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  • The Absolute Best Tripod LED Work Light

    May 19, 2022 10 min read

    TRi-Mobile area work light on a tripod by STKR Concepts illuminating two male workers in the process of installing new hardwood flooring in a herringbone pattern. DIY home project after dark.

    If you are working on large-scale or small jobs, you’ll find it more convenient to do the task with a tripod LED work light around. There’s no doubt that visibility is a critical factor in completing a project.

    So, whether you are outdoor on a construction site or inside a closed room, you deserve a light source that can illuminate both in a wide and focused mode.

    Now, the only thing you need to concern yourself about is making sure that you find the absolute best tripod LED work light. And here’s why.

    Tripod LED work lights available in the market may seem to have similar features, but some are considerably more reliable than others.

    You can use it for a long time without critical issues that could hold back your project. Plus, it has additional specifications that can improve the pace of your work.

    If you are dying to know which tripod LED work light we’re referring to, then meet Tri-Mobile, STKR Concepts’ 360° Area Light, and Mobile Shoplight.

    Read on and find out more about this exciting new work light.

    male installing home insulation in an attic illuminated by the TRi-MOBILE by STKR Concepts

    What Is an LED Work Light?

    Before we look closer into the details of the Tri-Mobile, let’s talk more about LED work lights and how they are used.

    Simply put, an LED work light is a lighting device designed for illuminating job sites or project areas that have inadequate lighting. For example, it could be a closed station or office that needs movable light. But it could also be required for outdoor work that is extended or scheduled at night.

    Most work lights are transportable so that you can reposition them based on the needs of the task. Likewise, since it doesn’t require a fixed installation, you can set up a work light temporarily, specifically only during the times you need it.

    The principle with work lights is simple. You have your luminaries providing the illumination. They are attached to different mounting objects.

    White studio pic of 3 tri-mobile area lights. One sitting by itself and the other 2 are on their tripods.

    How Does a LED Work Light Utilize a Tripod?

    A tripod LED work light is specifically designed to have a tripod that holds the luminaries.

    The tripod is movable and adjustable to multiple heights. This feature is crucial since those who use a tripod LED work light often need illumination at various levels. Also, the lights often swivel or turn in a direction that eliminates shadows.

    Moreover, the tripod can be disassembled or collapsed, making it easier to transport.

    For example, if you use the tripod LED work light when repairing interior damages, you can simply pack it and bring it outside if you are about to do other work like building a deck or working on a vehicle.

    TRi-Mobile on a tripod sitting in an industrial construction setting at night

    The Absolute Best Tripod LED Work Light: TRi-MOBILE

    If you spent hours looking and questioning different tripod LED work lights, then this light just might put a stop to your search.

    Get to know the TRi-MOBILE. This innovative work light provides a variety of light arrays, making it the perfect lighting device for any job site or work area.

    It contains three pivoting light heads you can adjust and remove from the tripod if necessary. This level of flexibility, along with its high illumination capacity, encompasses the essential traits you look for in a tripod work light.

    Nonetheless, this device has plenty of other features that make it the absolute best tripod LED work light on the market.

    TRi-Mobile poster featuring one by itself and one on a tripod. arrows show the maneuverability of the LED light panels. text reads: versatile mobile shop light. direct the light where you need it

    Key Features Of the TRi-MOBILE

    Materials and Parts

    The TRi-MOBILE is made of aluminum both for its tripod frame and light panel casing.

    Aluminum is known as one of the most durable materials you can use for any device. It’s lightweight, impermeable, and can resist corrosion, making it highly sturdy.

    The light is supplied by its three dual pivoting heads containing LED panels. You may already know this by now, but among the different bulbs and light panels, LED is the most favorable for plenty of reasons. For example, LED lights are energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.

    In terms of essential parts, you can efficiently operate the device as the control setup is straightforward. 

    Once you get a hold of the TRi-MOBILE, you’ll get to test its multiple light arrays (light shapes), tripod mount, base mount with magnetic strips, and nested hang nook.


    LED lights rarely disappoint – and this is what you can expect with the illumination provided by the TRi-MOBILE. However, to understand how bright the light produced by this device is, you need to know more about lumens.

    Simply put, lumens is the unit used to measure the level of visibility produced by the light. Hence, the more lumens there are, the brighter the light and the clearer the area is. You can learn more about lumens from our article here.

