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  • What is the Best Light For Crafting? - Sewing, Knitting, etc

    May 06, 2021 5 min read

    What is the Best Light For Crafting? - Sewing, Knitting, etc STKR Concepts

    When using a basement or garage as a craft room, you will agree that adequate lighting is essential to successfully complete any craft project. However, we understand that not everyone is a lighting expert, and figuring out what type of light or how many lumens you need, is not always an easy job.

    It’s crucial to have proper lighting in your craft room. The best light for crafting will be the one designed with maximum flexibility. The exact number of lumens you need depends on the size of the room and the project. Crafts such a knitting and sewing require fewer lumens than bigger projects.

    If you are looking for a lighting system to light up your craft room, you came to the right place. We wrote this article to help you find out what is the best light for crafting. Below we’ve put together a list of the three best lamps to provide you with good lighting for your craft projects, such as sewing, knitting, and needlework.

    What Is The Best Light for a Craft Room?

    For craft projects, it's important that you are able to see the finer details. You will need more than just a regular light bulb and some daylight. Working with poor lighting might cause eye strain or blurred vision. 

    The light needs to be bright enough to make the objects clearly visible, in order to see every little detail. You need a light source that will help you make this task easier. A crafting lamp can't be distracting, therefore it must be able to hold its position.

    At STKR, we offer lighting that will provide you with exceptional visibility for crafting. It was never so easy to find the smallest details.

    To make a room, like a basement or a garage, bright enough for crafting you might want to try out these three craft lights. Each one of them has the ability to increase your accuracy, productivity, and overall comfort.


    M.P.I. - Multi-Point Illumination for Entire Room Lighting

    A great five-point light fixture that offers 7500 lumens in total. It is equipped with motion sensors and spreads light to all corners of the room. All from your existing fixture!

    TRiLIGHT - Motion Activated Ceiling Light

    This second light fixture, with a fresh design, solves a problem and does so with style! The original motion-activated garage ceiling light keeps your room bright with 4000 lumens and energy bills low, using only 24 watts. It comes with sensitive motion-sensing technology which automatically turns off after 90 seconds.

    TRiLIGHT - ShopLight

    The multi-use lighting. 3000 true lumens of light from the 3 aluminum LED heads quickly transform from a 360-degree drop light, into an omnidirectional shop light, and any light pattern in-between. The base includes a robust hook to hang the light at the best position for you. 

    Best Task Lighting for Knitting

    Missing a stitch or worse yet, dropping a stitch can be a real pain in the ass. However, this is a realistic example of what might happen if you work on a knitting project without sufficient light. 

    The Hands-Free Magnetic LED Light is a bigger, brighter, and more powerful version of the award-winning Magnetic Light Mine. It has LEDs that give the light of 250 True Lumens. This hands-free directional lighting does not get hot like a traditional incandescent bulb. The size of this lamp is 3.5 height x 3.5 diameter. Due to the spherical shape and the 12 magnetic legs, the user can precisely and securely aim the light in any direction. 

    The most significant thing about this light is that it's magnetic. That means that it allows you to put it anywhere you want! You can use it on any metallic surface. The magnetic legs also act as tripods, allowing the user to aim the light on non-metallic surfaces. 

    If you want to knit, but don't want to light up the whole room, this product is also a true solution. You simply attach it and aim it on the area you want to have illuminated. Pretty great right?! At the size of a baseball, the potential uses are endless.

    Best Light for Needlework

    Whether you need to keep your light in one position or move it around, it's good to have lights that are flexible. The amount of lumens you need depends on your environment. 

    It also depends on you and the job you want to accomplish. Of course, in needlework, you will need less light because you're focusing on one specific spot. Our FLEXIT light will provide you with 500 lumens which is more than enough light for needlework.

    The FLEXIT light has a durable base with two large neodymium magnets and a non-marring rubber pad. You can stick it to any steel surface, or hang it on a hook, giving yourself even more options for hands-free use.

    dual flexit 2.0 flexible magnetic base flashlights studio pic

    Back in time, embroiderers didn’t have great task lighting, and they still produced beautiful embroidery. But even so, your eyes deserve excellent light! You’ve only got two of them, and they can’t be replaced. On our website, there's plenty of good lighting to choose from. This flexible FLEXIT flashlight is just one of them.


    What Is The Best Light for Sewing?

    With better light comes more possibilities. You can improve your posture, reduce eye strain, and have more fun! For a comfortable sewing experience, you will need good lighting as well. In sewing, there are two kinds of light. 

    1) Fill Light-  Indirect light that fills a whole room. It may be an overhead light, like a ceiling lamp.

    2) Task Light- Direct light that’s focused on your work area. Task lamps have a bright, clear light to help you see what you are doing. 

    The combination of both would be a perfect choice for your sewing room. An overhead light fills the space with light and a task light or two will illuminate your workplace.

    An overhead light is important, but a task light is important to combat shadows that will interfere with your work.

    Below we've prepared overhead lights and focus lights which we highly recommend. 

    M.P.I. - Multi-Point Illumination for Entire Room Lighting

    This overhead light is in our opinion the easiest to assemble. It comes with everything you need to install and is as easy as installing a light bulb. Simply screw it in your light socket, and then position four satellite pods throughout your room up to 9,5 feet away from the hub. A great five-point light fixture that together offers 7500 lumens. It is equipped with motion sensors and spreads light to all corners of the room. 

    Comfort Fit 180° Halo Lighting

    The FLEXIT headlamp can easily be worn the whole day thanks to a laminated layer of foam producing a pillow-like softness. This headlamp combines comfort with performance and usability. Projecting 250 true lumens ensures the best results in any crafting you might do.

    The direction of the center spotlight is adjustable, allowing the user to aim the light toward their desired area.

    If you need even more light than what the FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5 delivers, the FLEXIT Headlamp PRO offers exactly what you are looking for.  It is smaller, and lighter, but delivers more light and battery power.  The flood lighting on the PRO is substantial and can light up an entire room, or fill your craft area.  It is as comfortable as wearing a hat.  In fact, you may even forget you are wearing it!

    If you’re still in doubt about what’s the best light for a craft room, check out the products on our website and find out what suits you best!

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