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  • What Gym Accessories Do I Need? Gym Bag Essentials

    May 10, 2021 5 min read

    What Gym Accessories Do I Need? Gym Bag Essentials STKR Concepts

    Pack your sword and take your shield! It is time to go to battle! Your first day at the gym is coming, and you came to wonder, do I need a towel at the gym? What should I take with me at all? We prepared this article to answer all your questions so you can start working on your summer body! 

    So, what gym accessories do you need? First, you need a workout bag for all the equipment. Other essential items are sports clothes, a towel, good quality shoes, a water bottle, gym gloves, and headphones. To get the best results, you might want to consider installing a workout app.

    When you start your workout adventure, remember that it does not matter if you might not have the most professional clothes and shoes. The most important thing is that you go and get the work done. Also, make sure you drink enough water. Below we will discuss our favorite gym gear and tell you what you should have in your gym bag!

    gym essentials titled posters featuring shoes weights water bottle gym skins and yoga mat

    What Gym Gear Do I Need?

    When you first start, you do not need a lot to take with you. Gyms will expect you to use their weight machines, cardio equipment, and other devices, such as ab machines. 

    To work out in an enjoyable, fun way, you can find a playlist of songs that will help you stay motivated. To prevent walking around, not knowing what to do, you should prepare some workout routines. 

    When you have all that under control, the first thing you need to get is a simple workout bag, big enough to fit all the equipment and your sports clothes. This bag has to contain a gym towel, as you should clean all the machines after use. It also offers space for your sports clothes and water bottle. 

    The next thing, for a beginner, is shoes and hand gloves. If you are new to working out, do not let your shoes stop you from exercising! Feel free to train in the shoes that you currently own. As long as they offer enough support, you should be good to go. 

    To protect your hands or help with grip, you should wear workout gloves. Gloves make the bar easier to hold and can make your grip better.  Plus they protect your hands. You should wear Gym Skin hand gloves to protect your hands from blisters and calluses and make your workout more enjoyable. 

    At STKR, we work hard to improve our gym products, and we train hard testing Gym Skin to find ways to improve it. If you are into the gym, calisthenics, or any other activities, then you know how much blisters can slow you down. Gym Skins ensure the protection your palms need.

    When you have big goals to achieve, you know that you can not skip a workout. Therefore, you can not let blisters stop you. To prevent them, you should consider investing in Gym Skins if you are a recruit, veteran, or elite. Gym Skin gloves absorb the pressure from lifting weights and provide a protective layer of armor covering the entire palm. The ultra-thin protective layer enables you to wear them without gloves or inside gloves for the maximum amount of protection and comfort.

    Gym Bag Essentials

    There is nothing wrong with gearing up, so you go to the gym with excitement and confidence. You can use your gear as a way to level up, but do not let it be the limiting factor. You must remember that you do not need the perfect clothes or gear to work out.

    Even for the most experienced trainers, it is not uncommon to forget some essential pieces of gym gear. But what actually are the gym bag essentials? To help you, here is a list of must-haves for a gym bag.

    Workout Clothes

    There is nothing worse than forgetting clothes for your workout. A missing pair of socks can turn into blisters, and forgotten workout pants or shorts might turn into no training at all. Who wants to train in jeans?

    Gym Shoes

    Gym shoes might seem obvious, but it is better to bring the specific type of shoe for a particular workout. For example, running requires a different kind of shoe than weight training.  

    Gym Towel

    Not all, but some gyms require you to bring a towel to the gym floor. In some gyms, you can find paper towels. Otherwise, they might ask you to carry a towel. Even if you do not sweat a lot, any sweat left behind might disturb the next person using the equipment.

    Personal Care Items

    Hygiene is important, no matter the chosen workout. Must-haves for personal care are deodorant, face moisturizer, hairbrush, extra underwear, and menstrual products. If you want to hit the shower at the gym, remember to bring shampoo, shower sandals, and a body wash. To fit all this in your gym bag, you can buy travel-size bottles in most drugstores. 

    Water Bottle

    It is vital to stay hydrated, especially after a workout, no matter how intensive it was. 

    Flexible Phone Mount

    The Simple Sucker, from STKR, allows you to easily mount your phone to the treadmill or any smooth surface, allowing you to follow your workout app or youtube video more comfortably. Bend your Simple Sucker, attach your phone, put it into a comfortable viewing position, and then enjoy your workout while watching videos or playing music. 

    Yoga/Fitness Mat

    You do not have to be into yoga to make a yoga mat useful at the gym or home. You can use a fitness mat for abs and for stretching.

    What Should a Woman Pack in a Gym Bag

    Your success in the gym will depend on more than just your workout. A well-packed exercise bag is a key to being comfortable and confident in the gym. 

    Comfort is found, often in the little things, especially when you are an owner of long hair that can get annoying as a part of your workout. Because of that, you should stock your bag with hair ties and socks. These items are small and easy to forget but are essential to your workout. Especially on the hot days when you may be wearing open-toed shoes, it is easy to forget about your socks. You may also want to take some underwear to change.

    It is good to bring a plastic bag for dirty clothes and towels to keep them separate from other belongings. Now you will know what to do with wet gym clothes or towels after your workout.

    If a post-workout shower is not possible, it is always helpful to have a toiletry bag handy even at the gym. There you can store essential hygiene items like deodorants, face towelettes, body wipes, dry shampoo, hairbrush, and menstrual products.

    You can get annoyed when you arrive at the gym only to see that all the machines you need are occupied, and you need to wait for the people to finish. That is why fitness gear is part of your gym bag items. Sometimes on the way to the gym, you might change your planned workout to something else. 

    That is why it is helpful to have all the necessary gear in your gym back at all times. Small, compact gear, such as resistance bands, can be extremely helpful.

    If you’re going to hit the weights, pack a pair of Gym Skin gloves. Also, you can pack a mat or yoga block to make the most of your practice.

    After a workout, you might work up an appetite. Instead of catching a burrito in the city, keep a few energy bars in your workout bag. Make sure that they are wrapped to prevent crumbs from getting in your gear.


    In short, we can conclude that proper workout clothes, shoes, gloves, water, and personal care items, are essential items for your gym bag. To make the best of your workout time, you can also pack small, compact gear. 

    Learn more about the Gym Skin gloves that I mentioned in this article to optimize your workout routine! 

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