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FLi-Pro Telescoping Area Light white studio poster featuring 3 different poses. Lighting by STKR Concepts

FLi-PRO Telescoping Lantern

Extends to 8 feet tall to light a huge area.
Remove the magnetic light for a handheld flashlight.

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This super lightweight camping lantern telescopes up eight feet into the air getting that amazingly bright light up and above you creating a 40’ circle of light.

a male and female in a camping cooking scene at night. They are illuminated by a FLi-PRO telescoping lantern by STKR Concepts
male shoreline fishing at night sitting on a camping mat near his tent. His fishing activites are lit up by a FLi-Pro by STKR Concepts
four females sitting in outdoor chairs on a dock lakeside at night drinking wine. They are illuminated by 2 FLi-PRO telescoping lanterns.
Male ocean fishing at night with his trusty FLi-PRO telescoping lantern

More than just a lightweight telescoping lantern, the light head is magnetically attached to the telescoping pole and can be simply pulled off the top and used as a traditional flashlight.

pov image looking out over a pair of boots in the foreground out to a nighttime camping scene with a tent and some larger boulders and pine trees. Hand coming in from screen right is holding a FLi-Pro telescoping lantern and is using it in flashlight mode to inspect out into the night.
kids playing in a pool at night illuminated by two FLi-PRO telescoping lanterns

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