14 Gift Ideas for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

14 Gift Ideas for the Fisherman Who Has Everything

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So you need to buy something for the fishing enthusiast in your life. The problem is when your loved one seems to have everything that they could possibly ever need. The good news is that you do have plenty of options as to what you can give your fisherman (or fisherwoman) loved one, even if it seems like they have everything that they could ever want or need. This article will help you find the perfect gift for the special fisherman in your life.


man shoreline fishing a lake at night sitting next to a tent scene illuminated by a FLi-Pro telescoping light


Outdoor Lighting Solution

Chances are that the fisherman in your life loves to take advantage of some nighttime fishing excursions. If that’s the case, they will need to have the right outdoor lighting solutions. STKR Concepts makes the perfect outdoor LED lighting solutions for any occasion, especially for fishermen. Whether they need light for prepping their equipment or anything else, there are a couple of options from STKR that a fisherman may find especially useful.

One option is the FLi-Pro. This option is a telescoping canopy light which is perfect for camping and fishing. It extends 8 feet up into the air and creates a 40 foot dome of light. This is easy to set up and put away after your trip is over. It’s also lightweight and has wireless control, which makes this an incredibly easy-to-use lighting solution while you are outdoors. Your fisherman will love the ease and convenience of this option, especially with features like being able to dim the light so that you have the perfect amount when you need it.


fisherman looking thru tackle box using a flexit headlamp pro red lighting mode by STKR Concepts


For on the boat, your fisherman is going to need a hands-free lighting solution. In this case, the Flexit Headlamp Pro is a comfortable headlamp option that frees up your hands for whatever you need. Whether they need the light while fishing on the boat or preparing lines, the fisherman gets a convenient hands-free lighting solution that is necessary when fishing in darker conditions. It features spot and flood lighting with completely customizable brightness settings and it even features a red light night vision mode.

Outdoor lighting solutions can be the perfect gift for the fisherman in your life.

Fishing Lure Kits

A true fisherman understands the importance of having the right lure for the exact right moment when fishing. That’s why a fishing lure kit can be an excellent option for you to consider for your loved one. Experienced fishermen tend to have a lot of lures to be ready for every circumstance that they face when fishing. To be more effective when fishing, it’s important to have a kit that helps them organize their lures so that they can easily grab the option that they need. 

Depending on how seriously they take their fishing depends on how big of a kit that you get them. Some people may only need a smaller kit, while others need something more substantial. For instance, for the more serious fisherman, you may want to get them an option that can hold around 70 items for a more enjoyable fishing experience. Even if they already have a fishing lure kit, can they really have enough? 

These kits do come with lures in them, but don’t worry; they can never have enough lures if they are an avid angler. Once they run out of these lures, they can reuse the kit to continue storing more lures. It’s really a great gift option to consider.


Shirts and Other Clothing Items

Clothing can be a great option for the fisherman in your life. You can get them great clothing to have out on their fishing trips, but you can also get some novelty items that they are going to love. By getting novelty hoodies and shirts, you are letting your favorite fisherman show off their love of fishing even when they aren’t on the boat. 

You can get really creative here. You don’t have to just buy regular “fishing” shirts at the sporting store. There are so many creative options available for you to purchase, especially if they would love a shirt that they find funny. Many of these shirts also come in fish-friendly styles so that they can wear them confidently on the boat, without worrying about how the shirt will impact their fishing.

Vintage Pen Squidder Fishing Reel, Model 140L, For Surf Or Boat, With Extra Handle & Spool, Made In USA, Circa 1982"Vintage Pen Squidder Fishing Reel, Model 140L, For Surf Or Boat, With Extra Handle & Spool, Made In USA, Circa 1982" by France1978 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Fishing Line Spooler Machine

Every fisherman knows how important, but nightmarish spooling a fishing line can be. This is a necessary task for a fisherman, but tangled lines that aren’t laying evenly on the spool is something that can annoy any fisherman. Even if they are the calmest fisherman in the world, this can be extremely stressful and annoying for your loved one. Some fishermen may get so annoyed by this process that they pay a professional to take care of this for them.