    Good lighting ranges from 1000 to 5,000 lumens. Somewhere in between is the ideal level of brightness for quality work lights.

    In the case of the TRi-MOBILE, it provides 2000 lumens which are more than enough for you to perform your best work. 


    An ideal tripod work light banks on its efficiency and mobility. Most industries relying on work lights need it to be mobile most of the time.

    For example, it’s a lot easier on a construction site to simply bring a tripod work light instead of installing a semi-permanent fixture that you will eventually have to disassemble.

    It’s time-consuming and uses additional resources. On top of that, the light source is not as flexible, and the cost can be unnecessarily high.

    So, when you use TRi-MOBILE, these issues are nonexistent. The tripod is compact and lightweight. And most significantly, it’s collapsible within mere seconds, so you can bring it anywhere without consuming too much time or going through a substantial struggle.


    The fact that the TRi-MOBILE is primarily made of aluminum gives you enough information about its toughness and endurance.

    But aside from this material, STKR Concepts ensured that the device could withstand impact without critical damages.

    With that, TRi-MOBILE is known to survive a drop test on concrete without breaking, especially its LED lights. This also makes sense considering how much protection through sturdy coverage was provided for the LED light panels.


    In addition to using this LED work light with the tripod, you have a couple of other hands-free options as well. Just unmount the pivoting heads from the tripod.

    You can turn the TRi-MOBILE to a droplight by hanging it upside down. Just find something to secure the hang hook onto and the TRi-MOBILE turns it to a cordless droplight.

    Also, instead of a hook, take advantage of the magnetic property of the base. The base mount has three neodymium magnets; hence you can attach the light to a steel surface and simply position the panels where you need light.


    The TRi-MOBILE contains 4000 mAh dual lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable. This means that you can forget about running extension cables everywhere or dealing with constant battery changes. Instead, you just plug it into a USB cable to recharge it just like your cell phone.

    There’s no doubt that power is critical, especially if you rely on light for visibility. With 4000 mAH batteries, you can expect many hours of work without interruptions.

    Moreover, if you purchase a TRi-MOBILE tripod LED work light, it comes with batteries and a charger, so you don’t need to worry about buying additional hardware.


    The cornerstone of a tripod LED work light is adjustable, directional light. Whether it’s how high the lights are positioned or what light color it projects, these qualities are crucial in many job sites. 

    Hence, TRi-MOBILE was designed with multiple options that favor the efficiency and comfort of any worker.

    Light Panel Angles and Positions

    One advantage of the three dual pivoting heads is that you can rotate the panels independently in multiple directions.

    You can create a 360° lantern or a shoplight when you arrange the panels horizontally and face down. This can be very useful if you use the TRi-MOBILE in a campsite, tent, or workshop.

    Power Modes

    TRi-MOBILE also comes with three power modes.

    You can put it on its highest mode if you wish to have a brighter light. Put it into medium if you want to dial it back a bit.

    On the other hand, if you like to preserve your battery power, choose the low brightness mode.

    Color Modes

    Another exciting feature of the TRi-MOBILE is its dual LED color option. You can choose either a cool white light at 5400K or a warm white light at 4000K.

    This feature is crucial considering how light colors can affect work depending on the task or project you are completing.

    For example, studies suggest that bluish-white color produced by light panels can encourage work while the yellow color light can keep you calm.

    Height Adjustment

    One of the most vital specs of any tripod LED work light is height adjustment. After all, for many outdoor workstations, that seems to be a crucial criterion.

    Multiple options for height adjustment are necessary considering the broader job site. For example, light coverage depends on the maximum height the tripod can extend.

    In the case of the TRi-MOBILE, the height adjustor can fully extend to up to 4 feet and 8 inches. This length is more than enough for small spaces and right at the ballpark for larger areas.

    Multiple Applications

    Since the TRi-MOBILE is designed not just as a tripod LED work light, but as other types of light as well, it means you can use it even outside work. 

    Bring along your TRi-MOBILE to camp when you are hiking or when you are doing a studio photoshoot. You can also use it as an emergency light or a mainstay garage light.


    steel work bench full of tools, work lights, and scrap pieces of steel

    What Are the Other Types of LED Work Lights?

    Work lights come in different varieties depending on the degree of visibility required for your work, the scope of illumination, and the duration of the task.

