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Garage Lighting - The Easy / Smart Way!

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Do you have poor lighting in your garage, or other large space such as an attic, basement, barn, man cave?  Why is common for the biggest room in your house to have the worst lighting?  Many garages come wired with a single light bulb!  A single light bulb puts out an average of 800 lumens while pulling 60watts of power.  It is just not enough to light up such a large space. 

The options to upgrade are common, but typically require the user to hire an electrician to hard wire in florescent lighting.  Other homeowners opt to just hang 4' shop lights all over the place and live with a web of extension cords across the ceiling and often are not connected to the light switch.   

STKR Concepts invented the alternative with the TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Garage Ceiling Light, and recently introduced the MPI Light, A Multi-Point Illuminating Motion Actived Garage Ceiling Light. 

MPI - Multi Point Illumination - Motion Activated Garage Ceiling Light

Both are extremely powerful, LED, motion activated garage lights that simply screw into your existing light fixture.  Also, both are much easier, and after all expenses are paid, even cheaper than the options explained above. See the following videos for direct installation comparisons with the TRiLight!

Finally, these options are manufactured to UL standards, tested and certified by a National 3rd party testing agency.  That means they are SAFE to install into your home electrical system (BEWARE OF CHEAP CHINESE COPIES THAT ARE UNSAFE FOR THE HOME - COMMONLY CALLED "DEFORMABLE GARAGE LIGHTS", OR "TRIBRIGHT")    

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