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  • The Best Telescopic LED Camping Light, the FLi-PRO

    June 27, 2022 5 min read

    Lakeside camping scene featuring a FLi-PRO telescoping area light illuminating a campsite. male figure kneeling by a fire near a tent and some trees

    As you check off the list of camping gear you need to bring with you, take a look at your lighting gear again. Have you replaced it recently? Are you still using bulbs that only light up the ground two feet away, or lamps the size of Rhode Island and almost as heavy? 

    Or maybe you do have something more modern, but it comes with its own collection of problems. Before you go out and trust your life with those things again, I want to introduce you to the latest that STKR brings in LED Camp lighting.

    Prominent features of the best Telescopic LED Camping light, the FLi-PRO:

  • 8ft tall telescopic rod
  • 40ft canopy of light
  • Detachable light converts into a flashlight
  • Magnetic end and hanging hooks for hands-free lighting
  • 6 Dimming Modes
  • 1200 lumens
  • USB-C rechargeable

  • Do the features not perk your interest? Then let me show you all the problems that our Fli-Pro light takes care of.


    man shoreline fishing a lake at night sitting next to a tent scene illuminated by a FLi-Pro telescoping light

    Are the Lights You Have Enough?

    As you drive into your campsite and unpack the car, you’re welcomed by the brilliant oranges and pinks of the forest sunset. This is one reason why you never fail to come back to this spot, but you can’t enjoy it now. Now you have to set up the tent and the campsite light so that everyone can see.

    But the problem was you didn’t just need one light while camping, you needed a truck bed FULL of lights! You needed one for each person who WILL need a light when they inevitably have to use the bush in the middle of the night, at least 3 lights large enough and bright enough to light up the whole campsite as the sun goes down, and a second set of batteries for each one in case the worst scenario happened and all your lights needed new batteries. Murphy’s law dictated it. 

    The reason for this was because the lights that were available weren’t mobile, or else didn’t provide enough lumens. If you don’t know, lumens are a unit of measurement that tells you how much light something produces. If you’re wondering how many lumens you need to light up your campsite, or just your garage, we have everything you need to know here



    pov pic looking out over a pair of boots at a nighttime campsite. a hand coming in from screen right holding a FLi-Pro flashlight illuminating some rocks and trees.


    Most Common Lighting Problems While Camping

    There were other problems with camp lights besides lumens. Lighting was... tricky. Inevitably improvements were sought to get us beyond campfires and $1 flashlights with giant D batteries, but as camp lighting progressed, there were prolific problems that surfaced.

    Incandescent Bulbs:

    Incandescent bulbs can’t sustain the power that Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) can. They would burn out quickly and there was no way to waterproof them except with bulky coverings. They also never could produce enough light. 


    Today batteries have become much more compact, and even rechargeable, but you still have to make sure you brought a spare. Not to mention having to make sure nothing got into those spare batteries.


    If your site lights weren’t heavy enough or didn’t have a reliable stand, you could wish your light goodbye as high winds and rain threw it somewhere never to be seen again, or seeped its way into the inner workings. You could enjoy corroded wires and sockets when that happened. 


    Speaking of weight,  if you wanted to light up your entire campsite, you would need to take two trucks with you so that one could hold the lights you needed while the other had the other camping supplies.

    If you did have lights large enough to withstand high winds, they took a toll on your body and typically required you to connect it to your car, ruining a more authentic camping experience and taking forever to set up. 

    Adjustable Lighting:

    Lights only ever came with two light modes until the last ten years: on and off. Then it was having lamps that were never bright enough. And even now, not too many brands have enough dimming modes to adjust for different spaces. I don’t think we need enough lumens that send a signal to mars for our tents.  


    If anything had to be done or fixed during the night you could always rely on getting contorted hands and necks trying to hold a flashlight steady, if you were by yourself. Pure misery.

    The other handling problem was how light stands handled the rough terrain. If the rods and tripods weren’t breaking because we hammered them into the ground too hard, they were falling because the light’s center of gravity hated the uneven ground. 

    Something Had to be Done

    I admire what other brands have been able to accomplish, but always had a problem with how many used the generic Chinese parts for their lights, not only making them practically the same but also infamously fragile.

    Most of those parts aren’t developed by people who have done much camping, and that’s where we’re different. That doesn’t work with us here at STKR. We test develop our ideas through our own camping experiences and needs. We then design & develop our lighting products from scratch ourselves.

    The latest result of that passion is the Fli-Pro Telescoping Light, which fixes all of these problems and more.


    white studio pic of a FLI-PRO telescoping light with callouts that read: removable flashlight, extends up to 8', reinforced fiberglass, lightweight + durable, adjustable ball joint, wireless remote, aluminum tripod, and leg extension/ground spike


    How the Fli-Light Pro Fixes all Camp Lighting Problems

    The Tripod

    The tripod we’ve developed for the Fli-Light Pro is made entirely of cast aluminum to give all the benefits of a lightweight, weatherproof material that was also infinitely more durable than plastic. 

    Our unique design allows you to adjust each extendable leg INDIVIDUALLY, combined with an adjustable ball joint, to ensure the light stays perfectly vertical and stable for whatever terrain you’re on.

    If you’re on soft ground, you can use the added earth spikes at the ends of the legs to dig in and keep the light in place. If you’re on harder ground, retract them anyway to increase the overall stability. 

    It also provides the perfect storage space for the magnetic wireless controller.

    The Rod

    Say goodbye to having to bring four bulky lights with you. Our telescope rod reaches 8ft in height to give the light a maximum span of 40ft in diameter. Unlike the tripod, the rod is made of reinforced fiberglass. Equally lightweight and durable, but easily collapsible. 

    The Light

    Easily the most versatile outdoor light, the Fli-light Pro floods the campsite with a canopy light on top of the rod for 360 degrees of 1200 lumen brightness. Need a regular flashlight? 

    The light detaches from the rod and is small enough to comfortably fit in your hand. It even includes A neodymium magnet at the base of the flashlight that attaches to any steel surface for hands-free lighting.

    Don’t have a steel surface? Dual nested hang hooks allow you to hang the light from its head so that the canopy light shines down.

    Don’t worry about it being too bright either. Our LEDs might be capable of lighting up 40 feet in every direction, but with 6 modes of dimming, you can use it for any situation. 

    But maybe the best feature of all is that you don’t have to lug around extra batteries anymore, because our light is USB-C rechargeable.


    We at STKR Concepts have been doing this long enough to know what an outdoor light needed to be. We’ve also developed enough products to know not to trust anyone else to develop them correctly. Our standards are high and our products are engineered to be reliable in any demanding work environment.

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