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  • Best Pocket Flashlight for Mechanics

    March 04, 2022 5 min read

    FLEXIT Pocket Light illuminating the engine bay of a Datsun Z car

    Pocket flashlights can be the source of major frustration for many mechanics. It can be hard to find a flashlight that actually illuminates enough space when you are working with smaller lights and you might find that your pocket flashlight does not carry enough charge to get you through a project that you are working on. If you have been frustrated with the performance of prior purchases, you have probably been working with the wrong kind of pocket flashlight.

    The best pocket flashlight for mechanics will offer enough hours of illumination and enough durability to actually be useful for projects both large and small. This flashlight also needs to offer up a minimum of 200 lumens, but in a perfect world, it will offer something closer to 400 or higher. High-quality pocket flashlights for mechanics will last for at least 2 days and offer enough power to make most tasks easy, even when done at night.

    If you have been looking for the best pocket flashlight for mechanics, read on to learn more!

     FLEXIT Pocket light poster featuring it clipped to a backpack strap, hooked to the underside of a car hood, and a two pose studio shot. Text reads: A modern-day multi-use flexible flashlight. 180° flexible head, bend to aim light where you need it. Up to 650 lumens.

    What Features Does a Quality Pocket Flashlight Need to Have?

    If you are looking for a pocket flashlight for a mechanic, you need to make sure that it has some features that will make it perfect for this use. Regular flashlights and other kinds of lights will not typically offer the features that are needed for this kind of use.

    •         Flexible Head

    This is a key feature for use in this kind of environment.  You will want to have a pocket flashlight that has at least 180 degrees of rotation. This feature allows a pocket flashlight to be useful in small spaces as well as being useful at any angle that is needed.

    Making sure that your pocket flashlight will allow you to see in any kind of condition is really important. You can make a light that is not easy to position work out, but it will be hard.

    •         High Lumens

    You should always aim for a pocket flashlight that offers a lot of lumens for this kind of use. You will not get the power or usefulness out of light with low lumens that you will need for mechanical uses. A minimum of 400 lumens is ideal for this kind of use. You can get even higher lumen levels in quality lights if you want them.

    •         Weather Resistant

    Using a light for mechanical jobs means that you need a light that is weather resistant. Your pocket flashlight might get wet or have liquid spilled on it. This is a non-negotiable item for mechanics when they are looking into a flashlight for their use.

    •         Long Runtime

    Make sure that your pocket flashlight will be powered on a single charge for at least 24 hours. It is ideal to look into a light that will last even longer. Most quality lights are USB chargeable. This makes it really easy to keep them ready for use at any time that they are needed.

    •         Variable Light Settings

    You will also need to have a light that offers various light settings. A floodlight setting can be very helpful as can a more focused spotlight setting. You will want to be able to adjust the light to provide the necessary amount of illumination for your work. Many of these lights offer four levels of lighting for your needs.

    •         Modes of Use

    An ideal pocket flashlight will have the option to clip it to a lanyard, belt, or other surfaces. It will also need to let you arrange it as a stand-up light. This can make the light much more useful in many different kinds of situations than if the light was only able to be used in one fashion.

    Flexit Pocket light attached to a Datsun Z car illuminating the front wheel area

    What is the Best Rechargeable Flashlight for Automotive Technicians?

    There are some really great pocket flashlights on the market that will meet all of the needs that we have discussed. Ideally, you want to pick one that offers every factor on this list so that you will enjoy years of usable life out of your new pocket flashlight.

    The Flexit Pocket Light Series will provide you with all the features on this list and more. You will find that there are not many other lights on the market that can be used in the many kinds of ways that this light can be used.

    Small but mighty is the motto of this great light and you will be able to use it for stand-up use as well as using it clipped to a belt or another surface. This light offers a great range of functions and features for all kinds of use, from mechanic projects to camping use.

    If you would prefer to have a tactical pocket light that works more like a traditional flashlight, you will want one of the B.A.M.F.F series lights. These lights are very high lumens, reaching all the way to 1000 lumens, and they are easy to carry and position.

    This light series offers a great range of focus options. You can use this light like a floodlight or a spotlight as it comes with dual LEDs. It shines the most when it is being carried, but it can be a great option if you want a more traditional feel to your light choice for your mechanic projects.

    Young woman wearing a hard hat with a FLEXIT headlamp 2.5 by STKR Concepts

    What Are the Best Flashlights for Industrial Maintenance?

    While the Flexit Pocket Light series will offer the most suitable user experience for mechanical projects, there are some times that you need to have a light that will fit on your hard hat. The Flexit Series also offers great headlamps that will take care of your needs when you are wearing a hard hat. This style of light is perfect for use on a hard hat due to its flexible nature.

    These great lights are really comfortable to wear, coming in a 250 and a 650-lumen option, and help you to have a better peripheral vision from both sides. The side-mounted lights make this light truly unique and you will be able to see more than you ever thought possible when wearing a headlamp.

    These lights pair really well with the Flexit clips that are made for this series of lights. You can wear the headlamp series without a hard hat as well, but you will find that the clips work really well to make sure that your headlamp stays on no matter what your activity level needs to be. This is one of the strong points of every light in the Flexit series, as they are made to be used in many different environments, on many different surfaces, and at many different angles.

    The Flexit headlamp series can be angled and adjusted just like the pocket flashlight to provide you with optimal lighting for every job that you might have to get done. There is nothing that is more comforting than knowing that you will be able to see no matter what when you head out on a job. This is especially true if you need to work in inclement weather or places without any natural lighting.

    STKR FELXIT Pocket Light 4.0 magnetically attached to a toolbox

    There is no Exchange for a Quality Light

    Quality pocket lights will offer all of the features that you need to be able to see and work in safety no matter what the conditions are. The Flexit Pocket Light Series is the perfect fit for mechanics for a whole host of reasons. You will not find a better light for your needs.

    Making sure that you have the perfect pocket flashlight on hand for all your mechanic jobs is the best way to be sure that you will never have to work in the dark or work blind ever again!

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