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  • Garage Lighting That Doesn't Require Hardwiring

    September 02, 2020 8 min read

    Garage Lighting That Doesn't Require Hardwiring STKR Concepts

    Did you know that, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, there are more than 51,000 electrical fires a year, and these fires kill around 500 people annually? But aside from the fire hazards that hard wiring presents, it is also costly, it consumes a lot of time and involves a lot of work. Even when it comes to your garage lighting, hardwiring takes more than just fiddling with the wires.

    Garage lighting that doesn't require hardwiring at all includes some lighting products that work on batteries, while others like the STKR TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light and the STKR Multi-Point Illumination can replace your existing light bulb.

    Which of these products should you go for if you hate the idea of messing with electrical wires? Why are they better choices than just buying another light bulb? Read on as we tackle each option.

    STKR TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling LightAs Easy as Screwing in a Light Bulb

    When your garage or work areas are illuminated by a single light bulb, either the space is too dark for it to be safe or you’re paying a lot to keep the lights on. If you have ever tried working in your garage in semi-darkness or with only a single light bulb to help you see what you’re doing, then you know how frustrating it can get.

    Of course, the quick and easy option is to replace your current bulb with a brighter one. But it used to be that the problem with a brighter bulb is that it consumes more wattage, and will cause significant increases in your power bill. For example, if you are currently using a 40-watt lamp that produces around 460 lumens, you can switch to a bulb that gives off around 1,600 lumens, which will consume around 100 watts of power per hour.

    That's not a problem with products like the STKR TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light. It delivers 4,000 lumens of brightness, which is enough brightness for most typical 1 or 2 car garages. Of course, when it comes to lighting a garage, more is always better.  One unit will light the garage immensely better than stock lighting.

    It will be more than adequate for general garage use, however you may consider more than one unit for a two-car garage that is also used as a workspace.  You may also consider the more powerful M.P.I. Garage Ceiling Lighting System, which is explained later in this article.

    According to the product's specs sheet, TRiLIGHT only consumes 24 watts per hour, beating out the 60 watts needed to get 800 lumens out from the traditional light bulb. In short, it shines five times brighter, while using only 40 percent of the electricity used by traditional light bulbs.

    The TRiLIGHT also lasts 50,000 hours, much longer than the 1,000 hours of service you get from the average light bulb. This means that you get to save yourself the trouble of buying up to 50 bulbs when you get the STKR TRiLIGHT. In theory, you can install the TRiLIGHT and forget about replacing it.

    But more than the extra brightness, lower power consumption, and the super long life, TRiLIGHT doesn't need to be hardwired; you can just screw it into an existing light socket. You do not need extension cords, additional hardware, or an electrician to install it for you.

    What's more, it comes with several convenience features, such as a motion sensor that will turn the lights on when it senses motion. It also saves you more money when this motion sensor turns the lights off after 90 seconds of not detecting any movements. You can also adjust the heads to aim the light where you need it.

    Why STKR TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light Is a Good Option for You

    In summary, the STKR TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Ceiling Light is an excellent option if you don’t want to go through hardwiring your garage lighting. You can just screw it into an open light socket and adjust the lighting heads to the areas that need more illumination.

    It’s brighter than the traditional bulbs, yet it consumes less power. It also has an adjustable motion sensor that can turn the lights on or off by itself.

    Due to the success of the STKR TRiLIGHT, there are now a ton of copies on the market.  Avoid the cheap copies.  Not only are the cheap Chinese copy factories unethical in stealing intellectual property, trademarks, designs, etc., but their products are not tested to UL safety standards.  They are built to lesser quality, they are dishonest with their claims about performance, lumens, wattage, and warranty.  In fact, despite the fact that they offer the same warranty as STKR, there is actually no warranty beyond the 30 days you can return it to Amazon, and no contact information for the factory in China.  Buyer beware!


    Mr. Beams MB990 Ultra Bright Ceiling Light: Batteries Are a Go

    If you want to replace your garage light but don't want to fiddle with wires or call in an electrician, another option is to go for a product that runs on batteries.

    There are products like the Mr. Beams MB990 Ultra Bright Ceiling Light. The product comes with screws, allowing you to install the base and then twist in the main light housing. But

    You can use it as a complementary light source or even as the main light when you don't have a light socket available. It comes with an automatic motion sensor that turns the lights on when it detects movement and shuts it off after 20 seconds of stillness.

    To further save on batteries, the Mr. Beams MB990 only activates when it's dark, so you're not needlessly shining the light on when you're in the garage during the day. You can also use this product outdoors because of its weather-proof housing.

