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What Is the Best Magnetic Flashlight?

January 09, 2023 11 min read

A magnetic light mine from STKR Concepts magnetically attached to the inside of a breaker panel illuminating the switches in the dark

It’s pretty impressive how portable lights have evolved over the years. Today, you can buy hands-free and flexible lighting products with loads of great features. One of which is the magnetic flashlight. 

When it comes to the best magnetic flashlight, you can always rely on the STKR Concepts for a huge range of magnetic lighting options. The FLEXIT series, Tri-Mobile, and FLi-PRO are just a few of the best magnetic flashlights available today. These innovative devices contain strong rare-earth magnets allowing a semi-fixed lighting fixture. It’s great for focused work and area lighting as well. 

But what’s really interesting about these magnetic flashlights is that the light output goes beyond an ordinary flashlight. So, likewise, they satisfy the ideal features of an effective and long-lasting portable lighting device. 

To find out more about the best magnetic flashlight and why you should get one on your next purchase we’ll dive into the details.

image featuring 4 STKR magnetic hands free flashlight examples

What Is a Magnetic Flashlight? 

A magnetic flashlight is a portable lighting device you can stick on any steel surface. The magnet is usually located at the base. It provides hands-free lighting, especially to those looking for flexible alternatives for work lights. 

You can usually observe magnetic flashlights when focused work is being done. For example, when electricity is out, and you need lighting to check the breaker panel, you can forget about putting the flashlight in your mouth when your hands are full. 

All you need to do is stick the magnetic flashlight on a metal pole or directly to the metal door of the breaker panel and then assess the situation.

a FLEXIT Pocket light magnetically attached to a breaker panel that this hands free flashlight is illuminating

Advantages of a Magnetic Flashlight 

When talking about magnetic flashlights, it’s undeniable that it holds several benefits for anybody who owns one. 

For starters, their hands-free nature makes it easier for you to accomplish your task, considering you don’t need to hold the flashlight anymore.  

Nevertheless, we can sum up the advantages of a magnetic flashlight in three aspects. 


Magnetic flashlights can be attached to any steel surface, which means you can use them on many occasions. Whether that occasion requires you to hold your flashlight or make a temporary fixture in a specific area, the magnetic flashlight will be useful either way. 


Since you can simply stick the magnetic base on metals, you don’t have to take so much time setting up the flashlight as a broad light source. 

Likewise, in cases of emergency, the magnetic flashlight becomes even more advantageous. 

For example, if you need to fix something in your engine, you can stick the light on the underside of the hood and start checking on the problem. 


With a magnetic flashlight, you can expect an added layer of safety for the device. Since it is fixed on steel or metal surfaces, you don’t need to worry about the flashlight falling or making something else fall. 

FLEXIT 4.0 attached to a red tool box

What To Consider When Buying a Magnetic Flashlight

While it is easier to assume that all magnetic flashlights are the same, that is simply not the case. Some products are better than others when you consider the fundamental parameters and overall design. 

So, when choosing the best magnetic flashlight, consider the following features. 


Light output determines the brightness of illumination your flashlight produces. The standard way of determining brightness is through the number of lumens generated by the lighting device. 

The more lumens your magnetic flashlight has, the brighter it gets. So with that, one of the first things you need to check is the exact number of lumens. If it’s way too low, it may not be worth it. 

Now, you may be asking yourself: 

How Many Lumens Should a Good Flashlight Have?

A good flashlight has at least 100 lumens. But if you want more light output with a broader scope, go for a flashlight that provides lumens at 300 or more. 

Nevertheless, the number of lumens you need could vary based on the type of work or activity you’re doing. So, if you’re working on more extensive tasks, you may want to go for a magnetic flashlight that has a higher lumen count. 

Bulb Type

When looking for a magnetic flashlight, you will find products containing different bulb types. But it is best to always go for LED bulbs. 

LED is the foundation of many cutting-edge developments in lighting products. Nevertheless, even the most traditional type of LED is always better than any other bulb type. 

For one, LED consumes less energy but provides a more powerful light. In addition, it’s cooler and can last for a long time. 

Therefore, you could get the best out of your investment when you buy a magnetic flashlight with an LED bulb or chips. 


A magnetic flashlight with multiple light modes is always a win. You can control the amount of light and choose a specific mode for when you need it. 

For example, some magnetic flashlights come with a red night vision mode that protects your eyes from the strong white light. Other modes can include a strobe or SOS feature for signaling someone during an emergency.

If you find a flashlight with multiple modes, then you can check it off your criteria for purchase. 

Battery Type

When buying a magnetic flashlight, it’s recommended to go for one with a rechargeable battery. This way, you can forget about replacing the batteries repeatedly. It’s more economical, and you produce less waste. 

Moreover, you can also go for magnetic flashlights that can be charged via solar power. Again, the incredible technology we have today makes this possible through a miniature solar panel.

