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  • What Is a Temporary Light – Battery Operated Construction Lights

    September 21, 2022 6 min read

    industrial construction night scene featuring a TRi-Mobile in the foreground and a crane in the background.

    If you have been working on a construction site or a spacious area hosting brief events, then you may have already observed the type of lighting used in the site. Primarily, within these areas and lines of work, temporary lighting is employed. 

    A temporary job site light usually has one or two lights with high intensity for broader coverage. It is typically attached to a tripod or stand mimicking a tall post. Many temporary lights, especially those used as construction lights, are fuel or battery-operated to ensure their portability.

    If you’re wondering why temporary lights are preferable in construction sites and how you can choose the best one for your project, just keep reading as we elaborate on the details.

    What Are Construction Lights? 

    Construction lights are temporary lighting devices used in construction sites. These temporary job site lights are typically a lot brighter than any average portable lights. 

    Moreover, they are used temporarily since construction work has a specific timeframe. It is similar to how construction equipment and vehicles are used only during construction projects.

    Anyway, a construction light typically comes with a stand or tripod, so you can just position the device on the ground or a particular area. Also, this design allows you to transfer the lighting device from task area to task area without too much work. 

    You will have several choices when it comes to construction lights. But it is often recommended to have a battery-operated temporary light for functional and safety reasons. 


    TRi-Mobile area work light on a tripod by STKR Concepts illuminating two male workers in the process of installing new hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern. DIY home project after dark.

    What To Consider When Choosing Battery-Operated Construction Lights? 

    Construction lights are used temporarily due to the nature of the work. But that doesn’t mean that your job site light should also have temporary quality and limited performance or capacity. 

    What you want is a battery-operated construction light source that you can use on future projects - something that can be used in other endeavors and activities. And a temporary job site light that remains functional for a long time.

    So, before you buy a battery-operated construction light, consider the following criteria. 


    Construction sites need tons of illumination. An intense light is non-negotiable, considering the nature of the work involved. You will probably need at least 1000 lumens or more. 


    Temporary job site lights have to be portable, considering you will be using them in different areas in the construction site. With that, it has to be lightweight and flexible to ensure mobility.

    The easier it is to get in and out of the work truck, the more likely you are to use it repeatedly on job sites. And the faster you can roll out the tools at the beginning and clean back up at the end of the project, the faster you can move on to the next job.


    Go for construction lights with adjustable heads and extendable tripods or stands. Otherwise, you may get stuck in a single position or exert too much effort moving the light direction or raising the stand on an elevated platform. 

    Fortunately, there are temporary site lights that are flexible. So you don’t have to work so much on its setup.

    Water Resistance

    Any temporary construction light should be water-resistant. After all, a huge chunk of the construction projects are done outdoors, wherein any equipment is exposed to weather changes.

    So, if you have a temporary light that can’t resist water from rain or moisture, then it’s going to be a futile investment on your end.

    Power Source

    While electrical construction lights are still in the market, more and more contractors are leaning more towards battery-operated construction lights.

    Obviously, one of the reasons for this choice is mobility. It’s easier to maintain light while moving it around if it runs on a battery.

    A ton of power tools like drills and saws are now battery-operated for some of these same reasons.

    Likewise, another critical reason to choose construction lights powered by batteries is safety.

    With construction lights that need to be plugged in, the wires can cause hazards, increasing the risks for workplace accidents or downtime due to cord damages.


    Despite their temporary use, construction lights should be durable considering the type of environment where they are set up. 

    Make sure that the light you choose survives the drop test on concrete. Likewise, check the type of materials and ensure that they are sturdy and weather resistant.

    Other Features

    It will help you a lot if you check out other additional features that a particular site light contains. 

    If you feel as if the feature is an excellent advantage for your work, then consider that as a huge check on your list. 

    For example, suppose a construction light can be disassembled or transformed to be used as lamps, droplights, etc. 

    In that case, you can strongly consider the product, mainly if it also contains other attributes. This level of flexibility ensures multifunctionality even beyond the construction site.


    3 poses of the TRi-Mobile Area Work Light. 2 with a tripod and 1 without. All on white studio backgrounds.

    Meet the Tri-Mobile for Construction Lighting (Temporary Site Light)

    If you’re looking for an innovative version of the temporary construction light, then check out STKR’s Tri-Mobile. This 360-degree area light with a removable shoplight will be everything you need when executing major work in any field. 

    The Tri-Mobile provides intense illumination making the construction site more visible and comfortable to work on. After all, nobody really wants to do manual work in the dark. 

    Check out the key benefits of the Tri-Mobile:

    Key Features

  • High-quality SMD LED light 
  • The Tri-Mobile uses SMD (surface mount device) LEDs (light-emitting diodes) known to provide high brightness while consuming less energy. 

    SMD LEDs are mounted on a circuit board and housed in a panel. You could easily identify this type of lighting as they often look like square strips lined up parallel to one another.

    Employing this lighting mechanism ensures that the construction light does not falter when it comes to brightness. 

    Plus, you can expect to experience a longer runtime with Tri-Mobile as it requires less power than halogen or incandescent light options. 

    Moreover, the Tri-Mobile produces brightness at 2000 lumens which is remarkably intense when it comes to illumination. 

  • Multiple Power Modes
  • Having plenty of choices when it comes to lighting is always preferable. And you can expect the same with the Tri-Mobile as it contains options concerning light color and intensity. 

    Depending on your needs, you can have either cool white or warm white. Moreover, you can also put the light on a low, moderate, or high mode to balance brightness and battery life.

    Your battery will last the longest on low but you will get the most lumen output on high.

  • Adjustable Heads
  • Flexibility is another feature you’d be impressed with when it comes to any temporary job site lighting. And, of course, you can find the same element with the Tri-Mobile. 

    Using its three pivoting heads, you can position the panels based on how wide you’d like the light coverage to be. 

    If you want a more focused light, all you have to do is focus the panels to create a spotlight on one object. On the other hand, just position the panels outwardly if you wish to have a wider array of light at 360° much like a high-powered lantern. 

    Furthermore, you can extend the tripod up to 4 feet to dial in just the right light setup. 

  • Mobility
  • Portability is a huge deal in any temporary job site light. That is considering you will most likely move it from one area to another or refocus the light on different positions from time to time. 

    With that, you can benefit from a slick and compact design making it more mobile and easier to carry around. Assembling the Tri-Mobile is also incredibly simple. 

  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • The Tri-Mobile has rechargeable 4000 mAh dual lithium-ion batteries. You can simply plug the device in the morning and use them at night at the construction site.

    Likewise, having rechargeable batteries for your temporary job site light also saves you more energy. 


    Without a highly functioning light, those working on a construction site will have trouble completing any task or project. Therefore, choosing the best construction light should always be considered a critical decision for any contractor. 

    But if you want to make this task easier, all you've got to do is check out STKR Concept’s Tri-Mobile. Complete with everything you’re looking for in a temporary job site light, you’ll find that the Tri-Mobile provides the lighting capacity needed by your construction site. 

    Moreover, you can use the Tri-Mobile even outside the site since it can transform into a portable shoplight. This multifunctionality guarantees that the construction light is worth every cent. 

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