    Before You Buy

    The MB990 has a brightness rating of only 300 lumens, which does not really light up the room entirely. But you can buy these in a two- or four-pack set, allowing you to add in as many lights as the room needs.

    Moreover, regularly changing batteries on this LED ceiling light may be cumbersome and wasteful if you use primary batteries.

    In sum, you might need around 13 to 14 of the MB990 to get the same level of brightness as STKR's TRiLIGHT, and imagine just how many batteries you'd need to power all that.

    Why Mr. Beams MB990 Ultra Bright Ceiling Light Is an Option 

    Mr. Beams MB990 Ultra Bright Ceiling Light may not be as bright as our other recommendations here, but if you want an easy way to add more lights without hardwiring, batteries are a simple way to go. All you have to do is to stick it where you need more lights and you’re good.


    STKR Multi-Point Illumination: No-Fuss, No Hardwiring Lights for a Bigger Space

    While the TRiLIGHT is great for average-sized one or two-door garages, you might want to have a brighter light source for a bigger garage or one that you've converted into a work area. With a product like the STKR Multi-Point Illumination, you no longer have to work on your big bike or restore a car in semi-darkness.

    The STK MPI has a main hub and four pods that provide your garage with five points of light totaling 7,500 true lumens. This makes it brighter than nine incandescent light bulbs.

    The hub screws into the standard E26 or E27 light socket and the four pods are connected to the hub via cable. You can install the pods using the ceiling plates, which you can attach anywhere in your garage.

    Each pod can be installed up to 9.5 feet (2.9 meters) away from the hub, giving you the flexibility to put lights over areas where you need them more.

    This product casts a daylight white color temperature (5400K) and, as such, it closely mimics natural sunlight. LED lights that are this bright and of this color temperature have some supposed health benefits, which include:

    • Correcting your body clock
    • Decreasing the frequency of headaches stemming from not having enough task lighting
    • Increasing your productivity
    • Decreasing anxiety and stress
    • Easy on the eyes for detail work

    So not only will a product like the STKR MPI allow you to avoid accidents while working in your garage, but it could also help you do more with your time.

    The STKR MPI's hub measures 7.6 by 7.5 by 4.3 inches (19.3 by 19.1 by 10.9 centimeters), while the pods measure 4.1 by 3.9 by 2 inches (10.4 by 9.9 by 5.08 centimeters). The larger hub has a slot for an embedded USB power source that allows you to also install a compatible security camera and wire it from the hub.  This beats how most people wire their security cameras with extension cords up the walls and ceiling.

    This product also comes with a motion sensor that can detect movement from 20 feet (6.1 meters). So just by opening the garage door, the STKR MPI will automatically light up, lessening the need for you to flick a switch when you have your hands full.

    The motion sensor is also adjustable.  Max power is good for larger garages while turning the power down allows it to be used in smaller rooms without detecting motion through walls.  Yes, through walls!  The motion sensors on STKR’s ceiling lights are that good!

    Why the STKR Multi-Point Illumination Is a Great Option for You

    The STKR Multi-Point Illumination allows you to go from using one dim light bulb to having five different light sources, each one giving you intense brightness. What's more, it doesn't use up too much electricity and comes with benefits that go beyond just making your garage brighter.


    Conclusion: Upgrade With Convenience and Safety

    One of the reasons why people might be hesitant to use the M.P.I Garage Light is that the wires going to the 4 pods are exposed for the entire world to see.  Leave that concern behind.  The design of the MPI takes that into consideration and you end up with a very clean looking design element on your ceiling.  Plus, the focus here is quality lighting in your garage, not finish lighting in your living room.

    With the TRiLIGHT, you will be using an existing light socket with no wires to deal with, and with the STKR MPI, you have a product that comes with a cable management system that allows you to easily keep the exposed wires neatly in place and end up with a total of 5 lights in your garage from one light socket. Both products make your workspace and garage a whole lot brighter.

    If you don’t have an available light socket, you can always add battery-powered ceiling lights wherever you need them. However, battery-operated products like the MB990 tend to be dimmer than a traditional light bulb. It can complement your existing garage lighting, but it is not enough on its own.

    Another option if you don’t have a light socket is to plug the TRiLIGHT Shoplight into the garage door outlet that is commonly on the ceiling.  This will give you the same quality light, and the added functionality of the brightest droplight on the market.  However, you should note that the shoplight does not have a motion sensor.

    Of course, STKR Concepts designs and manufactures all sorts of other garage lighting, work lights, shop lights, camping lights, safety lights, and flashlights.  Be sure to check out all the lighting products available to ensure you are ready for your next project, outing, or emergency situation!

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