Run Time

A run time is the amount of time covering your initial switch on of the flashlight to that period where the brightness decreases by about 10%. Naturally, the run time is determined by the battery capacity. 

Of course, when choosing a magnetic flashlight, go for one that has a longer run time. This is an area where the brightness modes come in as setting it on a lower brightness mode will further prolong the battery life.


A magnetic flashlight should stay resilient to potential damage, especially when used outdoors. That is why it is recommended to find a flashlight that is water-resistant and shockproof. Likewise, it is also best to check the type of materials used in the flashlight to make sure they can withstand some wear and tear.

For example, the best magnetic flashlight uses only the strongest and most reliable magnet. Therefore, you can choose a flashlight with a neodymium magnet over any other type considering its high strength capacity.


The best magnetic flashlight has to be lightweight. Moreover, it should come in a smaller size than any standard flashlight. 

These requirements ensure that the lighting device is portable and versatile if used in emergency situations or outdoor activities. Otherwise, the lighting device could be more of an inconvenience than an advantage. 

Other Features

It’s common to find more than one magnetic flashlight you’ll like. But unless you are set on buying all your best options, you will have to choose one. 

So, aside from the fundamental features, you can look into additional features to break the tie. 

For example, one attribute you can consider is flexibility. A magnetic flashlight with a highly flexible body increases its versatility and use. 

Get To Know Magnetic Flashlights offered right here at STKR Concepts

FLEXIT is a series of portable lighting devices that are innovative in many aspects. For starters, these flashlights are completely flexible, hence, the name FLEXIT. 

You can adjust the angle of the light head to refocus the spot light instead of moving the entire device.  Likewise, you can also reshape the body to control the light projections. 

But what’s more remarkable about the FLEXIT magnetic flashlights is that you have several options depending on your needs. Let’s talk about them briefly with the following details. 

FLEXIT auto flexible flashlight


The FLEXIT Auto is going to be your car’s best friend, especially during emergency situations. This magnetic portable light is shaped like a roadside waring triangle and comes with 200 lumens of front facing white lights, a thin, flexible triangular body, and three LED hazard red lights located at the back to warn other drivers. 

It has two large neodymium magnets that could stick to any metal. Neodymium is generally regarded as the strongest commercial magnet, so you don’t have to worry about your lighting device falling off the car. 

Moreover, the FLEXIT Auto is weather-resistant. So, you can use it even when it’s raining or snowing. 

FLEXIT 2.0 flexible flashlight


Here’s a light source that has plenty of hands-free options. The FLEXIT 2.0 is not just a magnetic flashlight. It is a versatile device you can use on various occasions. 

With 16 Lumen Tech premium LEDs producing 200 lumens, you can expect more than enough illumination, especially if it’s pitch dark. Likewise, the FLEXIT 2.0 comes with four light modes encompassing low, medium, high, and hazard. 

The magnetic base is made of neodymium magnets that stick on any steel surface. Likewise, it has a hook you can use in case there’s no metal object around. Plus, you can also wrap its neck and light body around a bar for a unique attachment point.

FLEXIT 4.0 flexible flashlight


If you want a FLEXIT magnetic flashlight with higher light output, then the FLEXIT 4.0 is exactly what you’re looking for. It has 400 lumens, a center CREE LED spotlight, and a run time of up to 70 hours.

True to its FLEXIT identity, the FLEXIT 4.0 has an ultra-thin flexible body you can adjust to achieve a specific projection. Moreover, it has five light modes that cover high spot and flood light, high flood, low flood, red night vision, and strobe. 

Additionally, the magnetic base are made of neodymium. All of the FLEXIT flashlights can also be set directly on the ground and shaped to give your project area light from below. 

FLEXIT 4.0 flexible flashlight


Here’s a promising addition to the FLEXIT series. The FLEXIT solar relies on the energy of the sun to recharge the magnetic flashlight. In the same way, you can still do the charging through a micro-USB port. 

But just like the other FLEXIT flashlights, you can adjust the body and light intensity of the FLEXIT Solar. It carries a similar set of light modes to the FLEXIT 4.0. Moreover, it also has 500 lumens of light output and a run time of up to 70 hours.

Likewise, the magnetic base is highly durable, and the entire device is weather-resistant. 

FLEXIT Auto Roadside Safety Kit

If you want a FLEXIT Auto complete with other items for when you encounter car problems on the road, then check out the FLEXIT Auto Roadside Safety Kit. This package comes with the FLEXIT Auto, extra batteries, and an emergency safety vest. 

These items enhance the safety and protection you need when repairing your car, especially on highways and obscure areas. 

FLEXIT Pocket Light hanging upside down from a metal object

FLEXIT Pocket Light

The FLEXIT pocket light is incredibly portable and multi-purpose so that you can just carry it around anywhere, anytime. 

As the name suggests, you can clip it in your pocket or bag. Plus, you can use its magnetic base and attach it to any steel surface. If there’s no metal available, you can just use the hook that comes with it for a hanging light.

