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The STKR® Ultra-Sonic Parking Sensor

June 01, 2015 2 min read

The STKR® Ultra-Sonic Parking Sensor


Troutman, NC - STKR is proud to announce their latest re-invention, the new and improved Ultra-Sonic Parking Sensor.  In true STKR fashion, they have taken an already successful product to the next level in terms of usability and function.
The STKR Parking Sensor is designed to take the guess work out of parking your car in tight garage spaces. It features adjustable, ultrasonic range-finding technology to accurately locate a vehicle within your desired parking constraints.  Simply mount the sensor unit in front of the car at bumper level.  Then mount the signal light in a position easily viewed from the driver's seat.  Lastly, park your car exactly where you want it and press the set button.  That’s it!  Next time the driver approaches the sensor, they will see a green light indicating that it is safe to proceed and then a yellow light will illuminate as a warning to slow down. Finally, when the car is at the chosen distance, a red light will illuminate, signaling the driver to stop the car.  It makes parking it tight spots a cinch!  As an added bonus, the red light activates a timed LED light that illuminates the users’ walkway for a full two minutes. 
The STKR Parking Sensor eliminates the dents and dings from garage "fender benders" and allows you to safely close the garage door every time. It is easy to install and comes complete with all mounting hardware, instructions and warranty. 
The STKR Ultra-Sonic Parking Sensor is available now at an MSRP of $29.99. For additional information, pictures, and demo videos please visit www.STKRconcepts.com or call 704-508-1031.
*Note: Editors can download 300dpi photos & press releases at: http://files.stkrconcepts.com/press_images/STKR_Garage-Parking-Sensor.zip
STKR’s goal is to provide customers with the most innovative design solutions to accomplish tasks with ease and convenience. Visit the STKR website at: www.STKRconcepts.com for more information.

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