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  • What Kind of Lighting Is Best for a Home Gym?

    April 19, 2022 6 min read

    Very well done garage gym illuminated by multiple TriLights by STKR Concepts. Gym features weighted ropes, a squat rack, a free weights station, an elliptical, weighted medicine balls, weight bench, and many, many more.

    A home gym is one of the trends nowadays that require careful planning. It’s tempting to convert an unused room to a home gym, especially as you spend more time at home.

    While the architectural design is a crucial part of the construction, the lights you choose are also essential to achieve a similar atmosphere to a professional gym.

    So, what exactly is the best lighting for a home gym?

    You can choose from natural light, LED lights, panels, linear lights, and downlights to illuminate your home gym and get sufficient brightness that makes your workout worthwhile.

    Several factors should be considered when selecting your home gym light. One example is the size of the gym and its location in the house. Energy efficiency is also a critical standard, as well as the intensity of the lighting.

    If you’re looking for the perfect lighting for your home gym, look further as we narrow down your choices to the best lighting devices in the market.

    Amazing garage converted into a home gym illuminated by an MPI by STKR Concepts. Featuring a squat rack, free weight rack, large wall mounted tv, drink station in the corner.

    Why Is Good Lighting Important for Home Gyms?

    Lighting in home gyms is not just meant to increase visibility.

    Looking at how professional gyms are set up, you will observe how they are always lit above standard.

    Good lighting creates a positive atmosphere for those who are using the gym. In addition, the ambiance, which increases the prominence of gym equipment, encourages exercising and working out.

    Moreover, proper lighting also allows you to see and keep track of your progress.

    One habit that many people do in the gym is to take pictures of their body’s milestones in terms of tone, shape, etc. To achieve a great photo, lighting is crucial.  

    Proper lighting can be very inviting. It adds motivation and inspiration for anyone who wishes to achieve the body form they like.

    Very well done garage gym illuminated by multiple TriLights by STKR Concepts. Gym features weighted ropes, a squat rack, a free weights station, an elliptical, weighted medicine balls, weight bench, and many, many more.

    What Kind of Lights Are in Gyms?

    LED lights are all the rave when it comes to lighting fixtures. And gyms are no exception to that.

    Gyms and fitness centers often use lighting devices that provide the light that simulates natural daylight. LED panels are often a top choice since it is more energy-efficient with a luminosity that does not necessarily produce glares.

    Light glares can be dangerous for those who are working out with large equipment. It can tip them off, causing accidents and injuries.

    Aside from LED light, some gyms also use CFL or fluorescent lamps. These lighting devices produce light without releasing too much heat like that with incandescent bulbs.

    Furthermore, if you have mirrors around your home gym, positioning the light bulbs or panels should be adequately planned. Reflecting lights can be distractive.

    Kelvin color temperature scale with markings and explanations.

    What LED Light Color Is Best for Working Out?

    White light, similar to natural sunlight, has been known to be the best light color for working out. Hence, gyms and fitness centers try to mimic the said light color when choosing artificial lighting.

    Several studies supported the idea that natural light can keep you energized and alert – two attributes you need when working out or exercising.

    For your home gym, consider using a bulb or panel with a color temperature that ranges from 4000K to 6500K. The recommended temperature for the light fixture is 5000K.

    A cooler blue-white can motivate and keep your energy up while training in the gym.

    On the other hand, warmer colors close to red can induce cooling down. You can add such color in a specific corner of the home gym to cool down or relax after the workout.

    Garage with a gym built into the bonus parking spot area illuminated by STKR Concepts' MPI - Multi Point Illumination. Gym includes treadmill, weight bench with free weights, and an elliptical. Black jeep parked in garage as well.

    How Many Lumens Do I Need for a Home Gym?

    The brightness of your home gym depends on the light output of the lighting system measured in lumens.

    The number of lumens depends on the size of your home gym and the number of bulbs and panels in your lighting system.

