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  • The Best Backpacking Rechargeable Flashlights

    August 18, 2021 8 min read

    The Best Backpacking Rechargeable Flashlights

    As a company, we’re dedicated to making lighting solutions that suit all applications and activities. Because of this, we’ve constructed an abundance of different lights, which could benefit your backpacking trip. Wanting to know what our best backpacking rechargeable flashlights are? See below: 

    Our three best backpacking rechargeable flashlights are: 

    Here at STKR, we’ve made it our mission to create diverse lighting solutions from which everyone can benefit. As you can see from the above, we’ve successfully achieved this by developing bright, long-lasting, and rechargeable lights. 

    If you want to know more about what determines a good rechargeable light and more in-depth information about the above solutions, I suggest you read on. 

    What Determines a Good Rechargeable Flashlight?

    Before you dive into any purchase, you need to understand why you’re investing in the goods. To help you quickly determine whether or not our lighting solution is good for you, below we detail what makes a good rechargeable flashlight. 

    Battery type 

    In the flashlight world, there are three types of rechargeable batteries that manufacturers design their torches around, these are: 

    Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) - are prevalent batteries in the industry as they’re lightweight and hold high amounts of energy. You’re expected to receive around three years of shelf life and around 300 to 500 charge cycles with this battery

    Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) – This next battery is potent and isn’t necessarily needed within the lighting industry unless you’re venturing into environments with extreme weather conditions. With a NiMH battery, it can withstand temperatures between -30 °C to + 75 °C. (-22 °F to 167 °F)

    Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) – Lastly is the NiCad battery, and it has some great and not-so-great factors behind it. The NiCad can typically last 700 to 1,000 life cycles. But, it requires a lot of care and attention to ensure you don’t damage the battery. 



    Light output 

    Something else you need to consider is light output, or also known as lumens. Lumens are a standard unit of measure when it comes to lighting. This determines how much light emits from the torch. The higher the lumen output, the more powerful the flashlight is.  


    For those who don’t know, the runtime is the amount of time between the light providing full power and the brightness decreasing to 10%. By testing flashlights out this way, manufacturers can figure out how long their official runtime is. With the lights we provide, this ranges massively depending on the spec. 


    Waterproofing is measured in Ingress Protection (IP), and it’s rated from IPX0 to IPX8. If you were to opt-in for a torch that has an IPX0 rating, it means the flashlight has no water protection. However, further up the scale, IPX8 means it can be immersed in 3 feet of water.  

    Best Backpacking Flashlights That are Rechargeable

    Now you’ve developed a better understanding of what makes a rechargeable flashlight good, let’s discuss the best backpacking lights that STRK Concepts have to offer. It goes without saying, all our lighting solutions are built to last and are constructed from better than industry-standard materials. Below we talk about the best backpacking flashlights that are rechargeable. 

    Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5 

    The first honorable mention is the Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5. It’s clear that headlamps are superior for backpacking as you’re able to conveniently place them on your head, hang them up, or hold them in your hand to emit efficient lighting. 

    What makes the headlamp different from the rest? It’s been optimized superbly for comfort, ergonomics, performance, and even usability to guarantee you get the best possible head torch available. 

    A vital feature of this headlamp is the 240° halo lighting. From this, you’re supplied enough illumination within your peripheral vision to ensure you have a lit pathway. If you’re someone who backpacks during the night, this is perfect. Apart from supplying a lit path, being provided sufficient lighting can reduce the chances of you misjudging your step, speed, or shape of an object. It even features a red light night mode to keep those eyes from over-dilating so you don’t get extremely bright flashes of light making it harder to see, much like a camera flash staying burnt into your eye for a few moments.

    The Flexit 6.5 also features completely customizable brightness settings from 0-100% instead of just one or two modes. With this light, you’ll receive a total of 55 hrs runtime when it’s fully charged. This runtime includes lights of 650 true lumens and also a lightweight design to ensure your headlight is comfortable during your travels. 

    It goes without saying that here at STKR, we’ve developed an excellent headtorch with many backpackers, campers, (or anyone else for that matter), in mind. If you seriously want to enhance your backpacking experience, it’s more than worth considering investing in the Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5. 

    Flexit Solar Flexible Flashlight 

    Another flashlight that could be great for backpackers is the Flexit Solar Flexible Flashlight. This light is the only lighting solution that we provide that has solar charging. We developed this torch in mind with sustainability and people who like to adventure far off-grid into the wilderness. 

    Although you’re able to charge this light through solar, it also comes supplied with USB charging. This is the quicker method and more than worth doing before you set out on your trip. However, having the ability to charge through solar most definitely gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re never going to run out of light. 

    This solar power light is highly versatile as you can twist and mold the light into different shapes creating custom lighting output, like a spotlight or a floodlight. By providing this flexible body, you’re able to increase the overall effectiveness of the flashlight. 

    Something else that is great for backpackers is that the flashlight comes equipped with a magnetic base and swivel hook, this ensures you can hang or stick the lighting source in a prime location. On top of that, you can bend and shape the flexible body to wrap around objects like tree limbs for a third way of attachment. Something many backpackers require is lighting for when they set up camp, etc. So being able to offer this type of lighting solution can have an astronomical number of benefits. 

