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How to Back Into a Garage

July 27, 2022 5 min read

Yellow Corvette backed into a garage. STKR side sensor in the foreground.

Backing into a normal parking space is an ability that can be difficult to learn. Despite how practice makes perfect, it can be a nerve-racking skill to learn since working backward can increase the risk of bumping into something and damaging the car. This is even more true if you have a poorly lit and small garage. Oftentimes garages are used for storage or workbenches and not just cars, making it a difficult but still possible task to fit your car into the same space. Luckily there are several tricks and tools you can try out!

Having a tight, dark garage can be frustrating to park in. We get it! Constantly bumping into your garage walls or parking too far forwards or backward can make the simple act of parking seem like an impossible task. But with a few good tips and tricks, you can make this daunting task an easy one, and you soon will not even remember how hard it used to be. Read along to discover some tips and steps to follow in order to learn how to back into a tight garage! 


the original garage parking sensor and the side sensor from STKR Concepts


Utilize a Parking Assistant Tool

There have been several different products made to solve this common problem. The classic tennis ball hanging from the ceiling can be useful, but has a difficult installation process and can even act as an obstacle in the garage. Laser pointers are another option but can be potentially damaging to your well-being and are not ideal for backing in. In order to solve the original problem and avoid the challenges other products produce we have created the STKR Garage Parking Sensor.

This sensor can be programmed to let you know exactly when your car is in the perfect spot. It has an easy installation process, does not require a connection to an electrical outlet, and can even light your walkway as you get to your car. It uses green, yellow, and red to signal just how close you are to your target parking spot. If your garage space changes, it is also incredibly easy to move around and readjust to your needs. Using this tool can easily let you know when you hit your mark and does not add any extra hassle or clutter to your small garage. 

What about a side sensor?

We now even offer a side sensor so that you don't accidentally hit the sides of the opening of your garage door. This helps you keep those mirrors safe.

Practice Your Parking

The next thing you should consider is practicing how to back into your garage. Essentially, you back into a parking space the same way you pull into one but your movements are just reversed. But flipping this action, even if it is well known to you, can be difficult to conceptualize. So to assist with this, here are a few outlined steps to help you understand what you need to do. If you are a visual learner, drawing out your movements onto a piece of paper might make this easier to conceptualize.

  1. Arrive at your parking space and pull up perpendicular to the space while checking for cars driving around you
  2. As you approach your garage, make sure your back bumper is slightly in front of your target goal
  3. Shift your car into reverse and turn the wheel in the direction you want to go (if your garage is to the right of you, turn the wheel to the right)
  4. As you begin to align with your parking space straighten out the car, slowly adjusting it as you reference your surroundings with your mirrors
  5. Once your car is aligned straight with your parking space, slowly back into the parking space.
  6. Shift the car into park, and you are done!

Practice does make perfect, so if you are struggling with maneuvering the car, try and practice these steps in an empty parking lot. This way you do not have to worry about hitting your garage walls or other cars and you can repeat the steps as many times as you need before you feel comfortable trying it in your own garage. The practice can also make you feel more relaxed, which can help you not overthink the process which can aid in your performance on its own!

Create Adequate Space

Making enough space for a car to park will result in it being easier to park overall. Even though tight garages make it difficult to minimize the mess, some light organization and storage methods can support you by giving just a little more space for your car to park. You can get creative with various storage practices that will open up your garage's floor space and give you more wiggle room to park. These days there are ways to store items overhead your garage and through wall storage designs. No matter how you choose to do it, a neat space will lessen the chance you will hit the sides of the garage.

Outline Parking Space

On top of using a product like the STKR Garage Parking Sensor, marking out your parking space can make it easier to visualize where you need to be. The boundary can help in two ways. First, it gives you a clear visual location of where the car needs to be. Secondly, it also makes an outline where you know to keep clear of your other items. Chalk is an easy way to do this. You can simply draw a line around your car while it sits in the ideal place, then look at it through windows and mirrors to guide you where you need to be!


clean and organized garage space brightly lit by a TRiLIGHT screw in bulb replacement by STKR Concepts

Ensure Your Garage is Properly Lit

We often take it for granted, but proper lighting can have an improving impact on our ability to judge distance. Especially when you are standing outside in the sun trying to see into a dark garage, your eyes struggle with this much contrast. This discrepancy only adds to the difficultly of backing into a small garage. Adding lights that shine of the space that you park in your garage can ease your efforts in parking correctly. Even painting the walls of your garage bright colors can help out your vision and keep you from accidentally hitting something in your garage with your car. If you want to know more about different and efficient ways to light your garage, click here.

Watch Someone Else Park

Sometimes the hardest struggle of learning to back into your garage is simply being able to get your head around the maneuvering and visualize how you need to instruct the car to move. If you still struggle after using some other tricks, try to watch someone else reverse into a parking spot. You can observe as people back into parking spots or watch your neighbors park in their own garages, just to see how they direct and navigate the car. Possibly the most useful way is to get assistance from someone you know and watch them back into your own garage. This way you can see exactly what you need to do within your space and you can use them to help you practice as well. Particularly if you are one who learns through either observation or hands-on application, practicing this way can get you to nail down this ability.


Following these tips and tricks can help you gain the skills and practice needed to perfect your technique of backing into a tight garage. It is not an easy task, but utilizing tools such as the STKR Garage Parking Sensors and practicing with a friend can significantly improve your ability to back into any garage without a problem. Releasing you from the stress of parking and giving you the ability to know your car will stay in tip-top shape!

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