    Generally, a light source with 4000 lumens will suffice, given that it consists of multiple fixtures. For example, if your home gym is at 15 square meters, you should be able to provide light at 6000 lumens.

    Several modern lighting fixtures are designed to distribute light from a single source to several panels or downlights. This is crucial as relying on a single spotlight will not be enough to light an entire room. Likewise, it can cause glares, shadows, and distractions during workouts.

    For a complete rundown on what Lumens are, check out our article all about them right here at STKR

    Home garage gym illuminated by STKR's TRiLIGHT. Also features large mirror, pull up bar, free weights and bar, rings, and more.

    How Do You Light a Gym at Home?

    If you have access to natural light, that should be your first choice for a home gym. However, it is rare for a home gym to be positioned in an area where the sunlight hits the room perfectly. Hence, artificial lights are the second-best choice.

    When choosing the light for your gym, consider the following factors and requirements:

    1.       Cool temperature

    We established that a cooler light temperature is best for workouts and exercises. So choose a light fixture made of panels or bulbs that don’t produce too much heat. On top of your options are LED lights, and on the bottom are incandescent lights.  

    1.       Size of the lighting fixture

    You don’t want a lighting system that takes over the entire ceiling. Therefore, create a strategy in placing the light fixtures that it doesn’t crowd or get too low causing potential accidents.

    1.       Energy efficient

    If you use the gym often, it means that you are also using the lights as frequently. Go for lighting devices that won’t put a dent on your electric bill.

    2+ car garage converted into a gym lit up by an MPI full room lighting system by STKR Concepts. Home Gym features a couple stationary bikes, a treadmill, pull up station, free weights, a large amount of padded flooring, and more.

    What Type of Lighting Is Best for a Home Gym?

    Adding a lighting system to your home gym need not be complicated. 

    While putting up downlights can be great, other lighting devices can be easily installed and cost less. In fact, they are so convenient. You can skip professional services and do it yourself.

    To save you from hours of looking for this type of lighting, we have here two of the lighting fixtures you can use for your home gym exclusively and innovatively created by STKR Concepts.

    Studio image of the MPI multi point illumination full room lighting system for your garage, attic, or unfinished basement.

    Multi-Point Illumination

    If you have an existing fixture, you can just add the Multi-Point Illumination (MPI) that contains five points of light. 

    The light spread is evenly positioned in the room to illuminate the entire home gym and reduce shadow formations. This level of brightness is achieved from a single source of illumination.

    MPI has a total of 7500 True Lumens from its collective bulb fixtures. Furthermore, the pods have a color temperature of 5400K, which corresponds to the recommended light color temperature for home gyms.

    Another exciting feature of the MPI is its motion sensor. So whenever you enter the home gym, you can skip the switch as the light turns on with your movement. You can even adjust the motion sensitivity or go back to the conventional control if you prefer.

    One of the best parts of the MPI is its easy installation. You can just twist-in the base and then install the pods on the ceiling right where you need the light. Moreover, you can hide the cable neatly above the pods with their built-in cable management.

    striker stkr concepts trilight garage light 4 image studio collage

    TriLight Motion Activated Ceiling Light

    The TriLight is the very first of its kind and is designed with adjustable aluminum heads. The light is distributed at a wider angle, providing expanded illumination for the entire room with 4000 lumens of brightness.

    With LED lights in each of its three heads, you can have the lights running for a total of 50,000 hours before the need to change the bulb arises.

    Just like the MPI, TriLight can also be installed with ease. Simply screw the bulb into an existing light socket. There’s no need to open the ceiling for cables or wiring placement. You can have your light and use it too in a matter of minutes without any tools required.

    Moreover, TriLight also has a motion sensor that brightens up the room the minute you walk in.


    Your home gym deserves the best lighting fixture.

    And by that, we mean lighting fixtures made of quality materials, employ a smart design, have the recommended brightness and color temperature, and encourage you to stay longer in the room.

    With STKR Concepts’ MPI and TriLight Motion Activated Ceiling Light, you get a quality product with features that never fail to amaze.

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