Very well lit 2 car garage with a white sports car parked on the left side. Full room lighting provided by an MPI system from STKR Concepts.

3 Garage Lighting Alternatives to Brighten Up Your Space

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Your garage is probably one of the most obscure areas in your house. Nevertheless, the amount of work you do in this room does not only require light but exceptional light.

Garage lighting comes with conventional light sources. However, if you are looking for more options to illuminate your garage without installing a traditional light bulb, we have it covered right here.

Read on and find out the best garage lighting alternatives for your home.

Conventional Garage Lighting

Unlike in other parts of your house, the use of light in the garage often comes with a particular purpose. 

Whether you’re fixing your car or going through storage boxes, light is non-negotiable, especially if you have no options for natural light. Hence, when designing the garage, the following traditional lighting devices are utilized.

fluorescent lighting example

Fluorescent Light

People recognize fluorescent light as a tube-shaped light fixture. Inside, it contains mercury vapors that are ionized to produce light. 

Fluorescent bulbs and lamps are some of the most common lighting sources used in a standard garage. If you rarely use your garage or just keep it around for storage, a 2-tube fluorescent bulb could suffice. On the other hand, if you have a larger garage or often use it to carry out multiple tasks, simply adding more fluorescent bulbs could get you by.

However, nowadays, people are hesitant to use fluorescent lights. Part of the reason is that its mercury content can be harmful to the entire household. 

It also requires a ballast to work. These generally require someone with electrical training to install. This fixture can sometimes malfunction and get damaged, and replacing it can be expensive.

incandescent light bulb example

Incandescent Bulbs

The incandescent bulb is a traditional and one of the first lighting fixtures invented for public use. It is commonly made of a glass casing with a tungsten filament inside.

The light gets generated when the filament is heated, reaching enough temperature to allow the passage of the electrical current. Incandescent bulbs produce yellow light.

However, as it relies on heat to generate the said light, it could significantly warm your garage. Hence, you may want to install air conditioning in the room. A lot of energy is wasted and is a very inefficient lighting source.

Also, the life of the bulb is too short. Moreover, it is considered energy inefficient as it has high replacement costs as well. 

halogen bulb example

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are just like incandescent lights except that it consumes less energy. 

The interaction between halogen and tungsten vapor makes the light more durable than incandescent lights. In addition, the halogen cycle prevents tungsten evaporation that keeps it from depositing in the filament, degrading the material.

However, unlike incandescent light, the halogen bulb produced white light similar to daylight. As a result, it prevents eye strain making it ideal for work that could last long.

Although halogen bulbs are more ideal than the abovementioned light fixtures, it tends to be more costly. 

Furthermore, since it also depends on the heat produced by the filament, you will most likely need to have a cooling system in your garage. Otherwise, you will have to endure the warm temperature in the garage during summers.

Diagram of an LED bulb

LED Lights

LED lights are your best choice for garage lighting or any lighting for that matter if you want energy-efficient light fixtures that have a long lifespan and perform at a high level. 

Unlike the abovementioned lighting options, LED bulbs do not rely on heat to produce light. Instead, it utilizes diodes to allow the flow of electric current, which generates luminosity.

Not surprisingly, LED lights go against the disadvantages of other garage lighting options. 

For starters, it doesn’t produce heat, doesn’t contain toxic chemicals like mercury, or emit UV rays and infrared. The light also appears without delay due to the absence of a warm-up interval.


Full room garage lighting using the MPI Multi Point Illumination system by STKR Concepts. Male on a ladder installing one of the 4 light pods. Center piece already installed and lit up.

Are LED Lights Good for a Garage?

Yes, LED lights are perfect for garage lighting because they emit light ideal for meticulous work such as fixing your car, carrying out woodworking, and going through storage boxes. 

They also provide cool light temperature, which suits a garage that lacks a cooling system. LED lights are also energy efficient. 

Therefore, you can work for hours without worrying about your electric bill.


Dad's favorite garage lighting poster featuring the MPI, TRiLIGHT, and Mobile Task Light. Also shows a male figure installing an MPI to his garage ceiling.

The Best Garage Lighting Alternatives

When it comes to garage lighting, the bar gets higher when you consider factors such as luminosity, efficiency, lifespan, and smart design. 

For example, the number of lumens needed to do specific jobs should be strictly met by the lighting source you install.

Lighting fixtures and devices evolve to solve common problems concerning their work use, especially those requiring manual labor.

Newer garage lighting devices and several alternatives are designed to cater to the multifunctional role of your garage. Three of which were proudly created by us right here at STKR Concepts. 

Find out which one speaks to your needs the most.


MPI split poster featuring white studio pic on one side and a garage use case on the other.

