tool will survive or not. 

    Most carpenters agree that the flat design offers a better grip. A good grip is crucial when you are working on a precise job or working with gloves on. As a carpenter, you don’t want to lose control of your tools. Therefore, the flat carpenter pencil is certainly useful.


    What is the Best Pencil for Carpentry?

    After processing all the above information, you might wonder: “What is the best pencil for carpentry?” 

    Even though the basic features of the carpenter pencils remain the same between different models, there are still some differences you should be aware of in order to choose the best model for your toolbox.

    When working with wood and other soft materials, the traditional carpenter pencil may suffice but it's the sharpening aspect that is the main issue.

    Most professional craftsmen develop their stills sharpening their carpenter pencils with an Exacto knife, but for some who are either just starting or only occasionally uses their carpenter pencil, this is risky. 

    There are special carpenter pencil sharpeners on the market that effectively sharpen the rectangle shape of a carpenter pencil into a cone shaped point, but unfortunately, this also creates a small and weak point which wears easily and quickly on abrasive construction materials.  

    Where for some people this old model still works, others might be interested in a newer, more advanced model.

    The mechanical carpenter pencils are rapidly gaining popularity in today’s market. They have many advantages, which I listed below.

    -No sharpener required

    The frequent complaint of carpenters using the traditional carpenter pencil is that they lose time sharpening it, and they are never able to use all of the lead. Besides the fact that this is frustrating, it is also a waste of money! 

    The mechanical carpenter pencil changes this. The product doesn’t require any sharpening. Whenever you need more lead, you simply push down on the cap to extend the pencil’s tip. This comes in handy when you are busy on a job that requires your constant focus. 

    -Durable materials

    The mechanical carpenter pencil is from durable plastic, which prevents the pencil from breaking under pressure or melting in high temperatures. The lead is 18 percent thicker than the average pencil lead. It is strong enough to mark any material, which makes this the perfect tool for any carpenter. The lead can be finetuned by rubbing it across a rough surface.

    Furthermore, the design of the pencil provides a rough grip that will prevent your hands from slipping. 


    The old, traditional pencils require sharpening and become shorter and shorter with time. The opposite is true for the mechanical carpenter pencil. As there is no sharpening required, they stay the same length throughout their entire lifespan. No more irritation about pencils that became too short or difficult to work with.

    The same length throughout its life span gives you the possibility to use this product for quick measurements. A useful feature for any carpenter!

    After considering all the above advantages, you might be curious about this new and advanced version of the carpenter pencil. Look no further!

    The STKR Mechanical Carpenter Pencil Combo Pack 

    This mechanical carpenter pencil set will save you time and effort. And due to the durable materials, it will save you money in the long run!

    This model is 5.7 inches in height and 0.5 inches in width. It is equipped with a pocket clip, which makes it easy to secure on your toolbelt or clothing. We offer you a one-year warranty on this product, as we are sure you will not regret this purchase.

    In contrary to what you might expect, this product is not expensive at all! You can already own a Mechanical Carpenter Pencil, including replacement leads, for $3,99!

    Of course, this product could also go as the perfect gift for the handymen (or women) in the family!

    Click here for more information on this offer!

    Are you already a fan of this product, and are you looking for the Dura lead refill? Click here!


    Carpenters use flat pencils with thick lead for marking rough surfaces. The old traditional models require sharpening, which often ruins the lead. Besides, the lead can never be used completely as no one wants to work with a 1-inch pencil. Fortunately, these days are over now! With the Mechanical Carpenter Pencil from STKR, there is no more sharpening required. The durable material ensures that the product can withstand any obstacle on the construction site!

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