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The Best Flexible Led Flashlights With a Magnetic Base: FLEXiT Series

October 26, 2020 5 min read

The Best Flexible Led Flashlights With a Magnetic Base: FLEXiT Series STKR Concepts

Have you ever been in the middle of a project, and you had to stop because there was no one around to hold the flashlight for you? Like many of us you probably tried propping your light up, or worse yet, put it in your mouth. Don’t worry, we’ve got the perfect solution for you! 

The Best flexible flashlight is the FLEXiT series. Their ultra-thin shapeable body connects to a magnetic base as opposed to a bendable arm that clamps-to or has a built-in flashlight. The FLEXiT lights stick, wrap, or hang from objects and allow both spotlight or 360° lighting applications.

In this article, we will show you the perks of having a flexible flashlight with a magnetic bottom and the features that the Flexit lineup has to offer. 

Why Should I Get a Flexible Flashlight With a Magnetic Base?

These flashlights are incredibly handy in all kinds of different scenarios 

I’m sure you’ve tried to fix something around the house, and it took you forever to complete and now looking back at it you realize you really could have used another set of hands just to hold the flashlight? 

Or maybe you went camping recently and you accidentally burnt the food because it was too dark to see.

The worst is when your car breaks down at night, and you weren’t able to determine what was wrong because you just didn’t have enough lighting to see what was going on under the hood? 

The flexibility of these flashlights allows them to bend in almost every direction, so you’ll always be able to get the lighting where you need it. The magnetic base permits you to use these flashlights completely hands-free since the magnet can safely stick to a variety of steel surfaces.

How Are They Better Than Regular Flashlights?

While useful in some situations, regular flashlights don’t provide you with the versatility and ease of use that flexible flashlights with a magnetic base do. 

Regular flashlights require you to hold them, making it difficult to use them for jobs requiring two hands. Also, they don’t bend, so they are locked into one lighting spread where a flexible flashlight can point the light all in one direction or you can shape the body to create different lighting including a full 360-degree spread. 

Now that we’ve covered some of the overall benefits from a flexible flashlight, let’s check out the different lights in the FLEXiT series:

STKR Flexible Flashlights With Magnetic Base 

STKR Concepts is a company that makes flashlights, tools, gloves, garage sensors, and more. Their products are extensively researched and designed by professionals, so you know you are getting the best. All of their products are designed to be functional in harsh weather conditions. 

STKR makes some awesome flexible flashlights with a magnetic base! Below, I discuss the four different models they offer and their different features. 


The FLEXIT Solar flashlight is the perfect hands-free flashlight. It allows you to vary its light output depending on your needs, including a spotlight, floodlight, and lantern function. 

This flashlight comes with a flexible yet strong frame that allows you to bend it any way you need. The frame will lock into place after you put it in the position you want, so you won’t have to worry about it moving around while you are on the job.

This allows you to wrap, stick, or hook it to other objects, providing you with an easy hands-free lighting experience. 

A unique feature of this flashlight is that it has a rechargeable battery that you can charge via sunlight or through a USB cable. This makes the FLEXIT Solar an ideal light source for all of your outdoor activities. 

This is a newer model, so it is a little more expensive than some other options on our list. It is priced at $49.99 on the STKR website. 


The FLEXIT 4.0 comes with a CREE LED light. This is special because this light has five different light modes, including high spot, flood, high flood, low flood, red night vision, and strobe. 

The base is magnetic, so you will be able to stick it to several magnetic surfaces, making it completely hands-free! If there isn’t a magnetic surface around, you can use its hang loop feature to hang it from a tree, chair, or anything else that’s convenient. 

This flashlight is perfect for camping and other outdoor activities because it is weather-resistant, and it can run up to 70 hours without needing a charge! 

This light is $39.99 on the STKR website. 


The FLEXIT 2.0 Light is more affordable than the other flashlights on the list so far, priced at $29.99! 

Like the other flashlights, it has an amazing durable frame that allows it to bend in whatever direction you need! It is hands-free, and features LED lights. 

The FLEXIT 2.0 has three different lighting features: spotlight, floodlight, and lantern, which allows the light to shine in every direction. 

The lights work in 4 different modes, including low, medium, high, and hazard. 

Like the other flashlights on the list, the FLEXIT 2.0 gives you three hands-free options. You can stick it to a magnetic surface via its magnetic bottom, wrap the body around a nearby object, or you can hang it from something using its strong hang loop! 


As the name implies, the FLEXIT Auto is perfect for your car, providing you with on the go emergency preparedness in case your car breaks down. 

This flashlight comes with three red hazard lights on the back, so you can protect yourself from other drivers while fixing your car! 

On the front, the light can create a spotlight, floor light, or a lantern with its built-in LED array.

Like the other flashlights on this list, the FLEXIT Auto has a flexible body that will lock into place when it’s in the desired position. It also includes a strong magnetic bottom that will stick to a variety of steel surfaces. 

This flashlight is weather-resistant, so even if your car breaks down in the rain, it’ll have you covered! 

The FLEXIT Auto flashlight is $29.99, making it an affordableand effective tool! 

See the STKR Flashlights in Action

If you’d like to see the FLEXIT Auto, FLEXIT 2.0, and FLEXIT 4.0 in action, check out this video by STKR. It shows you the different features of each of these flashlights. It demonstrates a variety of situations in which they would be useful, including during power outages, when walking your dogs, and more! 

The FLEXIT Solar has its own video because it’s just that awesome! In this video by STKR, they show you the FLEXIT Solar's unique solar recharge feature and demonstrate all of its different lighting modes.

If you still aren’t sure if the FLEXIT flashlights are right for you, check out this review video by Eric DIY. In the video, he goes through all of his favorite features of the FLEXIT 4.0 and why he thinks it is such a useful product!

Similarly, in this review video by Toms Finds, he discusses how excited he is to use the FLEXiT Solar for camping and how it’s a must-have for emergency preparedness. He stresses how much he enjoys this product and how he has never seen anything like it! 


Flexible flashlights with a magnetic base are an important tool that is useful in everyday life. They are useful in various situations, including during outdoor activities, when your car breaks down when you are fixing things around the house, and more. A great brand to buy a flexible flashlight from is STKR. Their four flashlight styles are weather-resistant, affordable, and feature many different lighting features, so they’ll have you covered in any situation. 

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