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The Ultimate Gift For The Men In Your Life

July 21, 2020 1 min read

The Ultimate Gift For The Men In Your Life STKR Concepts

Are you struggling to find a gift as cool as he is? The FLEXIT Solar Flashlight is here to ease your search!

FLEXIT Solar flexible magnetic flashlight by STKR Concepts
Whether the gift is for your dad, boyfriend, or husband (or any guy really), the FLEXIT Solar will blow their mind!  Honestly, a great work light is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, Father's Day, or any day!  Anyone can use one, and everyone needs one from time to time.

flexible magnetic work light shop light garage light

The FLEXiT Solar flexible flashlight has an ultra- thin fully flexible body that lets you point the light in the desired direction. Shape the light panel to use it as a lantern or a spotlight. Plus, it is dual recharging.  Pick USB for quick charge and Solar for trickle charge.  It is the ultimate rechargeable flashlight!

Use the FLEXIT Solar at home, in your garage, or take it on your camping, RVing, hiking, or boating adventures! Let STKR Concepts light up his night, and make you the ultimate gift giving hero!

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