New FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5

March 12, 2019

STKR Concepts FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5 - 180 degree headlamp lighting - Striker

A low-profile, comfort fit headlamp with 180 degree “Halo” lighting
The classic headlamp is widely considered a necessary piece of equipment for hands-free lighting.  However, headlamp evolution seems to have come to a glaring halt.  Typical designs consist of a single point light resting in a bulky enclosure that is cantilevered off the forehead of the user.  This traditional design can often be clunky and unnatural on the head, and invariably results in tunnel vision for the user.  STKR Concepts evaluated the concept of the headlamp and went to work to redefine the rules of head mounted lighting.  Introducing the FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5. 
Weighing in at only 5.8oz, the light-weight FLEXIT Headlamp combines comfort & ergonomics, with performance & usability.  The low-profile design conforms to the specific user, keeping all mass close to the head and evenly distributed.  This design style minimizes unintended motion of the headlamp during rigorous activities, while also maximizing user comfort.  The FLEXIT Headlamp can easily be worn all night thanks to a laminated layer of foam and soft-touch felt, which not only emulates a pillow like softness, but also controls sweat in hot environments. 

FLEXIT Headlamp 2.5 180 degree lighting
Tunnel vision is eliminated by utilizing side mounted flood LEDs that create 180° “HALO style” lighting, illuminating the user’s peripheral vision and creating a more useful spread of light.  A center mounted CREE wide-angle spotlight projects 250 lumens into the darkness from its center perch.  The direction of the center spotlight is adjustable, allowing the user to aim the light toward their desired focal point.  
The FLEXIT Headlamp features 5 modes including a unique hazard feature which enables the rear facing red light and side mounted flood lights to blink, while the focal spotlight remains solid on high power.  This ensures that the user is seen from all angles, but still allows the user to adequately illuminate the task at hand.  This safety feature is perfect for identifying a lost hiker, illuminating a runner or biker, or alerting oncoming traffic during roadside repair.
Hands-free lighting is a must in many situations, and the evolutionary design of the FLEXIT Headlamp increases overall usability no matter what the condition.  Use the FLEXIT Headlamp when camping, hiking, running, or biking.  Mechanics and tradesmen will also appreciate the benefits of the low-profile design and “Halo” lighting to ensure all low-light tasks are well lit.

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