Even if they do struggle through the fishing line spooling process, you can make their life easier by getting them a fishing line spooler machine to take over this task for them. These machines can be used for all types of reels and lines, allowing them to have the perfect solution for their line spooling needs. Most of these options are small and lightweight, making it so that they can carry it around with them wherever they go. A fisherman may have everything, but they may not have considered investing in a fishing line spooler machine for themselves. This could very well be their favorite gift this year.

Multi-Function Pliers/Lip Gripper

Getting the fisherman an essential tool like multi-function pliers and lip gripper that they could absolutely need when fishing. They need one that is able to be used in any conditions, particularly saltwater conditions. When looking for this tool, you want to choose something that is lightweight and is corrosion-resistant. You also want to choose something that is durable and has very strong springs. By keeping all of this in mind, you can get something that they can carry with them wherever they go, so that they have it when they need it.

Why is this such a great tool to have? This is not only a great tool for those who are catching and releasing fish, but also for those people who want to keep the fish for food. There are different applications for this, for instance, if you catch a fish that’s too big to keep and you need to release it. Or if you catch a fish that’s illegal to keep, you will need to release it as well. 

Some of these options even come with a lanyard, which is helpful for those fishermen who may tend to lose their tools. They can carry this around with them while they are fishing by wearing it on their lanyard, so they can easily access their new favorite tool. 

Pocket Depth Sounder / Fish finder"Pocket Depth Sounder / Fish finder" by Podknox is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Fish Finder

You may think that a tool like a fish finder is silly, but this technology is something that even the most experienced fisherman will love to have. You want to be sure that if you are buying a fish finder, that you get one from a reputable company. This will ensure that you get the best quality fish finder that you can get. A fish finder is a great tool because it can be hard to find fish. A fisherman may enjoy sitting around and just experiencing the joy of fishing, without actually catching fish. But they will definitely enjoy their time more if they are catching fish.

It’s a good idea to pick a fish finder option that helps the fisherman find fish in both saltwater and freshwater fishing spots. You should also pick something that is durable enough for life on the boat and versatile to meet the needs of the fisherman in your life. While these devices may feel directed at the high-end fisherman, they are actually more affordable than you may think.

Fish finding tools can be quite accurate, meaning that they have more productive fishing trips. You just have to think about the needs of your loved one when buying a fish finder. You can often get bundled packages with your fish finder, which offers things like covers, mounts, and extra batteries. If they don’t need anything extra, then you can just get them the device itself.

File:Urbine221dc.jpg"File:Urbine221dc.jpg" by Glogger is licensed under CC BY 2.5

Weather Station

Any experienced fisherman will tell you that the weather has a significant impact on fishing. Fish will react to various changes in the weather including light, barometric pressure, rain, and various other weather conditions. Since fishermen understand this, they tend to plan their fishing trips around the weather to get the fish that they are looking for and to have a more successful fishing trip. 

This is where a weather station tool can come in. This is an outdoor and indoor unit that can collect data about the weather outside. The fisherman in your life can use this tool to get information about the moon phase, humidity, temperature, and the forecast for the next couple of hours. These are factors that are important for fisherman because it helps them to determine the best approach for their fishing trip. They can decide which technique they need to use, the right tools, the right bait, and other important decisions to have the most successful fishing trip possible. 

Not only can this help the fisherman have a more successful fishing trip, but this also helps keep them safe while they are on their fishing trip. You do not want to be out in serious conditions, especially when it comes to lightning. 

Luddite's delight"Luddite's delight" by simonov is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

A New Backpack

A backpack can be a tool that every fisherman can use. Backpacks are great because it does free up their hands to carry more items and carry everything that they need in the most organized fashion. They might have a backpack, but do they have a backpack that is made specifically for fishing. These are special because they have great features like having rain cover, lure and tackle storage, removable plier holder, and a foldable working surface.

