Call from Elon Musk - Reason behind the SpaceX launch Scrub

May 28, 2020 1 min read

Call from Elon Musk - Reason behind the SpaceX launch Scrub STKR Concepts

The media blamed it on weather, but listen to this phone call which may expose the story behind the failed SpaceX launch. You won't believe what may have caused it. As one might imagine, an astronaut is very dependent on having the best tools when they go into space. Flashlights are no different.

The gossip is that all of the SpaceX astronauts have a favorite flashlight, and they all forgot to bring it with them to the launch. When asked how they ever forgot about such a special tool, they all blamed nerves. One astronaut barely made it to the launch in time because he was stuck on the toilet!

FLEXIT Solar Flexible Flashlight by STKR Concepts


Anyway, rumor has it that their favorite flashlight is the FLEXIT Solar Flashlight by STKR Concepts. Due to its flexible shape and hands-free magnetic base, we can see why it might be the flashlight of choice on earth and in space!

FLEXIT Family of Flexible Flashlights

Other great FLEXIT Flexible Flashlight models include the 2.0, 4.0, Auto, and the Headlamp 2.5.   

FLEXIT Flexible Headlamp with CREE spotlight

To learn more about the famed FLEXIT Flexible flashlight that may have caused the delay of the SpaceX launch, click the following link:  To learn more about STKR Concepts, a design company as creative as Elon Musk, click here:


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