The FLEXIT Pocket Light uses the same shapeable material that the FLEXIT flashlight series does for its light head. This makes it very easy to bend and direct the light right where you need it most.

Some of the key features of the FLEXIT pocket light are the following:

  • 650 Total Lumens
  • 72 Hours Run Time
  • Water-Resistant
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Hands-Free Lighting
  • Multiple Modes
  • Flexible Head Light

You can use the magnetic flashlight for work or outdoor sports. Moreover, you can also keep it among your emergency supplies. 

3 magnetic light mines posing in a white studio setting

Magnetic Light Mine

Magnetic Light Mines are golf ball-sized flashlights that are in the shape of an underwater mine with 12 small neodymium magnets all around it.

Light Mine Pro attached to a metal pipe

Light Mine Pro

The Light Mine Pro is the big brother the previous light. They are more of a baseball sized flashlight and have more features like red light option and 3 removable 'AAA' batteries.

TRi-MOBILE three panel area light


The TRi-MOBILE is a versatile work light that illuminates from three panels that can can swivel and twist to create many lighting scenarios including a 360 degree area light or a focused spot light. It can be mounted magnetically, hung from its hanging hook, stood on its base, or even attached to an optional tripod.

2 FLi-PRO's: 1 hanging magnetically next 1 hanging from it metal hanging hooks

FLi-PRO Telescoping Light

The FLi-PRO is an 8' tall telescoping area light. The light source is magnetically attached to the telescoping pole and can be removed to be used as a traditional flashlight or hanging area light.



FLEXIT 4.0 flexible flashlight attached to a hot water heater

Where Can You Use a Magnetic Flashlight? 

There are tons of scenarios where a magnetic flashlight can be used. In fact, on these occasions, you would find that this type of flashlight is even more useful than its traditional counterpart. 

Naturally, what makes it more beneficial is its magnetic nature along with other features typical to a hands-free lighting device. Nonetheless, here are events where you can use magnetic flashlights. 

Mechanical Maintenance

Most mechanical objects require the need for routine maintenance. Whether that be a vehicle or an HVAC system, it’s nice to have task lighting to be able to see what you are working on.

If that light can be stuck right to the side of the machine, then your job will be even easier to perform.


Most flashlights you see in the market are incredibly portable. You can just put them in your pocket or even use them as tactical flashlights attached to a gun. But even without the weapon per se, you can still rely on magnetic flashlights for self-defense.

For example, if you have the FLEXIT pocket light, you can simply clip it in your pocket and use it to startle your attacker. 

The intense light output can put your enemy off-guard. Therefore, you can either escape or prepare yourself for a confrontation. But this time, you can have the upper hand. 

In the same way, you can use a magnetic flashlight to protect yourself in the dark, especially if you’re in the middle of the road. 

Imagine having a flat tire or a busted engine while you’re driving at night in an obscure road nonetheless. 

If your headlights are not working, your only option is a magnetic flashlight that provides a strong beam. The intensity of the light will keep you safe from animals nearby and give a warning or signal for help. 

A FLEXIT Auto sitting in the road at night illuminating a car with a person inspecting the rear tire blurred out in the background

Emergency Situations

A traditional flashlight is no doubt your most useful tool during emergencies. But if you have a magnetic flashlight, you get more benefits out of it. 

For example, during a blackout, you can use a magnetic flashlight to illuminate an entire room. You can keep it steady on any metallic part of your ceiling like a ceiling fan. Likewise, if you have a clip on pocket light, you will have the capacity to carry other supplies without losing your light.  

Also, if you are stranded on the road at night, you can take advantage of the FLEXIT Auto Roadside Safety Kit. This magnetic flashlight already comes with everything you need to ensure that you get the help you need. 

Likewise, it also warns other vehicles about your situation allowing them to make the necessary driving adjustments. 

Outdoor Activities

If you’re into kayaking, hiking, and bicycling at night, you can certainly benefit from a magnetic flashlight. These activities require hands-free lighting.  However, the lighting device has to remain steady as not to disturb the focal light. 

So, if you use a magnetic flashlight, you can get the assurance that the flashlight won’t move. For example, if you are on a boat, you can set up a metallic item and attach the flashlight to it. 

On the other hand, if you have a FLEXIT pocket light, you have the option of either using the magnetic base for steady light or simply clip it to your clothing. Both ways guarantee consistent and a wider scope of illumination. 

late sixties ford engine bay with an STKR TRi-MOBILE illuminating a v8 302

Final Thoughts 

Magnetic flashlights pretty much redefine our perception about portable lighting. It enhances hands-free lighting, which increases the flexibility of the device. Moreover, it improves the efficiency and safety of the flashlight. 

Nevertheless, if you want to find the best magnetic flashlight in the market, make sure to keep your criteria intact. Always consider the number of lumens, bulb type, light modes, battery type, run time, durability, portability, and more. 

And to end your search for the best magnetic flashlight, you can simply check out STKR Concepts' Magnetic Collection.

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