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Lifestyle Shopping With Our STKR Favorites
STKR Fli-PRO Telescoping Light Dock Party Lifestyle4
User Generated Content of the Outdoor Motion Light
User Generated Content of the EZ Home Security Solar Gutter Spot Light
FLEXIT Under Hood Mechanics Light lifestyle shot showing it being used under the hood of a vehicle for potential mechanical work
Road bike pit setup at night lit up by STKR products including the TRi-Mobile and the TRiLIGHT Shoplight V2
Vehicle parked in a garage right in front of an STKR garage parking sensor
STKR Side Parking Sensor in the Foreground. Corvette in a garage setting in the background.
black sports car parked in front of an STKR Garage Parking Sensor LT in a very clean garage
flexit solar by stkr concepts lighting up a super truck engine bay full of carbon fibre
close up of a FLEXIT 4.0 lighting up an engine bay
stkr flexit 2.0 flexible flashlight proped up on its magnetic base sitting on a tree stump aiming light at a tent in the dark
STKR FLEXIT Auto lighting up a female inspecting her car's driver's side rear tire in a nighttime roadside setting. 3 red LEDs are facing oncoming traffic to warn them of the emergency.
man cutting marble countertop with skill saw using a FLEXIT Headlamp Pro to illuminate his cut
Male hiker in a woods setting wearing a backpack. STKR FLEXIT Pocket Light hooked to one of the backpack straps.
User Generated Content of the FLEXIT Headlamp 3.0 - Male under a car that up on a lift. He is inspecting it with the headlamp lighting the vehicle.
STKR Magnetic Light Mine stuck to the inside cover of a breaker panel lighting up the switches
the STKR magnetic light mine pro posing on and lighting up a lathe
User Generated Content of the EZ Utility Jug - Chainsaw in foreground near jug and pile of logs. Forrest tree line in background
POV image looking into a male's lap full of tactical gear including a gun, knife, multi-tool, BAMFF 10 tactical flashlight, and more
All 6 B.A.M.F.F. Tactical flashlights laying on the ground in an array.
STKR's Mechanical Carpenter Pencil - male arm in frame shown marking framing inside an unfinished home
Red Ferrari parked in a nice garage under an MPI full garage lighting system
Upgrade dim light bulb in garage with bright LED motion sensing light - TRiLIGHT | STKR Concepts - striker