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What Is The Best Source Of Light During A Power Outage?

January 21, 2021 5 min read

What Is The Best Source Of Light During A Power Outage? STKR Concepts

Power outages are frustrating. In our modern world of rechargeable battery-operated devices, power outages can feel like an attack on the comforts we all work so hard to provide ourselves. Unfortunately, the power grid is not infallible. It’s essential to prepare for the inevitable moment when you may be stuck without electricity.

The best source of light during a power outage is any high-quality portable LED light source. LED flashlights use less energy than regular flashlights, which means longer battery life. They are also capable of being as bright or brighter than other bulbs while retaining their efficiency.

LED technology has advanced exceptionally over the last several years, to the point where there are many lighting options available that are all based around this efficient system. Determining the best LED device for your needs is just a matter of looking at the options and fitting them to your situation.


How Can I Light A Room With No Power?

Figuring out how to light a room during a power outage is a problem that has faced humanity for as long as we have had powered lights. For a long time, the best lighting options in these scenarios involved either oil or propane lanterns or, more commonly, candles. 

Almost everyone reading this has undoubtedly got a drawer or a cabinet full of candles for use when the power goes out. While candles have some benefits, they are no longer the best choice when trying to light a room during a power outage. You should not rely on a potentially dangerous item in an emergency if you can avoid it.

Enter the modern LED light. As mentioned previously, you can use LEDs to create bright lights while maintaining low energy requirements, making them the best tool for the job. In addition, LEDs put out extremely low amounts of heat relative to their brightness, which makes them very safe to use during emergencies, as they eliminate many of the potential fire-hazard concerns of candles and other older lights.

We have built our entire business around these fantastic devices. We have worked tirelessly to design LED-based lights to suit every possible situation. 

Which Is The Best Emergency Light?

While it is easy to ask about the best light for an emergency, the answer is a bit more complicated than that. Emergencies come in many different forms, and even the broad category of power outages can foster many different scenarios. As a result, it's often better to look at the many options available and then find the right one for you based on your needs.  However, one of the main things to keep in mind for an emergency flashlight is the power options.  A flashlight that is rechargeable is great for everyday use, but if the flashlight has a sealed battery case and the only option to recharge it is to have power, then you will be stuck with a dead flashlight if the outage lasts for more than one night.  Look for a rechargeable flashlight that will work on both rechargeable lithium batteries, and alkaline batteries, or allows you to swap out rechargeable batteries (non sealed battery case).  STKR Concepts has many options for this.  

Tactical Flashlights

Tactical flashlights are a broad category, but they refer to a more traditionally shaped flashlight that offers many more benefits, but are also extremely durable and often more powerful than a traditional flashlight. The B.A.M.F.F. series of flashlights available through our website is the perfect example of this.

These BAMFF flashlights provide exceptional dual LED lighting with a powerful spotlight for long-distance visibility and a wide-angled floodlight that is spectacular for close range area lighting. You can use these two LEDs in conjunction with each other or separately to give you total freedom of visibility, unlike traditional flashlights, which only offer a single spotlight in most cases.  Plus, the BAMFF series will run on the supplied lithium rechargeable battery (6.0 & 8.0), but also on alkaline batteries.  You can also swap out lithium batteries so you always have an option to keep this flashlight running even if the outage lasts for several days.

As mentioned above, a significant aspect of tactical flashlights that makes them fantastic for emergencies is their durability, and simplicity. We manufacture our B.A.M.F.F. series out of aircraft-grade aluminum and have designed them to be waterproof. The simple and effective design of these lights means they can be a perfect choice to keep ready for emergencies as they will not let you down!


Many people may think that headlamps are only for night-time bicyclists or other athletic-minded people. While they are perfect for these applications, headlamps can benefit a much wider variety of situations. One of the core aspects of this type of lighting is that they are almost entirely hands-free, something that has obvious benefits in emergencies.

Our FLEXIT series of headlamps live up to their name with the versatility they provide. By putting one of these comfortable headlamps, you have the same spotlighting and floodlighting that the tactical flashlights provide while freeing up your hands for whatever tasks a power outage will place upon you.

During emergencies, it is essential to be visible as well as have visibility in front of you. Our FLEXIT headlamp has you covered there as well, thanks to the built-in rear red light. Having lights literally strapped to your head means that you will not only be able to see everything in front of you, but you will be visible to emergency workers and other personnel as well. Being visible to others can be critical during power outages.

Static-Placed Mobile Lights

At this point, we have established the importance of having easy to access portable lights to carry with you during power outages and other emergencies. Sometimes, however, you will need to light up your space with static lights that illuminate the entire room effectively while being safe and energy-efficient.

At STKR Concepts, we have made a wide variety of options in this category, each of which can suit your needs. One of our most popular options is the FLEXIT Flexible Flashlights, which provides unlimited configurations thanks to its flexible body. The addition of a durable hook and rare earth magnets means that this flashlight is a versatile workhorse that can be placed almost anywhere to help out during emergencies.

For larger spaces or even outdoor needs, our Mobile Task Light is one of the best in the business for keeping things bright during an outage. Its durable aluminum body and bright floodlight, coupled with its vast range of motion, means that using it can come down to placing it and flicking the switch to light up your world.


The Takeaway

As you can see from the list above, emergency light sources come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and best of all, there are no wrong answers. The right light for you will come down to your preference, budget, and family's needs. 

To be fully prepared in the event of power failure or other emergencies, having some combination of LED lights in your house will provide the most coverage and safety to everyone involved. At the very least, every household member should have their own personal flashlight (handheld or otherwise). There should also be a few static options to light up communal spaces.

Above all, ensure that you have checked all of your existing flashlights to guarantee they function and replace any that don't. Please speak with your family to make sure they know where portable lights are stored in your home in the event of an emergency. Taking the time to prepare when things are going well can keep you and your loved ones safe when emergencies happen. 

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