    1.     Portable Work Light

    As the name suggests, a portable work light is compact and lightweight so that you can bring it from one location to another. 

    Portable work lights fit any type of workstation. They can be used indoors and outdoors. They also come with immense brightness that can increase visibility in the broader scope.

    Here are some examples of portable work lights:


    white studio image of 2 TRiLIGHT Shoplights posing for the camera
    a.     TriLight ShopLight

    The TriLight ShopLight is a great next-generation upgrade to the age-old drop light used by many a mechanic over the years.

    One of the most frustrating parts of illuminating a particular task is that you might need light from different angles or positions. These are some of the problems solved by the TriLight ShopLight.

    With its three adjustable LED heads, you can use the TriLight ShopLight as a drop light and a multidirectional shoplight. Its sturdy design makes it suitable for any type of working environment, be it your garage, a construction site, a warehouse, or even a mining site.

    Likewise, you can hang the work light using its built-in hook, place it on a flat surface, or hold it by hand. Again, you can worry less about the heat it produces as the TriLight ShopLight is cool to touch.


    White studio image of 2 mobile task lights posing for the camera
    b.     Mobile Task Light

    The Mobile Task Light is another creative solution we’ve come up with right here at STKR Concepts to make your job as easy as it can get. It is similar to the TriLight ShopLight except that instead of three LED light heads, it only has one.

    But instead of needing to be plugged in like the TriLight Shoplight, the Mobile Task Light as it’s own built-in power source.

    A vital feature of the Mobile Task Light is its four modes of lighting array. You can choose from either high, medium, low, or strobe, depending on the level of visibility required to complete the task.

    For example, if you are in the middle of a pitched-dark job site but don’t want to bother anyone with overly bright illumination, you can go for medium or low light.

    On the other hand, if you are using the work light as a signal light that will send a message to your co-workers, go for the strobe where the short bright flashes are made continuously.

    White studio pic of 2 FLEXIT Pocket Lights posing

    2.     Handheld Work Light

    If you are looking for a smaller work light that you can simply hold, you want a handheld work light.

    Sometimes minor jobs performed in tight spaces do not require larger work lights, so opting for smaller ones makes sense.

    Likewise, you will need a handheld work light if your task involves examining minute parts in closer proximity. For example, when performing automotive work such as checking engine parts, a broad light source may not suffice. Instead, you will need a concentrated light to complete the job.

    A few good examples of our handheld work lights would be the TriLight Shoplight mentioned above, our line of Tactical lights, and our Pocket Lights.


    white studio image of 2 FLEXIT Solar flashlights posing for the camera

    3.     Multiple Mount Work Light

    One of our most versatile flashlights when it comes to its ability to mount in multiple ways is our line-up of FLEXIT Flexible Flashlights.

    These lights have a magnetic base that leads up to a rubber-like shapable and formable light body. That heavy-duty base can be attached to steel surfaces at most any angle as the head can then be shaped to direct the light where it’s needed.

    You can also just set the base down on the ground and not utilize the magnets.

    At the end of the base is a rotating hook that can be used to hang the light upside down to position your light coming in from above.

    And finally, you can utilize the unique composition of the light body to shape and mold the entire light around objects to secure the light around things like small poles or tree limbs.


    Tri-Mobile use images showing it in a moto garage, a camping scene, and a home renovation scene

    Where Do You Use a Work Light?

    Work lights are used in job sites of different sorts. It includes construction sites, studios, garages, stadiums, arenas, open fields, theaters, art rooms, and other closed spaces that require light for various work.

    Since work lights are flexible and can be practically used anywhere, they are used for multiple purposes.

    Likewise, considering how dangerous doing some work in the dark is, construction sites and other workplaces treat work lights as safety equipment.

    Here are some of the industries that often utilize work lights

    • Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Warehousing
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Military
    • Aerospace
    • Automotive
    • Transportation
    3 tri mobile area work lights posing against a white studio background

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to the absolute best tripod LED work light, not just one feature stands out. Instead, all the basic specs and other inclusions solve typical problems concerning optimum visibility around the job site.

    With that, you can get the assurance that the TRi-MOBILE checks all the boxes. It’s intelligently designed to provide innovative solutions to minor and major issues about proper work light functions.

    So, with a brightness of 2000 lumens, a sturdy composition, the versatility of use, portability, rechargeable batteries, and multiple light arrays, you can definitely get your money’s worth.

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