These are sometimes pretty expensive, but they can be very worth it for the fisherman in your life. This is especially a useful tool if your loved one goes hiking and/or camping while they are on a fishing trip. These can help make any adventure even more enjoyable for your loved one.

Bait Towel

If you’re not familiar with fishing, this may seem like an unnecessary tool for a fisherman. But these can actually be quite useful, and your fisherman may not have enough. These are often smaller and more lightweight towels that are made from microfiber materials. These materials make it so that the towel has high absorbing power, which can be very helpful. These towels may have the ability to be clipped on the fishing vest or belt so that they can be accessed whenever the fisherman needs them.

These towels are incredibly useful because fishermen clean fish, handle bait, and various other things that can leave behind a major mess. A fisherman needs to have clean hands because they don’t want to stain or damage any of their equipment and other items with the mess fishing causes.

This towel is used by the fisherman to wipe down their hands and any equipment that may get messy while they are on their fishing trip. The towel dries fast so that they can continually use it throughout the day without having to use a lot of towels during the trip.

New Spinning Reels

Let’s face it: fishermen could always use and love new tools for their fishing equipment. This is why getting them a new spinning reel can be such a great option to consider. See if there’s something that they’ve been eyeing but weren’t sure about spending the money on it for themselves. Maybe they want to try new techniques or styles of fishing. In any of these scenarios, a new spinning reel can be a great option to consider.

If you’re not sure which spinning reel to get and you can’t get any information from your loved one, you can visit a specialty fishing store to get expert advice from there. They can help you pick something really special for your angler.

Rubbermaid DuraChill Cooler / Ice Chest

Rubbermaid DuraChill Cooler / Ice Chest by Rubbermaid Products on Flickr

Amazing New Cooler

A fisherman depends on having an amazing cooler for their fishing trips. Fishermen love having cold drinks for their fishing trips, especially on hot days or during longer fishing trips. These can be pretty expensive, depending on the brand that you are looking at, but this can be a great investment for those people who spend a lot of time fishing.

Be sure that you invest in a good cooler. You want one that will not only keep their drinks cool during their entire trip, but you also want something that is durable and waterproof. 

Customized Fishing Lures

The fisherman may not choose to use this lure, but a customized fishing lure can be a great option to consider as a gift. You can get one with a personalized message to show the fisherman in your life what they mean to you. Typically, these are too heavy for them to actually use, but it can be a great feature as good luck on their trip or something that they will love to show off any chance that they get. 

If you do want to get a customized option that they can use, you want to find one that has a ¾ oz. weight, as this can offer more function than some other options.

Fishing Buffs

Fishing buffs have become increasingly popular for fishermen these days. These are popular because they are comfortable, but they also offer an important function for the fisherman. They can protect the face without having to put on a bunch of sunscreen, which can be especially useful if you have a good hat to protect the rest of your face. 

You can get buffs in all types of designs and colors, so you can pick something really cool for your loved one. Or you can get them a few different options for them to choose from. A good one will be made with polyester and spandex, offering a UPF rating of 50+. Not only does this accessory help protect them from the sun, but it can also protect them from the wind.

Leatherman Sidekick multitool  Leatherman Rev multitool

Leatherman Sidekick & Rev by Olgierd (dogs, gear, equipment, etc., CC-only) on Flickr

Small Multi-Tool

Finally, a pocket-sized multi-tool can be a great gift for your loved one. Some of these multi-tools can be as small as a credit card and fit nicely in your pocket. But they can offer versatility and function that the fisherman will need when fishing. These tools include a cutting edge, can opener, beer opener, butterfly screw wrench, four-position wrench, sawblade, and many other tools to help your fisherman on his next trip.


If you have a fisherman in your life, you want to make sure that they get the perfect gift for any occasion. Just because you think that they have everything that they could possibly need, doesn’t mean that they actually do. They may not have considered buying themselves anything on this list. You can surprise them with these thoughtful and incredibly useful gifts, especially when it comes to outdoor lighting solutions that can help them better function in any lighting condition on their next fishing trip.

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