    BAMFF Tactical Flashlights 

    Now, if you’re an avid backpacker, something that’ll excite you is our BAMFF range. This range of tactical flashlights comes in many specs, sizes, outputs, and much more, depending on your budget and usage. Here’s what they are:

  • BAMFF 2.0This light is powered by AAA batteries only. However, it provides 200 lumens from a tiny, pocket-sized flashlight which is extremely lightweight and affordable. 
  • BAMFF 4.0Again, the 4.0 BAMFF is only operated with AAA batteries. But, instead of emitting 200 true lumens, it can produce 400. 
  • BAMFF 4.0XLIf you’re interested in the BAMFF lineup, but you ideally want a large, non-pocket-sized torch, then the BAMFF 4.0XL is the perfect solution. 
  • BAMFF 6.0Moving into the heavyweights now, and that’s the BAMFF 6.0. This torch can produce 600 lumens with either AAA batteries or the included rechargeable Li-ion battery. 
  • BAMFF 8.0This is similar to the above, but it can provide 800 true lumens in total. 
  • BAMFF 10.0Lastly, this is the most potent and innovative torch STKR has produced, the BAMFF 10.0. With this torch, you’ll receive 1000 true lumens, which can be operated on both standard batteries and rechargeable ones. The 10.0 also comes with a gun mounting kit that includes mounting hardware and an optional wired pressure switch.
  • The above lights are superb to have in your arsenal when setting out on a backpacking trip. We believe that we’ve got everyone covered who’s looking for a flashlight with the BAMFF range. Here you’re able to invest in something that’ll suit your requirements, at an excellent value for money. 

    Flexit Pocket Light Series 

    When I think of a pocket-sized flashlight, the first thing that springs to mind is the Flexit Pocket Light Series. If you’re looking for a small and compact light that can fit in a shirt pocket and provide you amazing amounts of light, then you’ll want to consider checking this out. 

    This tiny pocket light can produce 650 true lumens. Included with this powerful light source are multiple unique features. With this light, you can stick, hang, clip or stand it into position. From doing this, you can quickly place this lighting solution in an ideal location. 

    After reading the above, you now know what the best rechargeable flashlights are for backpacking. It goes without saying, all backpacker’s preferences will be widely different. However, we believe we’ve covered all areas to ensure everyone can purchase the light of their dreams with our innovative lighting solutions. 

    More into hiking? No worries, below we go into detail about the best rechargeable flashlights for hiking. 

    Best Rechargeable Flashlight for Hiking

    We understand that backpacking and hiking are two completely different activities, but they do share some characteristics. However, as a hiker, you’ll want to invest in a torch that is fit for survival, convenient, and offers you maximum safety. To help you decipher just this, I suggest you read the below best rechargeable flashlights based on these requirements. 


    When I think of survival with hikers, I picture the worst-case scenario, like being stranded. In this event, you’ll need to set up camp, and something like the Flexit Solar Flexible Flashlight could provide you with the lighting you’ll need for this. 

    While setting up, you won’t need to awkwardly place this torch in between branches, on a rock, or anything like that. This is because you can either hang, stand, magnetize, or shape it in a way that can provide you great lighting. 

    Apart from providing you a vast amount of benefits, it won’t take up much room in your backpack. Because of the design, the flashlight can be flat-packed. Considering you’re able to receive such a tremendous amount of lighting, and it doesn’t take masses amounts of room, it makes it the ideal light source for survival. 

    So if you’re interested in having a backup plan if the worst-case scenario occurs, then you should be thinking about this light. 


    Another critical factor when it comes to hiking is convenience and weight. But, not to worry, we have you covered with our impressive Flexit Headlamp Pro 6.5. Whether you’re hiking during the night or just within a dark environment like a forest, this light can provide you enough illumination to guarantee you can see where you’re going. 

    The reason this light performs so well is due to its 240° halo floodlighting paired up with a CREE spotlight. From designing the headlamp this way, you’re given excellent peripheral vision as well as distance lighting. This doesn’t just allow you to see, but it also dramatically decreases your risk of getting injured due to unknown terrain. 


    The next essential factor you need to consider when investing in a rechargeable flashlight for hiking is safety. Without a doubt, our BAMFF Tactical Flashlights shine in this area and, in particular, the 6.08.0, and 10.0 versions.

    As mentioned earlier, these are the three rechargeable tactical flashlights we offer, and they can be used to increase your safety. Each of these lights has impressive lumens ranging from 600 to 1000. From this, you’ll easily be able to deter specific animals away with the light. Apart from this, you can also use them as SOS signals, as they’re bright enough to emit an intense light for rescue. 

    Another great advantage of the BAMFF tactical flashlights is that most of them are pocket-sized. Because of this, they don’t require much room, and they’re significantly lightweight. 

    You can quickly identify which torches we provide that suit these specific needs for hikers from the above. Without a doubt, all hikers will have different requirements. However, with the light mentioned above, everyone can reek some immense benefits if they’re looking for a compact, lightweight, powerful, and affordable flashlight that is rechargeable. 


    As you can see from the above, here at STKR Concepts, we offer a vast range of different rechargeable flashlights which are tailored to provide you as many benefits as possible. We have thought carefully about how we crafted these to ensure maximum potential. 

    Now you understand the best backpacking and hiking rechargeable flashlights. There’s only one last thing to do. That’s to evaluate your needs and decide which flashlight is more suited to your requirements.

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