MultiPoint Illumination

If it’s a ceiling light fixture you’re looking for, then you can never go wrong with the MultiPoint Illumination (MPI). This easy-to-install light source requires no professional help. Simply twist in the main light hub and then attach the four light pods in an array around the base.

The multiple pods in an MPI secure the wide distribution of light with a brightness of 7500 True Lumens. 

Light can be turned on via a motion sensor. This means that you can just walk inside the dark garage, and the whole room will be flooded by light. Thus, eliminating the struggle to find the switch. 

Nonetheless, if you wish to go back to the conventional light switch, you still have the option to turn off the motion sensor.

What’s interesting with the MPI is the additional features that include a power supply for any compatible security camera. 

You can simply position the camera next to the light fixture. Moreover, MPI comes with a cable management system making it look more visually organized while avoiding the need to hire an electrician to wire up your garage.


TriLight Shoplight

STKR concepts presents the TriLight Shoplight designed for easy installation and multiple lighting use. It is perfect for those who don’t frequently use their garage, but it requires a powerful multidirectional light source when the need arises.

This drop light can be adjusted up to 360 degrees and has multiple light arrays. With 3000 true lumens, you can expect sufficient brightness for longer hours.

 Additionally, the TriLight Shoplight uses three aluminum LED heads which ensures a cooler temperature. This means that you can work on repairs without accidentally burning your hands on the drop light.

The TriLight is made of durable materials. Plus, you can simply hang the device on a hook. So if you need a light for outdoor activities, you can take it with you. Just bring an extension cord.

Likewise, if you need light closer to your project, simply bring your TriLight nearby. Due to these multiple uses, you can be assured that it’s worth every dime you spend. 


Trilight screw in garage lighting unit with a product shop and a before and after 60 watt bulb versus LED garage pics

The Original TriLight

If you like the idea of the MPI above but only need one point of light, then this screw-in light bulb replacement has you covered. It looks just like the TriLight Shoplight above but is a super bulb that you screw directly into your old socket. 

It has about 4000 lumens of LED lighting and comes with a motion sensor for switchless operation. It also has three panels of LEDs that can be adjusted for directional lighting.

TRi-Mobile banner featuring one studio shot and 3 use cases including a camping scene, a man installing insulation in his attic, and finally an industrial construction night scene.


If you like the looks of the TRiLIGHT but wish it could be mounted on top of a tripod then we've got just the thing for you!

The TRi-MOBILE is a heavy duty work light designed much like a temporary jobsite light in that you can move all around your work space and the four foot tall tripod can telescope up and down to dial in just the right light height.

The three blades of LED panes are very special on this model in that then can rotate and twist to make some very cool and extremely useful lighting arrays. You can create a full 360 degree spread or angle all three panels to aim at the same area to create a focused spot light just to name a couple of the many options.

The TRi-MOBILE is the first of our line up to give you two different color lighting options. You can choose between 5400K for more of a daylight white and 4000K for more of a warm white.

Inside this light is a built-in 2000 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery which makes this a perfect portable work light.

You can stand this light directly on the ground, mount it on an optional tripod, hang it from a built-in hanging hook, or mount it to most any steel surfaces using the three neodymium magnets in it's base.


STKR Concepts' Mobile Task Light sitting on a garage floor light up the underside of a vehicle that is jacked up inside a garage.

Mobile Task Light

If your stay in the garage constitutes short but significant work, you can simply turn to rechargeable light sources. If this is the case, the Mobile Task Light could be the lighting device you need.

This portable compact light is durable and can be used outside the garage as well. It’s lightweight, which means you can bring it out during hiking or camping. You can even bring it when you travel in case you encounter problems with your car.

The Mobile Task Light is highly adjustable with its rotating light head. 

Furthermore, saving more energy with your garage lighting can be within your reach using the Mobile Task Light. 

Since it is rechargeable, you can also use it during blackouts or whenever electricity is inaccessible.


Mobile Task Light illuminating a race car engine bay

How Can I Light My Garage Without Electricity?

If there’s limited power options in your garage or you just want a portable option, then rechargeable TRi-Mobile and the Mobile Task Light are the perfect devices. 

These portable lights are compact and do not require to be plugged in when used as long as the batteries are charged.

Likewise, you can consider other portable devices such as the following:

FLEXIT flexible family pic featuring all four of our magnetic base flexible lights
two of our STKR FLEXIT Pocket Lights posing in a white studio environment


STKR Concepts designs garage lighting alternatives suitable for heavy work that can easily outperform the competition. 

You can expect ample brightness, efficient energy use, compact models, multi-functioning light devices, and more features that serve well for your projects, repairs, and more.  

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