Poor Garage Lighting - Is your dad a victim of poor lighting in the garage?

June 09, 2020

Poor Garage Lighting - Is your dad a victim of poor lighting in the garage?

Is your dad, boyfriend, husband, or better half a victim of poor lighting in the garage? Are you a victim of poor lighting in your own garage, shed, barn, or other large room in your house?  The garage is the biggest room in your house, and often the worst lighting. The M.P.I. is a multi-point garage lighting system that is designed to light an entire garage with 5 points of light, all powered from one standard light socket.  This is the perfect opportunity to get your father the perfect Father's Day gift!  Light up his dad domain!  (Enjoy the video outtakes and bloopers at the end of the video. We had a fun time filming this!).

The M.P.I. is the latest innovation in “full-room” lighting, and can light an entire 2 car garage without any electrical wiring, or an electrician!  M.P.I. stands for Multi-Point Illumination, and unlike a traditional light fixture which has a single point of illumination, the MPI creates five points of light.  These 5 points spread light to all corners of the room or garage, filling the entire space and reducing shadows caused by traditional light output.  The best thing is, it does it with the existing light fixture that is probably already on your garage ceiling!

Garage LED lighting that screws in light a light bulb - Easy Installation

The system installs in minutes.  Anyone can do this with the most basic tools, and the MPI comes equipped with everything you need to install.  The main hub is as easy to install as a light bulb and simply screws into your existing light fixture. Then, position and mount the 4 satellite LED Light pods anywhere in the room, up to 9.5 feet away from the hub.  The end result is five points of illumination filling the entire room with 7500 lumens of light. Nearly 10x the light output of a traditional light bulb. 

best garage light is the MPI garage ceiling light beats all deformable lights

The MPI is equipped with the newest tech in motion sensing and can detect even the slightest movements. It can also be bypassed by flicking the light switch, which is a very useful feature should you temporarily not need motion sensing.

The MPI Garage light is easy to install in about 20 minutes

Finally, the M.P.I. offers a USB power port in the main hub allowing users to easily plug any security camera directly into the main hub and power it from that single power source. Also a smart feature for anyone who has run extension cords all over their walls and ceiling to power a security camera!

compare the MPI motion activated garage light to florescent lights

There are a lot of lights on the market, especially on Amazon.com.  Buyer beware of cheap copy lights on the market that make unbelievable claims to Lumens, quality, brightness, or warranty.  Buy from a reputable brand like STKR Concepts who is based here in the USA.  They are original inventors that design their own quality products, test them to safety standards, and even have 3rd part laboratories certify them for safety!  Plus, they answer the phone should you have any questions or issues.  If you want to save some money and buy direct from STKR, use coupon code: STKR15 on the shopping cart to save 15% anytime. 

garage lighting comparison with MPI LED motion activated garage light


This lighting system can work anywhere in your home, shop, or even barn. It outperforms any florescent light with new LED lighting technology. For more information on the MPI, visit: https://stkrconcepts.com/pages/mpi-multi-point-illumination  For more information on STKR Concepts and more innovative lighting, work lights, garage lights, flashlights, and headlamps, visit: https://stkrconcepts.com

well lit garage with MPI Motion activated garage light LEDuser garage with spectacular lighting mpi trilight motion deformable garage light

Garage lighting system no electrical wiring required MPI Motion LED Light

dream garage lighting with no shadows 5 points of light motion sensor LED garage light STKR

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